item build for ES

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by ~sLarK~, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. ~sLarK~

    ~sLarK~ Well-Known Member

    any thoughts?:rambo:
  2. andreacirri

    andreacirri Well-Known Member

    read a guide
    soul ring / bottle
    Dagger as core
  3. BlueRangerGoGo

    BlueRangerGoGo Well-Known Member

    Read a guide please
  4. _Quetzalcoatl_

    _Quetzalcoatl_ Well-Known Member

  5. nemesis2k5

    nemesis2k5 Well-Known Member

    1,bottle/soul ring (prefer bottle)
    gg branches (can convert to wand if applicable a.k.a. to many spamers)
    3 any boots
    4 dagger
    5 aghanims
  6. fgiveme

    fgiveme Well-Known Member

    - Start game: 1 salve, 1 tangoes set, 2-4 clarities, Obs/Chick if needed, gg branches.
    - Wand, Bottle, Boots of Speed + 2xMantle of Intelligence or Int Treads. More Obs if needed
    - Dagger.
    - More Obs
    - Blade Mail, Vanguard, Pipe, anything...
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  8. -SuPerNuKer-

    -SuPerNuKer- Active Member

    -soul ring
    -boot of travel/power tread
    -refresh orb
    zzzzzz :D
  9. Volaju

    Volaju Well-Known Member

    This, DotA constantly changes, to refer someone to an old and possibly flawed guide is lazy and lame. I'd rather see this type of thread on a strat forum than "who wins 1v1" shit.

    Soul ring / bottle / blink are good items to go for, blink being core by mid game, at least bottle for early game. You can make do with boots of speed for a while, and if you do well in the first 5-6 minutes of the game, go for the soul ring to give imba fissure spam. Luxory items would be like shivas or guinsoo for the most part.
  10. andreacirri

    andreacirri Well-Known Member

    Blink Chain Stun
    Read a guide
  11. Twilice

    Twilice Well-Known Member

    Dagger and then skadi.
  12. mwdiver9

    mwdiver9 Well-Known Member

    Dagger *absolutely necessary*
  13. Lejinx

    Lejinx Well-Known Member

    Boots, Bottle, Soul ring, hp stuff
    BoT, Soul ring, Dagger, Refresher/Battlefury
  14. theNoobie

    theNoobie Well-Known Member

    Lothars deso treads
  15. Serious-ly

    Serious-ly Well-Known Member

    START: some tangoes/clarities
    NEXT: Bottle (or soul ring if you prefer that, maybe even both) + Boots
    THEN: DAGGER / Phase or treads
    THEN: Agas/shiva/guinso/whatever you want
  16. louroux

    louroux Well-Known Member

    For me dagger is more of a core than hp stuff =\
    Personal preference though, on ES i dont get bracer and go on from

    Bottle, boots, dagger, wand if needed.
    Luxury= Shiva, Hex, Eul, Meka, Arcane, Vlad,AC, depending on what your team needs.
  17. BlackPaw

    BlackPaw Well-Known Member

    Basilius branches

    boots - phase




  18. CSI

    CSI Well-Known Member

    at start i prefer the common branches, 1 salve, 1 tango and at least 2 clarities.
    no circlet, because the only item im going to finish besides boots and bottle is a magic wand.
    if your patient in farming and not spamming fissure on creeps there is no need for nulls.
    If you dont spent much time on the same lane, get a bottle and roam for runes.
    a soul ring can work aswell, but its costy for your little gold pool. still offers good lane control with spamming fissure though.
    if youre in alot of fights, breaking ganks and gaining an advantage with your team, the gold for your dagger will come from the tier 1 towers you destroy.

    sometimes you got it in 15min and the other time you still struggle for your dagger past 25min. it depends - mainly on how much you die and how good your team does. anyway, straight farming for an 8-10min dagger is an option on a weak lane. i dont like the risk though.
    anything past dagger should involve some sort of survivability and another disable eul/guinsoo or shivas.
  19. _Quetzalcoatl_

    _Quetzalcoatl_ Well-Known Member

    Well, earthshaker only got aghas since then, and a slight change to his ulti in 6.66. Basically, no groundbreaking changes. For starters, those guides will do just fine.

    Kuroky fanboy.
  20. MaDuiN

    MaDuiN Well-Known Member

    PTreads (INT/STR, change between when using spells)
    Dagger / Lothar (depending if you want to supprise buttsecksrape-hit 500dmg with lothar+totem)
    Aghanims / BFury (with Lothar)
    Refresher / Bfury (with Lothar)
    Shiva / BFury (with Lothar)
    BFury / Buriza (with Lothar)