[ITEM] Eul's Scepter of Divinity

Discussion in 'Remakes' started by Hero Hunter, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Hero Hunter

    Hero Hunter Well-Known Member


    Eul's Scepter of Divinity​

    -Removed Magic Wand from recipe.
    -Tweaked some values due to last patches.
    -Now you gain charges when kill a unit (instead of when an enemy spell is casted around you)
    -Removed charge system. Now Cyclone lasts 3 seconds.
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  2. Hero Hunter

    Hero Hunter Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the double post, but I'd like some comments.
  3. Beauty.Yu

    Beauty.Yu Member

    i agreee tis post=)
    i think the old eul... the repice i hope it can be cheaper...
    is too expensiveT_T
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  4. Witchking

    Witchking Well-Known Member

    Don't like this ... magic wand is a healing item and you make it into a castable item, which has nothing to do with health regen. If this change was implemented, I probably would never upgrade my wand to Euls... Furthermore, everytime someone casts a spell, you get a charge? Wut? I mean, then you will effectively have 6 charges all the time. 5 seconds disable. Are you really serious?

    Troll? There are far more expensive recipes in Dota or standalone items ...
  5. Necro

    Necro Well-Known Member

    ^But Eul's is bad ATM. Just something more, how about it also heals you when you cast Cyclone? Say 50 HP per charge (total 300 with 6 charges).
  6. Witchking

    Witchking Well-Known Member

    No. It's a cheaper version of Guinsoo for heroes that need mana reg and a quick disable. It's just overshadowed by Guinsoo. You either need to remake it completely or leave it like it is. What OP proposed here is an unlovely and forced mix of magic wand and Euls.

    Think once again about your proposal of an additional heal on cast. That would be plain imba for that price.
  7. AbyssPetra

    AbyssPetra Well-Known Member

    Too Much effects..i think the only possible is 5-6 effect.
  8. NoThlnG

    NoThlnG Well-Known Member

    That's one example. Furthermore, if you upgrade Magic Wand, then you should take it's healing and mana regen abilities not just charges...
  9. Audacious

    Audacious Well-Known Member

    Hell no. Over my dead body.

    No wand for me.


    Take the wand out and we might talk.
  10. Hero Hunter

    Hero Hunter Well-Known Member

    I changed Magic Wand to Scroll. Let's face the problem: currently nobody buys Eul's (maybe Rhasta and Techies do, but...).
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  11. Ety

    Ety Well-Known Member

    I think having the enemy swing in the air for 3 or 5 seconds doesn't make any bigger difference since Cyclone is used to prevent the enemy from escaping and to catch him

    3 seconds is enough to catch him

    5 seconds would actually screw you up because by the time he lands on the ground, his allies will come

    I personally never buy Eul (never tried it) so T-null
  12. Banned.Comic

    Banned.Comic Well-Known Member

    I really don't know how old this post is xD
    But anyway, you can't judge a post by it's age...

    Well, I agree on the fact that it's too strong now. The recipe is fine now though. Seems like you did get some problems with it before.

    But let me suggest something that might save this recipes life (if it even has a life xD).

    The charge system is good enough for now, in my opinion, but change it too the following.

    Whenever you cast a cyclone with Eul's Scepter of Divinity your charges will be reset to 0, because you used all the power stored up inside the Scepter. So if you cast your cyclone of level 6, you will have to wait for the enemy to cast enough spells in order for the Scepter to be powerfull enough again.
    You can also change the cap by letting it only increase for 0.25 / charge.

    So I suggested the following.
    0 charges = 2.00 seconds
    1 charges = 2.25 seconds
    2 charges = 2.50 seconds
    3 charges = 2.75 seconds
    4 charges = 3.00 seconds
    5 charges = 3.25 seconds
    6 charges = 3.50 seconds
    7 charges = 3.75 seconds
    8 charges = 4.00 seconds
    9 charges = 4.25 seconds

    And if you got the Scepter filled up to 9 charges and cast a cyclone, it will be reset too 0.
  13. Chris_

    Chris_ Well-Known Member

    I dont want dota to be like

    When this happens then this results.
    its like dagger or heart.., when under attack then no blink or regen
  14. 5chneemensch

    5chneemensch Well-Known Member

    AFAIK there can only be 4 effects per item (rest is triggered)

    I like the idea with charges, but not with Basilus
  15. SolBadGuyX

    SolBadGuyX Well-Known Member

    Hmm, I kind of like your item make up for this, and the benefits are greater for your version but I do have one problem that I am not liking, and thats the charges for the wand. I like your build up for the scepter, but i just cant agree with the charges. Just make the wands tornado the same but keep the item build.
  16. Wimpex

    Wimpex Well-Known Member

    agree with adding of charges, but stay recipe as it is... +)
  17. iValorian

    iValorian Well-Known Member

    T-up, I like the idea.
    but it needs to be a tad cheaper, it's too un-affordable right now.
  18. Repeats

    Repeats Well-Known Member

    The charges are way way too out of hand... 1 charge per any kill or deny? wtf? a 5 second cyclone is actually a nerf in some senses as the timing for team help will be way way off.

    I support the recipe change with RoB, but the charges are just rediculous in both a good and bad way. Please remove it since you no longer used wand in the recipe...
  19. Dynes

    Dynes Well-Known Member

    The gaining of charges based on kill/deny is a definite nono...

    Maybe on spell cast, and maybe just up to 4 seconds max duration.
  20. Audacious

    Audacious Well-Known Member

    Need a chancelog but we are getting there I suppose.

    I think that the seconds per charge is way to good to ever get implied into DotA.
    The 2.5sec if fine with me.