Is there a point to having multiple Strange items?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by CK011885, Jul 5, 2012.

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    The concept of Strange items confuses me a bit. I understand the concept is taken from Team Fortress 2 and that they rank up with kills, but what is the point of that? MOBA players like to show off, if I play enough games to get 8500 kills and reach the highest rank, who is ever going see that?

    I feel one of two things needs to happen:

    1) There needs to be some kind of glow or effects on these items. It should be incredibly faint and weak at lower ranks and slowly become more noticeable as you reach the highest rank.


    2) If I can't show the item off to my friends and other players, it needs to be useful to me. I have an item that tracks Kill, First Bloods and Wards Placed. It doesn't mean anything to me to see 500 Kills, 25 First Bloods, and 200 Wards Placed. If it showed per game averages, the information becomes a lot more interesting to me. For example, 500 Kills (5 per game), 25 First Bloods (0.25 per game), 200 Wards Placed (2.0 per game).

    My other concern/issue is, what's the point of having multiple Strange items for one hero? I have three Strange items on Jugg, since I got them at the same time they all have the same amount of kills tracked on them. What's the point?

    I only bring it up because I feel it's wasted potential. Why spend $2.50 on a key that's likely going to give you a Strange Common/Uncommon item, when you can just buy the actual item itself for cheaper most of the time. It seems the only reason to try your luck with chests is to get a courier with a special effect on it.

    Am I missing anything here? For those of you who don't mind dropping a few dollars on the game for cosmetic reasons, what do you want to see?
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    Re: Is there a point to having multiple Strange it

    There's no need to add particles for stranges in Dota 2. They did not do it in TF2.

    And yes, the only reason why you open crates is to get a chance of getting a courier.

    Strange items are just like consolation prizes.
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    Re: Is there a point to having multiple Strange it

    The difference is that in TF2, allies could see what you had by inspecting you, and enemies you killed would see a random item of yours in the kill cam.

    DotA2, not so much.
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    Re: Is there a point to having multiple Strange it

    Afaik only >=uncommon items are dropped from chests.
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    Re: Is there a point to having multiple Strange it

    Yeah i think they need to add more into it. I have i strange uncommon for axe and it looks boring. I dont mind that much since i got the treasure key from a trade but still, some what wasted to have strange. maybe add an aura? :)