Item Build for Rizzrak, the Goblin Shredder

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by gvs1992, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. gvs1992

    gvs1992 Well-Known Member

    Arcane Boots
    Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse
    Shiva's Guard
    Battle Fury
    Heart of Tarrasque
    Linken's Sphere

    Are the items mentioned above are the correct item build for Rizzrak?
  2. NoThlnG

    NoThlnG Well-Known Member

    Don't really see the point of BF and Shiva.

    Would much prefer AC and/or Radiance esp since he can't attack when he uses ulti.
  3. Hemoxyte

    Hemoxyte Well-Known Member

    radiance is good on him, for his ulti, i would prefer ac=shiva, but its a preference, and i have seen people get blink dagger for positioning, and it's actually decent.
  4. gvs1992

    gvs1992 Well-Known Member

    Does a reduced armor, increases the damage of "Pure Damage" spells?
  5. MeePwn

    MeePwn Well-Known Member

    You really shouldn't have the time farming up a radiance and there is also not much need for it. Paying a relict when you hardly attack? Shivas on the other hand was made for this hero. Decent aura, provides him with much needed mana, platemail inside and the ability has great synergy with his gameplay. (try hook while using shiva at the same time)

    Arcane Boots
    euls,bloodstone, heart, anything that makes him more tanky, provide more mana or has a useful ability that is needed

    No and attackspeed is also not very helpful

    ALL_CAPS_GUY Well-Known Member


  7. sugarbunneh

    sugarbunneh Well-Known Member

    dont agree with sheepstick, battle and linken.. :/ but the others are good.
  8. QuestTrix

    QuestTrix Active Member

    Rizzrak is my current favorite hero
    I'm trying to get used to him :D
  9. Hyde_Kouru

    Hyde_Kouru Well-Known Member

    IMO battle furry is not needed he's more a tanker that some dps hero...i would go for: -
    Bloodstone or Linken - well mana regen is very important for this hero...
    Radi- more AoE present
    BoT- no need to expalin
    Shiva-well this is a good item more armor, more mana and usefull slow and more AoE present
    Heart - more tankier
    Optional - BKB, Cuirrass, Bloodstone/Linken
  10. SpeedDemon020

    SpeedDemon020 Well-Known Member

    Needs a Vanguard.
  11. Terrawind

    Terrawind Well-Known Member

    Late Game Full Item Built List:
    Arcane Boots
    Rod of Atos
    Mask of Madness
    Battle Fury

    This is my style... if you don't like it, you can play replace Vanguard with Shiva's Guard... or make your own perfect build~
  12. Rentz

    Rentz Member

    Why BF lolz.
  13. Vot1_Bear

    Vot1_Bear Well-Known Member

    I find necronomicon quite viable for him mainly since his ulti's permadisable properties. have yet to try ingame though
  14. itzJKKH

    itzJKKH Member

    I agree, he's more of a support character than a killer character..
    Make him a tank so he can annoy the shit out his opponents while your dpses does the rest.
  15. teng)

    teng) Well-Known Member

    blademail, shiva
  16. janongjan

    janongjan New Member

    i used:

    its very usefulllll for a tanker...
  17. darewin

    darewin Well-Known Member

    Your only EHP increase is a vanguard yet you get increased damaged received by MoM? Goodluck to surviving the enemy team's nukes
  18. Domenico

    Domenico Moderator

    MoM, AC, BF... I can't really understand why the heck Rizzrak needs those.

    Inb4 "MoM for movespeed, AC for team auras, BF for mana". KK.

    IMO starting with a stout shield is a must, but VG is very situanional.
    Mainstream build for him is AB -> PB+VB -> Disassemble AB; then build bloodstone.

    Linken isn't bad altrnative, but sometimes you should think of BKB after you solve your general mana problems. In the meantime you must address armor problems, probably buy a chainmail that you may want to turn into Blademail later.

    Shiva synergizes with him in many ways, Guinsoo is always nice, esp. since it takes a lot to satisfy his mana hunger. Rod of Athos is useful aswell, but you have to pick your items, not that you will have all gold in the world.

    Generally, you will need at least one big mana item, something to boost your armour and something to help restoring your HP (not a must, but good idea) so that damage can't stop you from ganking and to increase your ninja'ing potential.

    Basically, it's like Pit's build (except applicability of supportive gear and that healing part, they aren't similar in this way), but Shredder is much more of a mana whore and he's also a high-aggro tharget with escape mech, keep that in mind too.

    Also remember that building up a mana pool to use his pure damage abilities is easier than taking your melee attack to the same level of effectiveness. You have a potential to deal about 200 DPS to a single target (not to mention that you usually hit more than one target) penetrating damage reduction means, to surpass that you have to deal like 400-500 physical DPS later in the game. Trying to achieve this totally not worth it since you don't have steroids and your stats gain is subpar, to say the least. So items I mentioned in the begining of the post is a no-no IMO.

    Another thing is Radi, it's sort of good, but you have higher priorities. If you think that it will still be usefull later, you can go for it, but I'm not so sure. Not that Shredder is a hero who will spend a ton of time to farm.
  19. gerstz

    gerstz Banned

    pub > radi

    tryhardin > support stuff
  20. halimsideek3

    halimsideek3 Well-Known Member

    In my opinion shivas are made for this hero. This hero need tons of mana and slow to be effective in team fight. Just imagine that you initiate a fight by hooking in and shivas to slow the enemy team. As they crippled and slowed you placed your ulti which when damage them further slowing them and give a chance for your hard carry and nuker to obliterate them. BF is also a waste on this hero IMO. Youre better off with bloodstone as he is having a crappy attack speed and need tonnes of mana and tanking item (shivas/hood/etc) to be useful in team fight