Is there a way to make Broodmother work?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by TheGraveOne, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. TheGraveOne

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    I like to do the all-hero challenge occasionally, current hero is the tarantula herself. Obviously I'm not having success, but I notice Brood has less than 40% winrate on dotabuff, the only other 2 heroes with less than 40% being Io and Enchant. Furthermore I notice Brood has sub 40% in about every bracket, even 5k+.

    The traditional go offlane and push towers isn't working for me since most carries nowadays are quite good in waveclearing. Or perhaps I'm just a scrub. I recall Alch also had like a 40% winrate until the radiance octa manta build/playstyle spiked his winrate up alongside the bounty rune buff.

    Is there a alternate build/playstyle that works for the hero or does spiderqueen need buffs? Is the hero working in competitive?
  2. Nicolas_Cage

    Nicolas_Cage Well-Known Member

    Echo Saber and do right clicky.
  3. HydraLord

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    Go against a solo lane. Spam your spiderlings everywhere and generally be an annoying piece of crap by sending your spiders to keep harassing the enemy hero. Push towers as much as you can. Avoid picking her against earthshaker or any heroes with a lot of aoe as they'll just farm off of your spiders.
  4. Eli_Green

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    Role play as a spider and buy bkb at some point
  5. silvercover

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    it will depend on the enemy lineup if whether you can win as brood.

    if they have anything of these on your lane:

    then you best hope your team does well at theirs.

    otherwise if none of the above, then you should be able to easily kill the opposition so long as you dont feed your spiders or get ganked by multiple heroes.
  6. Vixori

    Vixori Well-Known Member

    Go jungle, farm radiance, cosplay naga.

    Its so annoying to play brood nowadays, everyone has waveclear, so you can't even gank much early game.
  7. yui92

    yui92 Well-Known Member

    Just learn to time the nuke that turns into spiderlings.

    Ever since they get the bonus from web, what stops you from winning the lane?
  8. summer-penguin

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    DRCAPSLOCK Well-Known Member

    I must have a 90% winrate with this hero. Hes fuck easy in disorganized pubs.

    Just practice more and eventually you can win 1v5 with this hero.
  10. Dr_JP

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    Broodmother is, in fact, 2 heroes.

    1 kind of hero you play up to 10-15 minutes (Q + W), then starts the second hero (mainly E + R).

    Ppl are just talking about the first one.

    If your spiderlings/spiderites are countered, just use them for vision and jungling, and stick with your right click power.

    Echo Saber/Desolator/Assault/Orchid/Bloodthorn/Moon Shard, just don't forget to have BKB for when teambattles start to happen often.

    Brood farms lane + jungle pretty easily, don't mess around without your wards (both observer and invisibility), as supports seldom can fight the ward war against brood and such DPS items are a matter of time.

    Brood can work with a early team push as well, as she can cut the creep wave before they it reaches the tower and build her spider army, so being alone is not needed after you reach lvl 8.

    I'm not playing Dota 2 that much anymore, so my replays are pretty old.
  11. Teremus

    Teremus Well-Known Member

    If they counter spidering s use your nuke for damage. 3 nukes and u can just dive them if you have any spiders at all for tower fodder
  12. ChickWithDick

    ChickWithDick Well-Known Member

    Start fighting with your team after destroying the Tier 1 and abuse the free aghs stampede + perma invis and stop fucking rat ffs.
  13. SBVenom

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  14. enrico.swagolo

    enrico.swagolo Well-Known Member

    Oh my god this is so fucking horrible. Literally worse than LC or Axe jungle. Yeah, let's take a hero whose only natural strong point is early game and send her to the jungle to be utterly useless to the team and have her take camps which could be pulled or stacked for carries. Just why.
  15. lexxy157

    lexxy157 Well-Known Member

    Umm jungle dagon? Anybody? :D
  16. SBVenom

    SBVenom Well-Known Member

    not really worth it with the cheap amounts of magic reduction like HoD and Infused Raindrops. Better to just go pure right click or radiance build.
  17. NraYZdgeurL

    NraYZdgeurL Well-Known Member

    Well let's say that you didn't last pick her and enemy sends DarkSeer safelane or some tanky lane that melts spiders against which brood can't do anything so instead of feeding your hero+spiders you send her to jungle. As she's the probably the fastest jungler in the game anyway, I don't see anything wrong.

    Not saying that you should jungle her every game, but there are defenitely situations in which brood jungle is better than offlane.
  18. Teremus

    Teremus Well-Known Member

    Enigma disagrees at whom is a faster jungle. Brood jungle is just bad, you give up laning a hero during her strongest laning period. In 3k dota u can get away jungling damn near anything
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  19. enrico.swagolo

    enrico.swagolo Well-Known Member

    That's why you don't first-pick Brood, though.

    You can probably go jungle Lion with iron talon, but the question is WHY?
  20. DasKobold

    DasKobold Well-Known Member

    Didn't godlykha get like a 15 minutes dagon 5 or something like that on jungle brood? And this was before iron talon was a thing.