Item build for Demon witch(Lion)

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by verciker, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. verciker

    verciker New Member

    i need some help for demon Witch (Lion). need advise for its item build

    if possible i also need advise in beating Viper using demon witch :mellow:
  2. Swiftkick

    Swiftkick Well-Known Member

    Good guide here.

    Are you talking a 1 on 1 situation in regards to Viper? There are better heroes for that... Brood Mother, Bane Elemental, etc.
  3. kits27955

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  4. SirIsaacNewton

    SirIsaacNewton Well-Known Member

    If it is pub, wand, boots,bottle, then rush necro3/bot/dagger and rape.
  5. NoThlnG

    NoThlnG Well-Known Member

    These are good items for him :

    - Dagon
    - Shiva
    - Guinsoo
    - Bloodstone (though it nerfed)
    - Aghanim / Refresher (Not recommended though...)
    - Kellen Dagger (Competitive usually)
    - If you want fun, go carry items ^^
  6. Eizor

    Eizor Active Member

    Magic Stick
    Blood Stone

  7. SpaceFalcon

    SpaceFalcon Banned

    Farm a radiance early game, make sure to tell your team mates you're carrying them. So they give you lanes for yourself.

    Late game you will Radi+Treads+Vitality booster for HP. With finger of death+radi you are god like!
  8. gabbeh

    gabbeh Well-Known Member

    Wand, bracers, boots, blink, work towards guinsoo.

    Some people like phase boots. Idk. o:
  9. RaistMagus

    RaistMagus Well-Known Member

    Pub build:

    Start: Chicken (don't share), 1xTangoes, 1xClarity, 2xGGBranch

    Then: Ferry consumables as needed, complete Wand, Bracer, buy Boots of Speed, (optional: buy wards) (in any order you like). Always carry a tp.

    After that: Finish your boots (your choice, all are good for Lion). Buy dust if needed cause your teammates are noobs. Any other items on Lion are luxury. If you have that much money get wtf you like (an other hex (guinsoo), shivas, aghanims, dagon).
  10. Pirate

    Pirate Well-Known Member

    Necrobook should be core, you'll get the most out of your disables with the minions and the str stats are very welcome.
  11. Baconnaise

    Baconnaise Well-Known Member

    There are two builds.
    The comedy I'm solo mid in a pub build
    Boots-->Dagon 5-->Scepter

    The serious business roam at lv 1 ward bitch
    Chicken/wards/gg branch + consumables to start. --> Boots + bracers (but only if you are rich). THAT'S IT. Spend the rest on wards TPs maybe a bottle.
  12. leeoku

    leeoku Well-Known Member

    mediva has a competitive guide for lion. Generally it is chicken+wand+wards. bottle is optional. just gank gank gank and ward ward ward
  13. crimewave

    crimewave Banned

    boots, wand, wards. pretty much dont need anything else.
  14. Herus

    Herus Member

  15. EternityPala

    EternityPala Well-Known Member

    Any build which costs more then 4k gold, is unrealistic.
    Lion shouldn't be farming much at all, game plan's to keep pressure on the enemy team, and gank, gank and gank.
    I'd favour roaming from level 6, since finger's just sweet, but you should gank earlier, if any opportunity arises.
    Magic Wand + Bottle + Boots is more then enough to support your ganking needs.
    Ward if your team requires a warder, and never ks unless necessary, giving your teammates the gold instead, since you don't need gold much.

    Possible item choices are Dagger, for mobility, but most will prefer the Guinsoo's, since hex is just that awesome.
    Necrobook and Eul's are considerable as well.
    But, of course, other then your Bottle + Magic Wand + Boots + Point Booster , the rest are all luxury.
  16. ikerry-ftw

    ikerry-ftw Member

    1v1 against viper you really have like no chance at all ^^ In a more serious game, Lion's role is generally ganker-support/wardbitch. So you arent supposed to be farming big items. Boots (usually pt str) wand 2 bracer and the other 2 slots for wards+consumables+tp.
  17. iser

    iser Well-Known Member

    i always always always get a dagger in a pub. in a serious game, bottle/wand/bracers/bos/wards.
  18. blackshadow95

    blackshadow95 New Member

    for me the best item build for lion is:
    2-linkens sphere
    6-refresher orb
  19. qoou

    qoou Well-Known Member

    In serious games, a Dagger is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, it's very game-dependent.
  20. plzonlygame

    plzonlygame Well-Known Member

    wand, bottle, STR treads, dagger, hex/shiva/bkb/ghost

    throw in a force staff if you are a boss