Item Creation Contest 11

Discussion in 'Item Ideas' started by O_xD, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. O_xD

    O_xD Well-Known Member

    Hello folks and welcome to the 11th edition of
    Item Creation Contest

    Contest status: Finished

    [nqb]Phase 1: Warmup
    This will be till we have at least 9 people that like the challenge. PM me your opinion/suggestion about it.
    Phase 2: Registration(current phase)
    This will be till we have 7 contestants and 2 judges.
    Phase 3: Editing
    5 days after the last contestant arrives. This should give time for contestants to polish up their items.
    Phase 4: Judging
    This is when contestants stop editing and judges get to work. Lasts until all judges finish
    Phase 5: Finished
    In this phase winners are announced. Lasts till playdota dies[/nqb]

    Da rulez:

    Contestants must:
    Make an item that fulfills the main challenge
    Send me a PM with a link to their entry
    Write a short explanation on how their item is used.

    Judges must:
    Send me reviews of 2 random items
    Have more than 200 posts
    Be reliable
    Not get lazy
    Not fuck up​

    [nqb]The challenge
    The item must have a passive ability that has a unique triggering mechanism.
    The ability shouldn't have a cooldown (5 points)
    Has a price tag less than 3.5k (5 points)[/nqb]

    1|[​IMG]|Holy Grail|TheBig(D)|123.25|4
    2|[​IMG]|Leather Guard|Super_Duflair|137.5|2
    3|[​IMG]|Purge Stone|GenocYda|111.5|7
    5|[​IMG]|Amulet of Thorment|juleocesar|120.75|6
    6|[​IMG]|Sword of Darkness|dreamcatcher0|122.75|5
    7|[​IMG]|Standard of the Legions|Dzin-Zakk|143|1[/table][/nqb]

    1. O_xD
    2. summer-penguin

    [nqb]The rubric:
    Balance (xx/20) : explanation

    Originality (xx/20) : explanation (how new the effects are in DotA)

    Effectiveness in Game (xx/10) : explanation

    Niche(xx/10) : explanation (what the item is supposed to do, and how well it accomplishes it)

    Fun Factor (xx/5) : explanation

    Simplicity (xx/5) : explanation

    Bonus (xx/5)

    Extra (xx/5)

    Overall Score: xx/80[/nqb]

    Compilation of Useful Links
    Hiveworkshop - Icons
    WoWWiki - Icons
    Icon Maker
    Ability Suggestion Making Guide[/nqb][/nqb]
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  2. O_xD

    O_xD Well-Known Member

    First! Ideas for Extra challenge appreciated.
  3. Klagger

    Klagger Well-Known Member

    OMG!! Contest again...xD
  4. kidnguyen1412

    kidnguyen1412 Well-Known Member

    At least it's better than waiting for the result of the old contest and doing nothing. Sadly, I'm too busy to join it now. :(
  5. O_xD

    O_xD Well-Known Member

    The reason i have the 3 last rules for the judges
  6. Inreet

    Inreet Banned

    Lol. So as I see you decided to host it again. Also it's better to have 3 judges (1 of them can be you yourself)

    Also Extra challenge looks really dull.

    Edit: This ICC is too similar to ICC9 (I mean consumable, scouting, etc). I expected smth more unique and interesting. Probably I won't join nor as a contestant neither as a judge.
  7. O_xD

    O_xD Well-Known Member

    I want to keep the main challenge simple and the bonus and extra hard to fulfill. Also i usually don't limit stuff with time. The ICC9 was to make a consumable, and this bonus requires you to use a consumable. Rly, two different things. I might judge it, but 2 judges are enough IMO.

    For challenge i also had: New raw item, and Item with 2 ogre axes.
  8. Inreet

    Inreet Banned

    Despite of being different they feel similar to me. No inspiration at all.
  9. okrane

    okrane Banned

    are the suggestions of these contests used for brainstorming in the real game or are these threads just for fun?
  10. juleocesar

    juleocesar Well-Known Member

    O_xD, so you can host a new one even without the old isn't finished yet?

    Anyway I will try to think an idea for this contest =)
    And I hope that this one finishes well...
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  11. O_xD

    O_xD Well-Known Member

    Might as well get implemented, but rly odds are little

    you can host when the last contest is in judging.
  12. kidnguyen1412

    kidnguyen1412 Well-Known Member

    Can i join now? Because it will be a busy week for me after this day.
  13. O_xD

    O_xD Well-Known Member

    Just post your item here and send me a pm with it, confirming thatyou will join. You must fulfull the main challenge and write a short explanation. I don't get how you can possibly be busy after easter, but, who cares?
    You will have 5 days after we have all contestants and judges to edit up your item and make it as balanced as possible.
  14. kidnguyen1412

    kidnguyen1412 Well-Known Member

    =.=. In my country, there is no Easter vacation. When u are in Easter vacation, we have an exam here. !@!@#.
  15. O_xD

    O_xD Well-Known Member

    nope, we just got the 4 days, the friday before easter, and 1 day after. Thing is, most people get their work done before that.
  16. Inreet

    Inreet Banned

    ^Luck you. We have no extra days.
  17. O_xD

    O_xD Well-Known Member

    ^don't go anymore off-topic, plz.

    Working on the banner. I will get the one pinopi made if i am not satisfied with what i can do.

    Added banner. If you have smth better than this post here
    Comment in this thread
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  18. Drakthul

    Drakthul Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm busy to prepare my national exam in next week xD

    Maybe I'll join if I can.
  19. O_xD

    O_xD Well-Known Member

    ^Don't you worry, you aren't limited with time.
  20. Darth_Vader

    Darth_Vader Well-Known Member

    As for the extra challenge, does bottle and animal/flying courier count as consumables?