Is the dota 2 economy getting stupid ?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Seffur, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Seffur

    Seffur Member

    Well, as the title says, is it ? People are giving 1 key for 7/8 rares, when rares are hard to get. If you buy an uncommon on the shop it costs 1€/1$ or something, and rare costs something like 2€ or something. So what the hell is wrong with this economy ?
  2. ArchDragon

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  3. negrau

    negrau Well-Known Member

    The shop price does not reflect an item's value most of the time.
  4. AndyPhamVN

    AndyPhamVN Well-Known Member

    1. Where there is demand, there will be supply.
    2. Some people are impatient, so they might sacrifice everything to get just one key.
    3. Some people have imperfect knowledge about the Dota 2 buy-and-sell system (they don't know how much a key costs and a rare item costs).
    4. Some key sellers are greedy.
  5. Seffur

    Seffur Member

    Yeah, but it's just pure stupidity. A month ago 2/3 rares was a key, now they want the double. I have 400 hours, almost 500 hours of dota 2 and i don't have more than 20 or so rares therefore i get nothing.
  6. DMR_Chane

    DMR_Chane Well-Known Member

    nothing wrong with the economy, this is simple consumer surplus
  7. AndyPhamVN

    AndyPhamVN Well-Known Member

    'Consumer surplus or consumers' surplus is the monetary gain obtained by consumers because they are able to purchase a product for a price that is less than the highest price that they would be willing to pay.'

    Please review your Econs notes.
  8. Dacaj

    Dacaj Well-Known Member

    This pretty much. Why you think Valve is in no hurry to finish the beta guys and keep pumping out overpriced cosmetics, it's cause it works
  9. DMR_Chane

    DMR_Chane Well-Known Member

    to late, touché
  10. ShowThemHell

    ShowThemHell Banned

    I think it's because of the inflationary.
    There are too many drops, making their value dropped.
  11. TheRobotDevil

    TheRobotDevil Banned

    Halve the price of normal keys
  12. Wuzu

    Wuzu Banned

    buy cheap
    sell expensive
    make bets
    earn rares
    get keys

    whats the deal
  13. kinderjack

    kinderjack Well-Known Member

    Because most people get rare as dropped loot and mostly by playin some crap shit event, deal with it.
  14. ShowThemHell

    ShowThemHell Banned

    Why valve has to reduce their own income?
  15. TheBlackS

    TheBlackS Well-Known Member

    It's the other way around, the faster they get out of the closed state, the faster they have more players, thus more money in hats
    And if they just listen to the community and release one unpolished and unfinished hero per week, they would be making even more money
  16. c4un544n5

    c4un544n5 Well-Known Member

    Personally i think this thread is pointless, someone is raging off because he couldn't find his ideal trading requirement
  17. Seffur

    Seffur Member

    More like i can't sell anything that is worth my time and effort. I spent a lot of time playing and i can't get anything decent.
  18. SzotyMAG

    SzotyMAG Banned

    you don't have to buy them/visit the store.
    Wait and you will get FREE items
  19. Seffur

    Seffur Member

    it's not about buying but rather selling/having decent items.
  20. IHateLeavers

    IHateLeavers Well-Known Member

    If you dont like it just dont trade, simple as that.