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  1. mustin98

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    I've been trying different builds with slark to see what could work. I've tried S&Y, Armlet, Diffusal, and even bfury. The S&Y build gives some nice hp but hardly any damage, it's useful when you're in a fight and they don't focus you. Armlet seems to work pretty well too, as it gives some cheap damage and IAS but it doesnt give a way to chase after pounce is over. Diffusal is good but leaves slark with his really low hp. Bfury, gives nice mana regen, damage and cleave for after battles or to farm but no survivability or chasing.

    What's your recommendations for the normal pub or what is your favorite slark build?
  2. kawumm

    kawumm Well-Known Member

    sny is pretty good tbh. and not just if noone focuses you.. that mainly goes for MoM. a vanguard or pms + vit booster work also rather well for pure defense.

    manta might be ok too if u wanna dodge spells when pact is on cd, bkb does a similar, but more relialbe job.

    another thing to consider is aiming for a skadi, as the Orb of Venom works really nicely on slark - and if cash comes rolling in you can finish it, if not u spent 600g for an item that most likely helped u quite a bit too keep up with ppl after ulti. point booster is a pretty decent early-mid-game item as well.

    bfury is pretty bad.. mp-regen is kinda cool, RoH not that nice, does better with attackspeed if u really wanna buff his attack. no way to keep up with ppl. he farms pretty ok with just pact tbh. basi/bottle/wand or mb urn solve mana-needs rather nicely (i mostly get a combi of wand and bottle/basi)

    if u want a dmg item that goes rather well on slark, get a basher. the item is srsly incredibly strong this version, pretty cheap, BASH, some hp, good dmg.

    lategame, sata is incredibly strong imho. butterfly is great too, e-blade not too shabby either.
  3. mustin98

    mustin98 Well-Known Member

    I agree with the bfury comment lol. i'll try out the skadi build. I forgot about the OoV and using it to chase. thanks for the suggestion! High stats means more hp, more regen from ult, and chasing.
  4. thekodobeast

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    I haven't played Slark in a while but Basher was pretty fun on him. Some hp, bashes keeps enemy in place in between Pounces for more stat stealing, cost efficient damage, great counter to BKB.

    Medallion works pretty well on him as well. Fixes his low base armor before stat steal kicks in, the trickle mana regen is very useful and with high stat steal can deal a ton of phys. damage with the active.

    I tend to avoid focusing on big items as his late game isn't too strong. Cheap items that come into play early-mid game (Wraiths, Basher, Treads / Phase, Medallion, Urn, Sange -> S&Y or Yasha -> Manta) can win the game before the enemy's carry becomes too big.
  5. LiquidNitrogen

    LiquidNitrogen Well-Known Member


    slark doesn't need hard damage, essence shift gives him massive dps over the course of a teamfight to the tune of like +50 agi.

    get an orb of venom. this is your core fucking item. Then get an sny, extend with skadi, bkb, orchid, etc. Don't rely on pounce, in fact later on you rarely need to actually land it.
  6. pokesam94

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    you should consider a maelstrom if you want alot of burst damage in ganks. you take out their str with essence shift so the lightning procs are going to hurt ALOT more and it will help with pushing later too.
  7. SanKakU

    SanKakU Well-Known Member

    lately i've been doing a variety of skill builds all dependent on what sort of enemies i have to fight against...and the item build has likewise been dependent on what my enemies are doing. however...lately there has been some not a small amount of success with a particular core item build, and then every possible extension to the core depends on what's going on in the game.



    i get 1-4 ggbranches, a courier, and the gauntlets and slippers.
    the courier is useful for completing the magic wand. also it might sometimes be necessary if you have a tough lane to ferry over your treads pieces rather than trying to buy them at the side shop. also you should be able to solo mid.

    usually you either get a poor man's shield or a magic wand, or maybe an urn of shadows. see the gauntlets/slippers/ggbranch early items let you build into whatever cheap item you need, whether it's urn, pms, or mgcwnd. but treads is generally an early priority. and you need a yasha.

    so the core looks something like this:

    your choice of :urn: or :mwand: or :pms: (get whatever seems more important)
    refrain from getting each of those early items. it'll only delay your treads/yasha or essential extension item.

    your extension item is very important. :yasha:+:ptstr: and whatever defense item you choose :)urn::mwand::pms:) will help to fuel you into whatever extension item you get. you can also skip them entirely if you're doing very well(none of those evil heroes that are strong against you are targeting you for your allies are keeping them plenty busy) and go straight for the good stuff. this might get you your extension that much faster so you can counter the strong against slark hero earlier.

