Is true immortality achievable?

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  1. Tidus_

    Tidus_ Well-Known Member

    discussion: the title

    my stance: I definitely do believe immortality can actually be achieved, geneticists/biologists already know the factors on why lifeforms die.

    reason: 1.) teleromeres, which are the ends of our dna which do not replicate and cannot repair themselves. every time a cell divides the teleromere shortens. over the course of a lifeform's life the teleromeres shorten so much that they begin to fall apart which is where apoptosis begins and the cell is destroyed to prevent problems. Due to this process of cell division, a copy of a copy of a copy eventually goes far away from the original cell incarnation, and thus we have one of the causes of aging

    reason: 2.) oxidation , which is the process of of oxygen electrons creating free radicals which has a negative physical effect on the electrons surround it. which usually lead to decay which is another major factor in human aging

    if we could repair the damage done to teleromeres over the course of one's life, which is indeed possible and reverse the decay done by oxidation, then humans would not age and therefore would be immortal to an extent. (ofc drowning, life threatening injuries , shock, ect can still kills us)

  2. KingMurdoc

    KingMurdoc Well-Known Member

    Possible? Extremely.
    A good thing? Probably not, population would spiral out of control, psychological issues, limited availability, etc.
  3. Nichael_Bluth

    Nichael_Bluth Banned

    Impossible unless we discover a way to stop atoms from decaying.
  4. ark-eXodia

    ark-eXodia Well-Known Member

    by science power maybe it can be, but it will took many many many years, and our generation probably will not achieve it.
    but seriously if it ever happen, then just look, without this immortality thing, our population is already booming....and with it?earth will explode..
  5. TheM4n

    TheM4n Well-Known Member

    I'm assuming that if we ever achieve immortality it will be through cybernetic means that could possible eliminate our basic needs as well, such as food/water/ect...

    Just speculating though, not really based on anything.
  6. TwoHourMotel

    TwoHourMotel Well-Known Member

    I always thought that the most feasible way to be immortal is to download your brain onto a robot or a network, forever to live as digital beings.
  7. InreetII

    InreetII Banned

    IMO it's possible but not needed now or even dangerous. Maybe when we have some space colonies..
    It's won't be "you". Just your digital copy.
  8. Myself

    Myself Well-Known Member

    What makes you "you"? Considering that every 7 years all the atoms in our body get replaced it is reasonable to assume that there must be some mechanism that ensures that it is still "you" in those 7 years. If the future comes to the point where you can model the brain and all it's processes then you should also be able to 'transfer' the consciousness.
  9. Yes.I.Did

    Yes.I.Did Banned

    In this complete sense of the word? No. But as others have said maybe if you transfer your consciousness onto a computer or something maybe...

    But i dont think it will be ever possible for human beings to halt or slow the aging process.
    I mean imagine if in the future people would stop aging at ~ 25 or so years old, over population and other problems will arise for sure.
  10. TwoHourMotel

    TwoHourMotel Well-Known Member

    I think well be able to download our brains before we are able to have space colonies

    Why won't it be you? if your brain is just electrical signals firing between neurons, all you'd have to do is build a machine that can configure itself in the exact patterns the neurons in your brain are, you'd be able to get a 100% functioning version of yourself.

    Let me approach this from a different angle:

    If I was to create a neuron that functions the exact same way it does in the brain, but was mechanical. Now, I open up your skull and replace every neuron in your brain, one by one, with this special mechanical neuron you would not actually be able to tell the difference. If your whole brain is replaced by these mechanical neurons, have I made a digital copy of you, or have I turned your brain mechanical, and thus you're now able to even hook that brain to machinery that will upload all your thoughts and connections up to a network of mechanical brains.

    HHHNNNGGG Well-Known Member

    The dying age is being extended gradually. I wouldn't be surprise if we could live eternally.

    But I don't think it is a good idea to live forever. When you have achieved the goal of your life, living has no meaning to you anymore. And, in the case that your children/grandchildren die before you (due to other means) it is really depressing.
  12. SpiritBaker

    SpiritBaker Well-Known Member

    Unlikely, while space colonies benefit economy and the overall running of the earth, immortality does not. It might be availible to the richest among richest, but by the time it is availible to everyone, the colonies will be there, and it wont be just a few.
  13. badmafa

    badmafa Banned

    How would immortality not benefit the economy? Hello, eternally youthful workforce?
  14. SpiritBaker

    SpiritBaker Well-Known Member

    Not that kind of immortality. Besides, if people live for too long, they will realise youre just milking them.

    Also, currently, there is too much people on the earth, imagine if those locust in africa never died. That would be the biggest population boom ever.
  15. Eliphas

    Eliphas Well-Known Member

    They wouldn't age, but they would be more likely to develop long-term problems like mental illnesses. Or cancer. Soon they would lose mental faculties or their life quality would be too hard to sustain.
    Also, new generations come and go. It keeps the humanity progressing. I sincerely don't wanna see people like those in the Vatican City living forever.
  16. Tidus_

    Tidus_ Well-Known Member

    about the argument of over-population. I feel that it will be necessary to limit humans being able to reproduce if not outlaw it completely. If immortality is created I would feel that there would be many people who would desire to be immortal rather than give up their immortality for the next generations sake. Also wouldnt immortality render reproduction pointless because humans would have no more need to pass their genes on
  17. Alex_bg

    Alex_bg Well-Known Member

    To start off:
    Immortality is already achieved by a type of algae. And by that I mean it constantly renews its cells. I don't mean cell division that has no mutations and shit.

    As for overpopulation - We have a problem with this as it is. The problem with current society is that life is being prolonged but not improved. This leads to aging societies that are getting filled with retirees that because of their riches extend their lives while the young are being decimated because of hardships in life. If not only that there are too many unbalances with wealth being distributed too unevenly between countries/corporations/people.
    The worst thing I could imagine is those richest people that monopolize the world living forever.

    As for "the locust" in Africa - first of all they are people, not locust. Second if this ever becomes achievable for humans, it will be made exclusive for the rich and people like the Africans will probably never be given such an opportunity. 99% of the population won't be given such an opportunity. As much as we strive for equality between people there is always that fine line between rich/poor or influential/expendable. Like how for example if the Queen of Englang killed a person she would not be put in jail or on the Death Roll list.
  18. Blutwurstritter

    Blutwurstritter Well-Known Member

    So far all of you talk about stopping senescence but is that true immortality ?
    You could still die by physical trauma, for example a car accident or a gunshot.
  19. Tidus_

    Tidus_ Well-Known Member

    hence why i said

  20. TheM4n

    TheM4n Well-Known Member

    I was under the impression immortality just meat to live forever. I don't think immortality and invincibility are synonymes