Item build for Alchemist?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by nonamehero, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. nonamehero

    nonamehero Well-Known Member

    I thought tanking items would be an overkill for alchemist since he is already very buff.
    However after watching some pros replays, it seems to be standard for Alchemist to go Vanguard first and then maybe even hood!
    and it seems like Alchemist is even targeted first even with Vanguard and Hood...

    Can someone enlighten me on this.
  2. Lories

    Lories Well-Known Member

    Vanguard Hood treads Alche with over 9000 hp and regen but 3 armor incoming.
  3. nonamehero

    nonamehero Well-Known Member

    huh, so u r saying the people in pros replays are doing a retarded build?
  4. Dimsdale.

    Dimsdale. Well-Known Member

    Phase Boots or Travel
    Magic Stick
    Urn of Shadows
    Assault Cuircass

    Nothing else..
  5. CelestialRice

    CelestialRice Well-Known Member

    I play alch a bit differently from normal. I usually farm like im a carry(skill greed + acid, one level stun). After I have a BoT, vladimir, radiance, and cuirass i start killing. game is usually over but if its not the next two items are probably eye and a mkb or buriz.
  6. FoXBoR

    FoXBoR Well-Known Member

    In my opinion, there are 2 builds for alchem: Alchem Tank and Alchem Dpser:

    Tank Alchem:
    Any boots (Depends)
    BM!!! (Since alchem is pretty big people usually focuss him, BM is VERY EFFECTIVE)
    Tarraske (more tankish) or Radiance (to annoy enemies)

    Dpser Alchem: (benefits from -armor of 1rst skill and AS enhance from Ultimate)
    Vanguard or Dominator (I saw once MoM, but I don't suggest this)
    Perse -> Battlefury
  7. Lories

    Lories Well-Known Member

    All I do is count. Not getting additional armor but stacking hp is a huge waste of loads of EHP for a really low price.
    RoB, BMail and Domi come to mind.
  8. nonamehero

    nonamehero Well-Known Member

    yah, I agree with those builds, however in the Alchemist guide, it discourage ppl from getting tank items and its reasoning is that it will discourage ppl from targeting you which is what u want.

    However in the pro replays, they get Vanguard first almost automatic, or else they would mass bracers if Vanguard doesnt come fast enough.

    I guess the guide is wrong, ppl would like to target Alchemist regardless even if he has 5 hearts, since his 5 sec stun nuke alone is annoying enough
  9. Shadowlurker

    Shadowlurker Banned

    Alchemist doesn't seem like such a great tank compared to others, in my opinion. His armor is below average, his stats are pretty bad, but the only thing making him a tank would be his ult. But once he is out of his ultimate, Alchemist is pretty fragile.
    I play a Carry Alchemist, as he is very powerful with his insanely low BAT.
    Treads / BoT
    Assault Cuirass
    Vladmir's Offering / Heart / BKB
    Burzia / MKB

    Desolator and Acid Spray surprisingly devastate any hero, especially if he is stunned with Unstable. And after you get Assault Cuirass, you are a much better tank with very high threat factor that cannot be ignored. So, if you were to play him as a tank, I'd get something to make your presence feared, but also able to resist tons of punishment. (Armlet, Heart. Vanguard loses a lot of effectiveness later on.)
  10. SirDumpling

    SirDumpling Well-Known Member

    another sobi if went RoB
    boots of travel
    bkb/more hypers

    etc etc

    always acid before you stun, as stun is physical and is therefore reduced by armor. drop sobis/urn when you ult, and pick them back up for more regen. have to repeat this every time your int changes (ie: items, level up, OD).
    spam your shit. acid is really gay to lane agaisnt, and don't be afraid to release your stun if it isn't fully charged, especially if they are trying to juke. better safe than sorry.

    best allies: venge, slardar, CM, naix, drow, etc
    worst enemies: venge, slardar, silencer, doom, anyone who can burst you down before your ult
  11. nonamehero

    nonamehero Well-Known Member

    Armlet seems like a good choice on him.
    However after watching at least 5 pro replays of Alchemist in action, none of them got armlet.
    I really think armlet is more for pubstomp than competitive plays.
    Since Alchemist really shines as support/tank.
    His stun has such a low cooldown, it is insane.
    And he is not like Centuar or Bristleback who everyone can ignore without radiance, everyone still want to kill Alchemist first just because of acid and nuke
  12. Soulfly

    Soulfly Well-Known Member

    Personally I always choose to go ganking route rather than hardcore ricing.

    >URN< is awesome. Percentage based regeneration is teh shit when you drop and pick up when ultimate transformed. As for boots, you'll do great with either. As for other items, I've become a fan of blademail, but it's really hard to go wrong (much like vengeful.)
  13. Dimsdale.

    Dimsdale. Well-Known Member

  14. PudgePie

    PudgePie Well-Known Member

    I usually go Phase/BoT, Radiance, Armlet, Assault and game usually ends...Sometimes i add hood too.
  15. Twilice

    Twilice Well-Known Member

    If you got lots of money you could get these:

  16. zxdragon12

    zxdragon12 Well-Known Member

    Get Radiance first, then build whatever the fuck you want after that. This is situational and it has worked before but you have to be pretty lucky. You might want to go for a DPS type of build in most cases.
  17. TheAmerican

    TheAmerican Well-Known Member

    I prefer ganking Alchemist early. Vanguard just allows you to dive even more and it covers for non ult form Alch, just in case if you fuck up a stun (it happens). Then I usually get Armlet/Deso/Vlads. Armlet is way too cheap for him, he regens the degen off and 65 damage with his AS is no joke. Deso is deso, and Vlads is for Lifesteal + Mana. AC is also cool.
    Roaming Tank build also works, so does Ricer, he can be played differently.
  18. beard

    beard Well-Known Member

    tank build works if you act like a huge dick on allchat so everyone will want to kill you and type "LOL?" back at you.

    Otherwise radiance/armlet like everyone else said, give or take vg depending on lineup.
  19. SpiralAvenger

    SpiralAvenger Well-Known Member

    Travels, Radiance, Assault Cuirass, Heart, Attackspeed and maybe basher or bkb if you feel like it.
  20. cienn_-

    cienn_- Well-Known Member

    Treads, if your farm is going great, get a Radiance

    HoT, AC, MKB