    since there are so many counters to slark, slark has to counter the hero with a particular item. this is your essential extension item. without it, you'll be useless.

    extension item is dependent on what your enemies are doing. examples of extension items would be:

    the more you learn to use slark, the less dependent you'll be on certain extension items...and the better those will perform when you get them when you need them. for example you can kill invisible heroes with a pounce plus dark pact combination even if they're invisible, even without dust/necro3, and in fact slark's pounce can indeed make dust a viable counter for weaver(normally 522ms laughs at dust). the issue why you'd want necro3 is if weaver is onto the dust and you'd have a hard time pouncing. actually with the latest change to pounce you'd need some ally of weaver's to jump in the way. which has happened increasingly lately.

    i haven't played enough games lately to figure out what are the best luxury items...but i'm leaning towards heart and butterfly and vlads and skadi.

    if you end up in a support role in a game, then you can skip your core and go straight for your extension item. you can always add the core on afterwards. sometimes the extension becomes more important, and supports don't get much gold :/

    orb of venom is a vastly underrated item and is fantastic on slark. but i've found him very good in 1v1 situations without it. and the orb doesn't do much for getting you a ton of gold. but ya any hero attacking fast it's nice on since it's like -12 agility(excluding damage) for them. or you can think of it in reverse as 12 agility(excluding damage) for you...which is only costing 450 gold.
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  8. beetin

    beetin Well-Known Member

    Building him as a late game carry is the wrong move in my opinion. I like a good 4-6k core and use him to relieve pressure on my carry mid game.

    treads + wand + mask of madness + farm dependent vanguard/bkb . That core is gotten through jungling for the most part once you hit level 7. A simple sobi mask isn't a bad item either to help mitigate his mana pool.

    He pales with other hard carries late game, so I like to maximize his IAS mid game to boost up his damage quickly with 138% from mask + treads. Yes he is glass, but that is fine so long as you use dark pact and pounce properly to avoid being gang banged once your ulti ends (or to avoid dusting).
  9. NoThlnG

    NoThlnG Well-Known Member

    Personally, I love a roaming Slark with early bottle. The bonus MS from ultimate really helps it.

    In most case, I usually goes for direct EoS build. But in a more srs game, I tend to go for SnY, Basher, occasional MoM, and rare Dagger.

    Also sometimes goes for HoM, building Linken or BKB in some situation.

    Usually, I prefer Slark to buy some cheap items coz he doesn't really need that much money and he's not an excellent farmer.
  10. cRyPtWaLk3R

    cRyPtWaLk3R Banned

    Treads + Stout and roam
    then get mjollnir/AC, possibly SNY if you need the HP

    Haven't lost a game with him since the latest buffs, absolutely roll every game now with him, even though he used to be one of the two/three heroes I could never do well with
  11. Adyalauder

    Adyalauder Well-Known Member

    MoM+OoV for Pubstomping.
  12. SanKakU

    SanKakU Well-Known Member

    1450+1450+700=3600 for treads and yasha.
    that's the core for me.
    level 7 you have all that? really??? how? that's leaving out the vanguard and you think you'll get 7k+ gold although you just said you like 4-6k gold core. does that mean we're leaving out the bkb/vanguard, that's your extension? so 7759-3900=3859

    ya i guess your core is about the same as mine. anyway it's basically different because you're going MoM instead of yasha. if you go MoM then you have a lot of vulnerability to aoe monsters like tiny, qop, etc. there are a lot of aoe spells that still hit you in your ultimate. some players make up for that by leveling attribute bonus early. this cuts into your pact/pounce/shift levels.

    imo a quick kill is the best kill. if you like mom try maxing pact first and then max out attribute bonus. leave the other skills including ultimate at level 1 for as long as possible. after mom maybe go straight for butterfly or whatever. by the time shift is maxed out you should have bkb.

    i've found mask of madness accelerates the death of an enemy caught in a 1v1 situation with slark. but it also accelerates the death of slark when caught in a 1v3/1v4/1v5. the scarier slark is to the opponents in a 1v1, the more readily they'll gang him hard. that's why going MoM can be a choice that may blow up in your face. on the other hand if you get bkb afterwards maybe no one can stop you once you've got a kill or two.

    roaming with slark at level 7+ is nice when maxing pact because a surprise pounce plus pact out of nowhere will kill a lot of red hp enemies, even invisible ones. and 300 damage to creeps makes last hitting a lot easier.

