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Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Sniveler, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Sniveler

    Sniveler Active Member

    Hi, I Have read all guide of shadow demon and also the item build for them.

    but I wanna ask one thing, in all the guide, they all learn shadow poison without dagon as burst damage.

    how is shadow demon rushing dagon but only learn Disruption and soulcatcher, does that makes shadow demon even more dangerous ?

    because I thought disruption + soulcatcher + dagon + purge = 100% kill ?

    is this ok with this build or dagon is just waste of money ?
  2. HonorGuard

    HonorGuard Well-Known Member

    Ask yourself: Does he have the mana for it?

    If you've played SD before, you would know that you need quite a bit of mana early on to function, whether it be with poison or disruption. If you rush dagon, your lane staying power is gone. You might get a bottle, but that's insufficient for the dagon + skills combo. You might get arcane boots, but that not only isn't enough, it slows down your dagon (if you get it before).
  3. doomed2die

    doomed2die Well-Known Member

    Also, Dagon is expensive. It'll be difficult to farm without Shadow Poison. On top of that, Disruption flourishes with 1 level regardless. Additional levels adds unnecessary damage for illusions. just stick to shadow poison. If you really wanna try it, Shadow Poison still is the main way to gain the gold.
  4. plzonlygame

    plzonlygame Well-Known Member

    stomp game : dagon

    close game : guinsoo, force, shiva etc.
  5. ElDoughnut

    ElDoughnut Well-Known Member

    I go Wards, Urn, and Necro. Disruption + Purge + Soul Catcher + Necro Minions.
  6. wutwat

    wutwat Well-Known Member

    dagon can work in some situations but its a risk getting it because if you cant capitalize on it well enough it will be somewhat wasted later on when the enemies pick up their bkbs, hoods, pipe, hp items etc.

    i like dagger and/or force staff combined with some utility items that give hp/mana such as urn, bracer->janggo etc
  7. Sniveler

    Sniveler Active Member

    Ic, thank you guys,

    so how about poison ? do we learn this skill ?? coz some of my friends said learn it, and some of them said no.
  8. Las7

    Las7 Well-Known Member

    Screw Shadow Poisson, get a PB and you won't have troubles last hitting - if you have problems you can always disrupt your self and make sure you at least get 3/5 creeps.

    I'd recommend going for the fallowing items:
  9. verybad

    verybad Well-Known Member

    Shadow poison is a trapskill meant to make you waste your mana and actions. Go disruption/soul catcher/soul catcher and be a true baller. Maxed catch is just sick, and the duration, cooldown and dps increase from disruption illusions is a significant boost compared to pissing away all your mana trying to hit triple stacked poison. If you've got medallion, you won't even need purge to kill most of the enemy heroes.

    Dagon is pretty meh though - sure, 50% amp blast is great and all but honestly it's not what you need. Go for utility instead, because that's where lategame SD is lacking.
  10. Snazzy

    Snazzy Well-Known Member

    Item builds : phase/arcane/pt > janggo > wand, anything else is situational imo. I also sometimes buy mekansm when shit happens.

    Skill build should be maxing either shadow poison or soul catcher first. Get one level of disruption only for the disable.
  11. Kayame

    Kayame Well-Known Member

    If you're solo max poison
    if supporting disruption soul catcher
    Janggo is good on him
    He is more offensive support then defensive(lich)
    So meka isn't optimal on him
    I usually go
    Str treads
  12. Sniveler

    Sniveler Active Member

    based on all of you guys, I just know the build for shadow demon in 6.72 is max soul catcher 1st

    so the gameplay of shadow demon now is change into just try to hit enemy with medalion + soul max ??

    at lvl 7 we will have 2 lvl disruption, 4 lvl soul catcher and demonic purge, is this right ?
  13. Las7

    Las7 Well-Known Member

    I usually max Disruption my self - especially against range(which is about 80% of games I play). If I lane against two melee I usually max Soul Catcher first - 1 level of disruption a few to stats before going ult. Disruption against Range insures that the clones get about 2-4 hits on the target on top of the 1-2 hits you get. 3-5 hits on a max disruption(mid-game) would deal 400-500% of the target's damage if you have even level 2 Soul Catcher and Ult a full hp hero would be left with less then 20% hp if not killed. Illusions at max level deal 120% of the target's damage, if the target is melee it's a pain because they would only hit him once unless you lane with someone with stun/slow; on the other hand even if you lane alone vs range - range illusions would deal him quite a bit of damage while you your self can get 1-3 hits on him.

    Disruption - disrupts the target's farm. If you don't spam soul catcher but instead just use disruption; you can use it as soon as creeps start to engage each other and this will ensure your range foe won't be able to deny/kill creeps during the next 10 seconds.

    It's a very good skill that I feel is suficent early game to ensure you have an easy time farming up your ganking items.
  14. kawumm

    kawumm Well-Known Member

    1 point in poison is pretty much a must, it gives vision.
  15. doomed2die

    doomed2die Well-Known Member

    Poison gives: Vision. Damage. VISION.

    1 level of disruption does all it needs to do: Disrupt. Leveling it more really reduces cooldown (still not to the point of using it more than once except in team fights) and increases damage (unnecessary since no hero does enough damage to capitalize on this aspect anyway).

    Therefore, 1 disrupt, shadow poison and soul catcher. Which 1 over which is up to you based on your play style.
  16. The_Tree_Branch

    The_Tree_Branch Well-Known Member

    By level 3, you should have 1 point in all 3 skills. Poison is really only used early on for a) vision and b) fleeing heroes. After that, max disruption (improves cooldown) and soul catcher, taking ult when you can. Maxing poison first is really a waste: you'll have decent laning, but once it comes down to ganking, you'll be significantly weaker as you won't have the time or mana to stack up a bunch of poisons. You'll want the stronger burst and general disruption (pun unintended) caused by his other 2 skills.

    Note you can still use Soul Catcher on an enemy hero if they are currently hidden by disruption.
  17. petmaloo

    petmaloo Well-Known Member

    You need to stack utility items like urn, force staff, jango, mek etc. Not only do these items increase your in-game presence, you also get some much needed survivability. Having a SD around in skirmishes and teamfights alone is very annoying as his skill set is somewhat spammable so you want to be around as long as possible.

    If the game permits it, get a hex stick.
  18. qoou

    qoou Well-Known Member

    Disruption -> Soul Catcher -> Disruption -> Soul Catcher -> Soul Catcher

    Poison's vision isn't needed if you can kill them before they can move.
  19. Sniveler

    Sniveler Active Member

    Okay THank You guys,

    So the build just between these two
    1. disrup -> soul -> disrup -> soul -> soul -> purge
    2. poison -> disrop -> soul -> soul -> soul -> purge

    about item build what's the purpose to buy jango ?? does that for support your team or jango is needed to help shadow demon roaming better?
  20. The_Tree_Branch

    The_Tree_Branch Well-Known Member

    For build one, you really should have at least one point in poison by level 3. When you cast it on someone, you get vision of that hero for the duration of the spell, making it a lot harder for them to juke. I prefer

    Disrupt - Soul - Poison - Disrupt - Disrupt - Purge - Soul - Disrupt - Soul - Soul ...

    Urn is a good item, Bottle is good, essentially, any small item that increases mana pool and mana regen is pretty good to aim for from the start. You'll really notice the lack of mana once you start roaming otherwise.