Is there a locked screen option for dota 2?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by ymbs420, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. ymbs420

    ymbs420 Member

    I have the worst troubles playing with a locked camera view. I've played HoN, and LoL. While playing league I play locked, then bind a button to unlock in sticky situations...

    I just want to be able to play with a locked screen in dota 2 : (
  2. Shadowlurker

    Shadowlurker Banned

    Yeah, I think it's called Camera Edge Panning or something of that sort. Check it out in options.
  3. ymbs420

    ymbs420 Member

    I looked everywhere man! even slowed the camera accel n shit,
    Could you possibly give me the exact name of what I either need to click or change lol
  4. Shadowlurker

    Shadowlurker Banned

    I don't have Dota 2 available right now, but I'll try to help you when I do. Although, I suppose by the time I can get it available, someone will have already answered.
  5. illiterate

    illiterate Well-Known Member

    if you're playing with a locked screen you're doing it wrong. there are too many abilities that out-range your FOV centered over your hero. i'd strongly suggest you get comfortable to edge panning, and use it.

    or just keep "i didn't see" on your copy/paste at all times.
  6. ymbs420

    ymbs420 Member

    is it turn camera edge panning off!?
  7. Cyborgmatt

    Cyborgmatt Well-Known Member

    bind a key to:

    toggle dota_camera_lock

    bind p "toggle dota_camera_lock"
  8. ymbs420

    ymbs420 Member

    Does DOTA have a console or something? where would I put this?
  9. LemonCrusader

    LemonCrusader Well-Known Member

    Learn to play without it. Will increase your skill level by a lot.
  10. Ren.and.Stimpy

    Ren.and.Stimpy Well-Known Member


    Locked screen is something you can't use in dota and if you do, you are failing on so many levels
  11. ymbs420

    ymbs420 Member

    Where would I put these binds at?
  12. scricK

    scricK Well-Known Member

    I dont know what are you talking about, if you mean that screens moves with the hero a think there is an option, check it out.
  13. Cyborgmatt

    Cyborgmatt Well-Known Member

    Add -console to your DotA 2 launch options to enable console.

    If you want the binds to be permanent then inside this folder:

    Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg

    Make a "autoexec.cfg" file and add the:

    bind p "toggle dota_camera_lock"
  14. ymbs420

    ymbs420 Member

    could you find me the option by any chance?
    I've looked everywhere.

    I just want my hero in the center of the screen while I move around. Any help? : )
  15. ymbs420

    ymbs420 Member

    Can't find how to add a console to the game. Pretty new here man, I appreciate ALL THE HELP GUYS!

    such a better community already
  16. Green Yoshi

    Green Yoshi Well-Known Member

    Some good advice: Don't play with camera lock. You will feed like a noob every game, guaranteed.
  17. Ren.and.Stimpy

    Ren.and.Stimpy Well-Known Member

    It's too hard for LoLtards to have to move the camera
  18. ymbs420

    ymbs420 Member

    lol I carry in LoL NP. But I actually started playing hon before League!
    I need some help. I like the guy's bind the button to toggle on and off hero thing. If I can find out how to add a consoloe to dota2 : (
  19. Ren.and.Stimpy

    Ren.and.Stimpy Well-Known Member

    I honestly don't know how but look at everyones advice, DON'T DO IT, it's not good for DotA, just get used to the unlocked camera or you're gonna die alot
  20. Cyborgmatt

    Cyborgmatt Well-Known Member

    Open your Steam Library, find Dota 2 and right click -> Properties. Find SET LAUNCH OPTIONS under General and type in -console.