    i'm hesitant to try this MoM skill build though because i like high level pounce so much. if the enemy has no aoe though, then manta becomes more viable. and MoM becomes more viable at the same time.

    i'm glad pounce no longer ensnares illusions. i haven't tested on meepo clones, yet, probably snares them although idk. it shouldn't, since he doesn't steal stats from them. the fact that with the possible exception of meepo all targets snareable are shiftable makes slark a lot more viable a hero now than before.
  13. LiquidNitrogen

    LiquidNitrogen Well-Known Member

    oov lets you transition easily into midgame with sny as long as you play conservatively early on.

    actually, tbh, slarks early game hardly matters. Just get that oov, spam ulti and pact and fuck shit up. contrary to popular belief slark tends to have a fairly high gold-per-minute--fast movespeed, spammable low cost nuke, hard to kill, easy to get kills with.
  14. beetin

    beetin Well-Known Member

    You will never have that core by level 7, I was saying that his main method of GETTING this core is through fast jungling with his innate regen and fast clearing with his nuke. He can start truly jungling at level 5, but it speads up considerably at both level 6 and level 7.

    Obviously your item choices will change if the enemy has a ton of aoe nukes that go through invis. Although even then the amount of dodging you can do with pounce + shifty ulti is impressive. Yasha gives about half the DPS of a MoM, and that discrepancy is only more pronounced as the extra hits steal agility.

    You want to be able to kill a hero with ulti + pact if you can (to pounce out or pounce the next target), and MoM is the item for doing that. I've found yasha is the item choice when you want to build him for late game. It's similar to going yasha over MoM on void, you are losing mid game damage for late game potential, which makes sense on void but not on slark.
  15. LiquidNitrogen

    LiquidNitrogen Well-Known Member

    slark is a pretty slow jungler, do it when lanes aren't available and you aren't ganking, just like any other carry/semi. you should almost never jungle for any long period of time.

    you get most your farm off pacting creepwaves between ganks and killing.

    btw you actually get quite a lot of money with slark, getting mom just hinders you later on in midgame when you could be getting skadi.
  16. beetin

    beetin Well-Known Member

    That's building a late game carry slark. Pacting large creep waves for your own cash means that you are taking a significant chunk of the teams farm. I'm advocating a low gold support style slark using the jungle for the majority of his low cost core, because he has great map presence and excellent ganking with few items. He can relieve pressure on your carry, counter ward extremely well, and let your true late game heroes get the farm they need. Much like a balanar but with weaker skills but better escape, anti-ward and anti-smoke abilities.

    If you want to play a late game slark, by all means skip MoM.
  17. mustin98

    mustin98 Well-Known Member

    For most pubs, i find that OoV is an amazing item and the build up to EoS is good because it gives slark a lot of hp to tank hits while hes stealing stats. The slow is also amazing for chasing. getting point booster after oov boosts survivability and allows you to spam your spells more.

    I'm thinking about playing him as a support as well. I'll check it out. Problem with playing support in pubs is that the carries sometimes fail at carrying.
  18. LiquidNitrogen

    LiquidNitrogen Well-Known Member

    you don't need mom to have a good early game. contrary to popular belief earlier on slark needs to deal consistent dps and just survive to get kills, only later on can you burst shit down, mom or not. mom is really a burst item and risky.

    and who the hell plays slark as a support -.-

    how would you lane him?
  19. BooBoox3

    BooBoox3 Well-Known Member

    Phase Boots + Urn or Medallion is my core. Urn if want a lil more survivability or Medallion when I want more burst dps.

    Then the first major item after that is pretty flexible. I go for these after my core depending on situations.

    MoM - if my enemies don't have many aoe disables that do not need a target or can target the ground like Lion, Es, etc.

    Diffusal - if my enemies have low mp pools but rely a lot on their spells like ES, sven, etc.

    Manta - if my enemies have high single target burst damage.

    Vlad's - if my enemies are bad and let me steal 80~ agi.

    HotD - if they're mostly hard carries that do not have much mobility.

    I forgot to add BKB. I mainly rush it when they have lots of spellcasters but I don't generally like picking slark when the enemy team have a spellcaster heavy team. Usually I get it as a 2nd or 3rd major item.
  20. Fixthemix

    Fixthemix Well-Known Member

    I like Treads+Sange+OoV+Hyperstone.

    Attack Speed - Check
    Survivability - Check
    Chasing Power - Check
    Items can be upgraded to cooler stuff later - Check