Item Build for BloodSeeker

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by fuctic12, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. fuctic12

    fuctic12 Active Member

    Whats the best item build for bloodseeker?
  2. turtle.slayer

    turtle.slayer Well-Known Member

    603gold: queling blade. slipper. tango.
    ->Poor mans shield+boots
    ->everything else is situational, but u cant go wrong with (manta,satanic,butterfly)
    Never get diffu stick coz the purge cancels rupture.
  3. marcmamales

    marcmamales Member

    item build for blood seeker:
    1.Sange & Yasha (S&Y)
  4. ryder_slayer

    ryder_slayer Member

    same built with me
  5. hoogopoogo

    hoogopoogo Well-Known Member

    Quelling Phase PMS for unbeatable laning prowess.

    Proceed to Relic-rape.
  6. uchin4X

    uchin4X Well-Known Member

    Starts off with a boots of elvenskin, a GG branch, and a healing salve (all money spent). Finish treads at sideshop immediately because the +ms will be a deciding factor in an earlygame chase. If you have a hard lane, buying RoH at the side lane will help. After that finish your vanguard. Then you can build one of 2 BFs: ButterFly if you own hard early, or BattleFury if somewhat you need to farm for some. Hope my advice helps.
  7. hoogopoogo

    hoogopoogo Well-Known Member

    You forgot to include Eul's and Dagon.
  8. wutwat

    wutwat Well-Known Member

    power treads + vanguard + battlefury + sange & yasha + vladimir's offering
  9. Baconnaise

    Baconnaise Well-Known Member

    QB + PMS early game
    Radi treads
    Whatever the fuck you need (deso, diffusal, satanic, bfly)


    QB + PMS
    Boots Dagon 5
    Refresher Orb
  10. DJRequiem

    DJRequiem Well-Known Member

    1. Quel + Stout
    2. PMS or not its up to u
    3. Phase or Treads (Or keep the boots, and see if your rich enough to upgrade to a BoT)
    4. If you can farm well, Relic to Radiance, then to Mjolnir
    5. If not, Maelstrom to Mjolnir, then to Radiance
    6. Butter or Heart (whichever is needed first, then proceed to the next)
    7. Ditch the Stout / PMS get AC or Buriza.
  11. Nerevarie

    Nerevarie Banned

    hand of midas is a good item it gives u hp and stuff :l and cleaving is good item for him too
  12. Yurnero

    Yurnero Well-Known Member

    Your advice helps in a dumb fuck pub, no offense lol.

    Here's why.
    For 603 gold you get Boots of Elvenskin, gg branch, and a salve.
    So that's +1 str, +7 agi, +1 int, and a pot that heals you when you have 40/500 hp, so little that any tower-diving nuke/ranged attacker can own you, or you can back far enough to miss 10 secs of last hits.

    For 599 gold I would get a slipper of agility, 3 gg branches, a chicken, and a set of tangoes. Slipper can work for pms or a wraith band, gg branches will go to wand if you really need it, and a chicken for everything else.
    And that's +3 str, +6 agi, +3 int, uninterrupted hp pot that I can use at 300/550 hp, and a chicken. Get boots of speed, qb, maybe pms at side shop. And the chicken will get everything from base or secret shop for you. If you can buy items while laning, you can press "t" on a hotkey'ed chicken (which is `, the button above tab, default).
  13. ampr3nta

    ampr3nta Active Member

    At the beggining, ring of basilius and a healing salve, to have mana for first spell spamming, which is a nuke in early game, later finish with vladimir. S&Y and Butterfly are luxury items, depends on your farm stats.
    An alternative build can be treads/radiance/dominator=>satanic later/ battlefury.
    Are many ways to play this hero, just think about
  14. TehMoep

    TehMoep Well-Known Member

    Lots of trolls here.
  15. jamal99

    jamal99 Well-Known Member

    buy QB, few branches and tangos, go mid and rush radiance, works every time...
  16. LoKi_

    LoKi_ Well-Known Member

    so much fail

    QB first, branches, tango salve
    farm up pms and/or pms, boots
    whatever u need after, mostly hp
    BKB is always nice
  17. fevgatos

    fevgatos Well-Known Member

    First of all your build fails.

    Start ALWAYS with a chicken , unless your ally shares his own. Ask for solo mid , get a qb + a flask. Later bring a stoot with your chick. Now , if your allies dont need help at ganking stay in your lane and farm that relic.

    If you have to gank cause your allies are owned get a quick Ptreads and start owning. Seeker's item build is very flexible , so you can skip radiance and get it after you already have a tier3 item. Which means , you cna either get armlet / desolator , they are both good. Manta is nice to but the ms bonus from yasha is wasted. So , pick either one of manta / armlet / deso and then aim for radi (in the ganker case). Else stay in your lane and get a fast radiance.

    ps1. Plz , NO sy , NO vlads
    ps2. And dont spam your silence like a faggot. Use it when you want to hit 2-3 times the enemy hero without him being able to stun / nuke you. Just make sure you have mp for a silence + ulti at 6
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  18. scaryDreamX

    scaryDreamX Member

    6.Power Threads
    Are these items good for bloodseeker??
  19. Ramza.Beoulve.

    Ramza.Beoulve. Well-Known Member

    Force Staff for great justice.

    On a serious note, it was already stated above.

    PMS, Quelling blade, farm Radi, phase boots/treads as needed. Then deeps or BKB as needed. Mael/Mjoln is nice too.
  20. flounder

    flounder Well-Known Member

    Poor Man's Shield

    Late game it's hard to say. I always fail with him lategame (AM or Void or Morph will instagib me) so I'd like to hear some non-troll advice.

    A lot of people are suggesting Mjoln, but that seems too hard to farm and doesn't help with survivability at all.
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