item builds for Nessaj ?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by noobiezur, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. noobiezur

    noobiezur Well-Known Member

    Need some opinions on what items to get for nessaj..

    My build :
    1. Boots of speed
    2. Vlad
    3. Battlefury
    4. HoT

    If game drags long enough,
    5. Satanic
    6. Desolator/Radiance

    i know many ppl will say 'wth no AoM?! ' err but itis possible to play nessaj without it? I am not good in using it.. =x.

    Criticism please.. (no extreme flaming pls..i am just a noob)
  2. JaCKaSS_69

    JaCKaSS_69 Well-Known Member

    To begin with excuses like "I'm not good at using Armlet" are kind of ridiculous. Simply using it more will make you familiar with its uses. Ofc there are some cases where armlet might be a bad choice specifically against several DoT spells, but for its cost and buildup it offers to str heroes that need DPS what no other item does, burst EHP and DPS in a very low price.

    Anyway, if you insist in not using it, Diffusal goes well if you're playing like a ganker and also need firepower vs heroes, Manta also works very well on him, all stats and IAS and ms are very good, so are the illusions with his very good base stats.

    Generally if for whatever reason you need to have a more passive itemset, I'd suggest Hot->Fly for uber extra carrying illusions.

    Battlefury/Vlads is crap on him, Desolator/Radiance slightly above crap and Satanic mediocre at best, though it's good if you seem to not rely on your illusions too much.

    I hope you know how to play him early on with QB -> Stick -> Bottle -> Wand -> Treads and optional Bracers then gank,gank,gank till you're fed to get your big owning items. :)
  3. Rizenix

    Rizenix Well-Known Member

    As for me, my build is :
    Core :
    1. Power Treads(Strength)
    2. Bracer
    3. Bracer
    4. Armlet of Mordiggian
    5. Helm of the Dominator
    6. TP Scrolls, :D

    Luxury :
    Heart of Tarrasque
    Assault Cuirass.

    That's for 6.64 btw.
  4. koticgood

    koticgood Well-Known Member

    str treads bracers bottle early --> stack hearts. 40dmg to your illusions; nothing else comes close from any item.
  5. noobiezur

    noobiezur Well-Known Member

    oh ok thx for the advice..
    What are DoT spells? =/
    Btw, just a side question, does aura work on illusions too?
    Err can you explain more on usage of armlet? Cos the degen is kinda crazy at times..
    Any reccommended boots?or jus norm boot?
    And does nessaj really have mana issues?

    Wall of text.. Oops.
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  6. Zelda911

    Zelda911 Well-Known Member


    Power Treads
    Circlets/Gauntlets/Bracers/Magic Wand
  7. ampr3nta

    ampr3nta Active Member

    My build:
    Power treads (strength)
    Dominator or Vladimir (depends on situation)
    Heart of Tarasque
  8. Rizenix

    Rizenix Well-Known Member

    DoT = Damage over Time, such as Poison Nova. Note that it is different from DPS = Damage per Second such as Doom, as DPS Kills, while DoT leaves you with 2 HP. CMIIW.

    And IIRC, Illusions benefit from Aura because it gives a buff, and buff affects illusions, such as Yasha buff.
  9. doomsheep

    doomsheep Well-Known Member

    sure he can do 3 illusions at lvl 16 but hes still a fucking str hero.

    manta is reasonable if you want to be annoying but diffusal is just meh. your core is bracers and treads, then some dps items but not battlefury.


    aura from yasha affects illusions. all endurance aura based auras do so.
  10. dota-vin

    dota-vin Well-Known Member

    Phase boots,bottle,wand for me early games to gank.
    After that build armlet>manta style.
    Armlet works wonder for ck, as a ganker, he needs the burst damage and hp with the 4 second stun, the damage is alot. Armlet increases your strength therefore after armlet, its good to buy manta style for more beefy illusion and pushing potential. Remember to on armlet before manta. Sometimes i also go for diffusal blade even though he is not a agi hero.
  11. doomsheep

    doomsheep Well-Known Member

    why phases? blink cd is 5 seconds so he hardly gets much use of the phase, unlike IAS and hp from treads.
  12. Milk

