Is there a way to make Broodmother work?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by TheGraveOne, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. AvrilLabigne

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    Straight buy a Radiance
  2. Hyperion1O1

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    Play her like Bulldog

    If its a bad lane matchup, its gonna be a bad Brood game.
  3. jokinen

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    Dr_JP is correct. You start the game by abusing webs + spawn spiderlings, but later in the game spawn loses a lot of its aggressive impact and your right clicks become more important. Spawn spiderlings is still great for vision, farming, sniping supports and cancelling blink daggers but the spiders don't do much in team fights.

    Brood's bite and ult make her a fearsome opponent even against fatter carries so a build including bkb (a must for team fights) and basher is very good. Mix in something like midas/echo sabre/bloodthorn/ac/mkb/daedalus/deso.

    A trilane or a lineup including something like earth spirit or spirit breaker roaming can be dangerous and/or difficult but soloing against heroes like axe/ds/lc is easy for brood. You just get to lvl 3 and start creep skipping by using webs + spawn and turn the lane into free farm vs free farm but you have the potential to jungle or suddenly rotate to mid or deep in the jungle. In early game axe/ds/lc can't stop you from creep skipping and can't jump on you alone. Brood goes on and off the enemy sight so she can suddenly sprint through the jungle with webs and gank with a surprise element. As with any hero you always play the match up not just autopilot like for example with storm vs melee hero you try to pressure the melee hero but as storm vs a more dominant range hero like viper/razor you play the lane more passive and mainly just farm, same principal of playing the match up applies to broodmother. People who say these 1v1 lane are difficult for brood clearly aren't good at playing the hero.

    With brood nearly always what you want is controlling a zone like jungle area + lane area with your webs and spiders so you have lots of space to farm, prevent the opponent from farming or moving there too much and scout the area with spiders. Don't just split push, brood can gank even in the early game and after some farm you should be joining your team in fights.

    Scouting with spiders is something a lot of not-so-good brood players lack the most in.

    Spawn spiderlings summons spiderlings if the target dies under the debuff. The spiderlings have a passive poison sting that deals dps and slows the target and if the target dies under the poison sting debuff it summones spiderites. I suggest creating private lobby and spawning a ton of spiderlings and spiderites and creating two different control groups for each group. Spiderites are much weaker than spiderlings and they give a a bigger bounty so you wan't to play them cautiously against heroes but freely for farming and scouting.

    A spiderite has 175 hp, 9-10 dmg, don't have the poison sting dps/slow passive and give a bounty of 16-21 gold and 20 xp. Compare that to a spiderling which has 450 hp, 18-19 dmg, have poison sting and give a bounty of 11-13 gold and 31 xp.

    I suggest watching good broodmother players like Bulldog, Mag and Zai to learn from them.
  4. NraYZdgeurL

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    Uhm, I'm quite sure that Lion jungle can't farm a 11-13min Radiance.

    I also didn't say that you firstpicked Brood, I said that you can't always lastpick her, you can 3rd or 4th pick her and still get easily countered on lane.
  5. AvrilLabigne

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    Brood is a lame hero except with Unsatiable Hunger. Her gameplay is simple isolating heroes with Spiderlings and manfighting them.

    Search for Warcraft 3 bodyblock videos so you can understand it. It is rather easy to bodyblock a enemy and hit it to death, if he manfights you then use Unsatiable Hunger.

    Item wize you should use something about Soul Ring and go for a straight disable like Guinsoo.

    She's not a very good right-clicker but she has enough to do her job before late-game without expecialization.

    After it you'd need Butterfly and MKB to ever deal any damage.

    Maybe a Battlefuy could replace Soul Ring, wherever.
  6. Groddl

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    For the people mocking brood jungling, brood is the only hero that i know of, that can take 4 camps every minute, starting from level 4. And one does not simply contest broods jungle after he gets his spider army going and is outleveling everyone. It makes your safelane quite safe actually, because brood can be there quite fast when something is happening

    Sure if you get to dominate offlane, it is waaay better, and this is the role that brood should be maybe picked for. But comparing brood jungle to lion or something stupid is just retarded.
  7. Commoble

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    She's a better jungler than an offlaner.