Item Build for Void

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Abdulink, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Abdulink

    Abdulink Well-Known Member

    My Build is basically,

    Start Qb, GG Branch x3, Salve, Tango.
    Make Wand,Pms,Wraithx2,Mom, Treads,Hyperstone,Butterfly,Butterfly(second!), Hot, Assault.

    Mom,Treads and Hyperstne Are enough to own. What are your builds?

    Sometimes, I replace Hot with MKB or Buriza.
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  2. Axius76

    Axius76 Well-Known Member

    Start with many salve 3 branch some tangoes try to get magic stick as fast as possible . Get ring for battle fury and mom mkb bkb gg!
  3. ChibiNya

    ChibiNya Well-Known Member

    Get Treads before MoM Maybe :p, but yes, Those 3 items are enough to completely dismantle any hero ^_^, thats pretty much Void's build, though nobody grabs 2 butterflies, get something defensive if you still haven't want after first... Like a Bkb.
  4. Abdulink

    Abdulink Well-Known Member

    Doesn't MKB override Void's Timelock?
  5. ChibiNya

    ChibiNya Well-Known Member

    It doesn't... It messes up with a lot ofhardcoded stuff like crits and bashes but Void's skills re actually Triggered I believe and dont count like a regular bash/evasion... That's why he can stack them np.

    Even then, MKB isn't that good of an item on him and nobody recommended it :p I Said BKB.
  6. antikiller88

    antikiller88 Well-Known Member

    for void, if u buy too many agi item will be very soft .But if put too many str item have low AS. me also need to think very hard to build
    tread agi/str
    battle fury ? bkb? linken?
  7. Raxet

    Raxet Well-Known Member

    stack S&Y
  8. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    Treads 3bands MOM works pretty well
  9. tdmevil

    tdmevil Well-Known Member

    There is no reason to buy wraith band over pms or wand.
  10. ~Maktor~

    ~Maktor~ Well-Known Member

    3 wraiths = 27 damage
  11. Teo_live

    Teo_live Well-Known Member

    Battle fury is a terrible item for Void.. so many people get this then wonder why he sucks :facepalm:

    He needs attack speed and survivability, Battlefury just doesn't cut it and it is a valuable slot wasted.
    Nobody? Says who? I have done it before

    I wont advise anyone to go x2 butterflies, but I would much rather that then a battlefury.

    I agree with getting treads before MOM though.
  12. Seenan1

    Seenan1 Well-Known Member

    No to SNY. Waste of orb. Waste of money.
  13. Abdulink

    Abdulink Well-Known Member

    I have been thinking of getting Bands instead of Wand and Pms since you'll get 27 damage plus Qb plus your base damage equals to VERY HIGH base damage so you can last hit when the enemy hasn't even thought of denying!

    And my build doesn't make Void soft. Actually Agi=Survivability becaus your armor increases, Butterfly gives around 4+ armor so with 2 you'll have 17 armor. Combined with your base armor(HIGH) and the armor from Assault you will have more than 70% damage reduction. Combine that with Bactrack, Evasion and HoT=INVINCIBILITY!!!!
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  14. Abdulink

    Abdulink Well-Known Member

    I completely agree with you regarding the Bfury part as it never fits into my build. Void needs ias and survibability.:nuke:
  15. Metamence

    Metamence Well-Known Member

  16. UndeadHostage

    UndeadHostage Well-Known Member

    There is no need to get Hyperstone if u r going for butterfly/MoM, for me personally I'd go for Yasha after MoM treads.

    As for luxuries, butterfly and any damage item works but getting 2 butterfly is just overkill plus its not practical getting bkb instead would be much better.
  17. Xerx

    Xerx Well-Known Member

    You want to start with boots for survivability when escaping dangerous situations, since you have enough base damage to lasthit. You can either get a salve or tango to follow that up in case your health gets low, but your teammate should keep you alive while you farm.

    Get mask of death from side shop as soon as you have enough gold so you can lifesteal for regen, then complete your treads. Then, up your mask of death into madness so you can start killing the enemy team. You will attack so fast, so you can now farm heroes intead of creeps so you get more gold. Heroes give 200+ while creeps only give like 30.

    Farm up to a vanguard and battlefury so you can regenerate after killing a hero. If you need even more survivability, get lothars. If you need damage, get vlads for the aura (it also helps your mana).

    End game items should be Treads, MoM, Vanguard, Bfury, Lothars, Vlads.

    This build is very good because it is versatile since it has both survivability and damage. MoM and Lothars also makes you chase very well.
  18. jvt619

    jvt619 Well-Known Member

    Threads, Mjoiner, Assault, Butterfly and BKB!!
  19. FreeBorN

    FreeBorN Well-Known Member

    DID You Read?

    So i will buy dust and counter your double butterfiles+curiass gj SIR!

    Seriously i will make this a suggestion, above 70% phys dmg reduction hero gains perma invis!!!!

    omg so epic that it's gonna make it to many sigz!
  20. Night1301

    Night1301 Well-Known Member


    On a serious note, get a Treads to start with, and PMS, set Treads to STR if enemy got lots of disable/nuke, get MoM and B-Fury, followed by MKB and Butterfly, you can change PMS to whatever you want after that