Is true immortality achievable?

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  1. Yoshitsune-sama

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    The sad thing about immortality is that everyone you know\love will eventually die and you will be the only one than remembers. Actually the size of your nerv cells allows you to store a limited amount of memory. Even you would forget about them one day.

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    Why would you travel at speeds you can't control? It should be easier to bend space through wormholes.
  2. alastorr

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    My thoughts exactly. And nerve cells die after a limited time, so you would have real problem with reflexes. And remember: nerve cells are not reproduced, like skin.
  3. Nichael_Bluth

    Nichael_Bluth Banned

    One would imagine that if science could make you immortal it would find a way to strengthen and lengthen the life of your cells and nerves.
  4. izembo

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    dont think imortality is needed afterall the world is started to be overpopulated enough as it is with lack of food,water, energy going around to support everyone.
  5. alastorr

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    If there is going to be an immortality potion, first get rid of retarded people. Only then you can safely publish the discovery.
  6. Yoshitsune-sama

    Yoshitsune-sama Well-Known Member

    True. But still useless if others aren't immortal.

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    If immortality was achievable reproduction shouldn't be possible. At least not without permission.
  7. r0xo

    r0xo Well-Known Member

    I like this idea. Leave only the elite!
  8. Lune722

    Lune722 Well-Known Member

    This would not be a process for immortality, but a cloning one.

    Your true self would still die, the clone would eventually be cloned again (and he/she would also die).

    If you just copy someone, then it is not you, it is someone else with the same body and memories, but it is effectively someone else, and this someone will have a different life from you.

    You can work out differences with simple cases like this:
    you and your clone go to class, at the same time that you have maths, your replicate has german.

    The minds are working into different things and do not share the same consciousness, you can't look through his eyes and he can't look through yours.

    The vessel process you described is what we want, your mind is transported to a new body in a way that you can see through the eyes of the new body.
    You don't cease to exist in the process of transfering consciousness.
  9. cairnebloodhoof

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    Sorry but I'm gonna go off-topic here, because I got a question.

    You know with stem cells around, is it possible to create brain cells? And if so, could you actually make one more intelligent with that? I don't really know science.
  10. P1louxxx

    P1louxxx Well-Known Member


    No. Maybe in the future.
  11. Nichael_Bluth

    Nichael_Bluth Banned

    Not useless, just less useful.

    HHHNNNGGG Well-Known Member

    Pretty much I was saying about using clones as a vessel for your consciousness. Not mere cloning.

    When your original body dies out due to aging you transfer your own consciousness into your replicated body. As the mind transfer finishes your old body stop functioning and your replica start to function.

    Same to mind-uploading, if you can simulate how brain works with computers then mind-uploading is possible. At that moment you will gain immortality since you realistically won't die until somebody unplug your machine.
  13. Glac1al

    Glac1al Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't call it immortality regardless, it basically ends with humanity because it's that weak. Immortality is about eternal life, not continuity of the same consciousness. It's a step to that direction given it can be achieved, tho.

    HHHNNNGGG Well-Known Member

    Then we will have to define life and death first.

    If the consciousness, or soul/spirit, a.k.a what defines a personality/individuality can live on forever then we could consider that to be immortality.
  15. Wrooks

    Wrooks Well-Known Member

    have any of you guys played Mass Effect? In that trilogy there is a race where the leader can share consciousness with his foot soldiers. So, if that is a theoretical possibility then some sort of immortality with consciousness is possible. we're humans with time I feel there is almost nothing we cannot do. With time. The world was once flat now it is round.
  16. Alex_bg

    Alex_bg Well-Known Member

    Assuming your clone is created at this moment the difference is that you have lived your entire life, felt your experiences and come to your conclusions. I have studied human memory and I can confidently say we forget things to the point of no recollection. However, for the sake of argument let us assume we can give the same thoughts to the clone.
    The fact that he is another physical entity means he is not you. He will have your previous thoughts and reactions. However, now he is free to make his own assumptions and pass judgement on your conclusions. Although there is no academic research to support this notion (after all this is impossible to test at the moment) the closest is monozygotic twins, who despite identical genes and identical environment grow up to be different people (Again, not the same issue, but this is impossible to test at this point). Also, "you" is not merely what you have done in the past, it also affects your future. Your clone will not do the same things you do because you are doing them. 2 things being in the exact same place is a physics anomaly.

    The only way to assume you are you is if we find the "soul" and find a way to transfer that to a different vessel, without killing the current "self" in the process.
  17. TGU

    TGU Well-Known Member

    The issue is we already have immortality in human cells it is called cancer, Biologically it would be impossible to make our flesh immortal , yes you could remove the brain and place it in a device which projects you in to an avatar but even then the brain would still slowly deteriorate you might last a few thousand years.

    Yes if we progress at our current rate of advancement we will find more ways to extend life, but everything that keeps you alive also slowly kills you, from food to oxygen and onto the sun itself .

    We will in the future have vastly extended life spans but like all things planets, stars ,galaxy's even the universe itself has a finite lifespan in it's current state, even photons will eventually dissipate as so will we.
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  18. JJE92

    JJE92 Moderator

    Immortality may be possible in the sense of a very long life, but there's one more problem that has not been discussed yet.

    This is not necessarily true. The universe may be extremely large, but it has a limited space and time, it had a beginning and it may even have an end. Even if we achieved immortality, we are still going to require energy to sustain our lives. The energy of our own sun is limited and will eventually expire. Same goes for other suns in the universe. Even if the universe does not end through a big crunch, a constant expansion would eventually be the doom of all life forms as well.
  19. TwoHourMotel

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    It's called Heat Death and is currently the most accepted hypothesis as to how the universe will end. There won't be a big crunch because we live in a flat universe.
  20. Captain Planet

    Captain Planet Moderator

    I thought Heat Death was still up for debate as a likely outcome? Regardless I still find it a terrifying idea.