    Milk Well-Known Member

    Here's what he needs:
    Boots -> upgrade to BoT
    Hands of Midas
    Assault Cuirass

    Reasoning is simple, the better items you have the more you'll be able to contribute to teamfights. A good strategy is to lane with a babysitter like Warlock, then use your ulti to jungle after lv6 (so WL can solo).
  13. ^Eternity^

    ^Eternity^ Well-Known Member

    Okay definitely do not listen to Milk.Nessaj's core skill unlike most people think is not his crit with a pathetic agi gain,attack animation and chance or his illusions which come every 2 mins unless the game goes pretty late but is his short cooldown 2-4 second ranged stun!!Maximize it by ganking.Items like armlet,HoT,SnY,Manta are all good on him.But if you rice for those items you are going to be really subpar as his farming speed is pretty much pathetic.Most of your gold should come via chasing down stragglers,ganking assists and kills.

    2nd point,Nessaj always contributes to team fights.Mostly due to his 4 second stuns which are a pain to deal with.

    Late game his illusions help him compare to other decent carries.Still ricing on Nessaj is kind of one of the worst things to do.

    Item build should be 2-3 Bracers,Threads,Bottle,Armlet,Diffusal,Manta,HoT

    Also Diffusal is plain annoying on him.Purge hit hit hit stun hit hit hit hurts and you cannot escape even.
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  14. noobiezur

    noobiezur Well-Known Member

    thx for clarifying ^^. so Vlad's aura benefits illusions as well right?

    Hmms okay..many possible item builds now..

    But nessaj seems to suffer from a lack of mana everytime i use him ><
  15. Syaska

    Syaska Well-Known Member

    1*Bracer+Wand OR 2*Bracer
    Power treads (STR)
    (Bottle if you are roaming/ganking as you should)
    Armlet of Mordiggian

    Luxuries are up to you and depends on the enemy line-up. I usually go for HoT.

    Edit: Illusions DOES NOT benefit from Vladimir's offering, nor from +damage items, you will need stats. And SnY is useless on a blink+stun hero.
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  16. ^Eternity^

    ^Eternity^ Well-Known Member

    Do not get Vlads.Illusions do not benefit from the lifesteal or the armor auras.

    Period.Get a bottle and pick up some runes.That is all!!!
  17. doomsheep

    doomsheep Well-Known Member

    vlads doesnt benefit illusions. its based on command aura, brilliance aura, devotion aura and vampiric aura. none of those is endurance aura.
  18. Lycan

    Lycan Administrator

    1 magic wand 1 bracer boots bottle Diffusal finish phase Armlet (vlad)

    You do not benefit from IAS it only weakens your ultimate since it's easy to tell who's the real one since it attacks way faster.

    CK is a ganker Diffusal helps in ganking bottle as well Armlet is also a burst item so it suits you. Vlad can't be gotten to early due to aura's fuck up ganking chances. And you won't need it untill you've finished armlet anyway.

    Vlad is gotten to support allies and to cope with the degen of armlet when your NOT using your ultimate. But it's optional and a luxury.

    And gankers are always the back-up support for the carry anyway
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  19. sonson619

    sonson619 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone considered Necronomicon+Manta for buffed Up Illusions w/ 2 necros?
  20. noobiezur

    noobiezur Well-Known Member

    oh i see.. So in general, core items are:

    1. Tread Str
    2. Manta
    3. Diffusal
    4. Armlet
    5. Heart

    1. SnY
    2. Assault Cuirass
    3. Satanic

    How is it? ><

    Btw the necro combo.. Imo, hard to pull off? Cos nessaj's mana is darn low?