Is there ANY counter/defense to Chronosphere?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by SirDecius, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. SirDecius

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    I play pubs and in pubs basically all 9 players usually suck (I'm not bragging I'm trying to explain the dynamic).

    Since they all suck the 4 retards on my team farm and don't cross the river and the 5 idiots on the other team do the same.

    I farm some and eventually start picking off the enemies one by one. Soon they get the drift and only move as a group.

    Okay, onto stage three of the game.

    No one is doing anything. I've built a full-on escapist hard hitting build (SB, MM, BKB) so I can rape and run. This is because the other team is ONLY waiting for me, to jump on me and kill me, and then push the lane and run over my allies.

    Now, I know how to deal with this and almost always come on top now.

    However, I just played a game and no matter what the void just sat back and waited and after I killed a teamate or two he jumps in, ults, and eats me.

    Is there ANYTHING I can do to avoid this? What can I do to counter the void's ult since BKB doesn't work.

    Would force staffing myself out of the way as he's casting it work?

  2. knifeman

    knifeman Well-Known Member

    ghost staff, alot of hp, stun void etc.
  3. Razer.Cyberias

    Razer.Cyberias Graphics Crew

    There IS a counter. And that is to spread your formation
    Usually if 3 or more people are trapped within chrono and their entire team is pummelling you from outside the sphere, it's most likely their victory

    You COULD also grab a siren and sleep fv from miles away. But technically any disabler will do. Siren does it better because she prevents attacks from outside the chrono, rather than disable only fv while their entire team is nuking yours to death

    No you cannot force staff yourself out of chrono

    Once void gets his bkb he is practically invulnerable inside chrono. That means you have to anticipate this in advance and pick heroes like beastmaster/enig just to disable him while inside chrono.

    But u're not going to expect this kind of organisation in pubs, so just suck it up son
  4. SirDecius

    SirDecius Active Member

    Ghost staff!

    That's a fantastic idea.
  5. Kaiketsu

    Kaiketsu Well-Known Member

    Force doesn't work in chronosphere.

    the simple idea is to own void fast. Void is a weak pub hero, he takes tremendous farm (which is hard to get in pubs) or selling a leaver's full inventory to be any threat.

    Once he's fat, you may try to focus on pushing. Win by mega creeps.
  6. SirDecius

    SirDecius Active Member

    Well, the thing is as illustrated it's basically up to me so I'm not trying to get a hero to counter him, more a strategy/item that can aid me in it. And I certainly can't rely on an ally to do anything.

    But the ghost staff is a great idea. How about blade mail? I figure it would be less effective than the ghost staff.
  7. CasualPubbie

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  8. SirDecius

    SirDecius Active Member

    Well the problem is i can't solo push when my allies have no balls, and if they feed that's also something I can't control. Basically I just want to be able to cope with that one spell with the assumption that I cannot prevent him from waiting for me and planning to cast it.
  9. SirDecius

    SirDecius Active Member

    What if you force right before he casts it? I read somewhere that if you're already moving due to a spell or something it doesn't interrupt it (like SS's ult)

    Anyone know about this?
  10. MaDuiN

    MaDuiN Well-Known Member

    There are no blueprint to beat defensive laning.. Oups wrong thread.
  11. Razer.Cyberias

    Razer.Cyberias Graphics Crew

    Strategy? Spread your team. Disable him from outside the chrono
    Ghost scepter and blademail only works if you anticipate the chrono. Don't listen to the theorycrafters above.
  12. Go_me

    Go_me Well-Known Member

    The easiest way is to have a teammate disable void. The hard way is that you Blink, Ghost, Euls, Sheep, Stun, Force, BladeMail, and etc before he can hit the chrono.
  13. Kaiketsu

    Kaiketsu Well-Known Member

    In general, if your team is much worse than your oppnent's team, you will lose no matter what.
  14. CasualPubbie

    CasualPubbie Well-Known Member

  15. knifeman

    knifeman Well-Known Member

    it still works. also get blink dagger and blink away when he jumps in.
  16. jskd

    jskd Well-Known Member

    what is SB and MM
  17. SirDecius

    SirDecius Active Member

    Yeah, blink is a great idea. Better than force. I think blink is the way to go. Always try to anticipate it and try your best.

    SB = shadow blade
    MM = mask of madness
  18. -Groove.Mike-

    -Groove.Mike- Well-Known Member

    There's something i tried a couple days ago, when i see a void i autopick witch doctor. You stay behind, the more far the better, you place the tanky man in the front (let's suppose : a dk) you wait for void to blink chrono, you place your death ward in the chrono from far. Some pretty messed up teamfight. They will kinda fell obliged to kill the guys that are in the chrono, realising too late that all the dps comes from the death ward. Death ward lvl3 + aghanim is really no joke, as long as you keep that positionning
  19. FMArthur

    FMArthur Well-Known Member

    Chronosphere being virtually unstoppable is the reason Void is ever picked. After he learns to fake out your Ghost Scepter, all you can do is buy evasion and armor, otherwise you have to bail with Blink and such as soon as you see him in lategame.
  20. Apolon94

    Apolon94 Well-Known Member

    Naga pretty much. First of all, her illusions counter Void's bash, her net counters Void's jump, and her ultimate counters his, as long as she doesn't get caught inside it.