Is reddit ruining everything?

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by GanymedeElegy, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. Z01d

    Z01d Well-Known Member

    Compared to the maybe total 100 semi active users?
  2. Necalli

    Necalli Well-Known Member

    Reddit ? 100 (as an assumption) makes more than up for "semi". 20 was an assumption too.
  3. Z01d

    Z01d Well-Known Member

    I meant about a 100 people here.
  4. F.E.A.R.0

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  5. Saved

    Saved Well-Known Member

    Reddit has been surprisingly helpful to me at various times. You need unfiltered information for truth to be readily available.

    Funny I posted this comment without looking at the post above. If reddit ever becomes censored it will become just another news site (or is it already Idk I don't visit very often, just seems fairly 'pure' to me the times I have)
  6. RisaStoleMyHart

    RisaStoleMyHart Well-Known Member

    That's because the right way to browse Reddit is unsub all the default trash and sub the ones you like.
  7. DarkMessiah7

    DarkMessiah7 Well-Known Member

    Registered an account a week ago just to do that.

    Still i see nothing i should sub to. You can find more shane people here to talk with about anything than on reddit. It's like the place has a magnet for dumb ones.
  8. mrfokker

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  9. BattledOne

    BattledOne Well-Known Member

    ITT people thinking they are superior for not using reddit.
  10. RisaStoleMyHart

    RisaStoleMyHart Well-Known Member

    For general news and pop culture i sub to /r/OutOfTheLoop. It's a pretty big community but it is moderated so the top posts are almost always objective and tries to answer the OP's question.

    /r/TumblrInAction. For comedy supplied by true SJWs. Not 'i think it is racist to call someone a slur' OMG STOP BEING A SJW!!! No, the real SJWs in tumblr are toxic and will say the most ridiculous things. Like the time /b/ decided to troll Steven Universe fans on tumblr and they lost their minds.

    /r/oddlysatisfying. /r/Showerthoughts. /r/tifu, for the occasional funny or interesting posts.
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  11. commendable

    commendable Well-Known Member

    I fucking hate reddit because they always have to have the biggest fucking community for any interest its annoying. fuck the upvote downvote system. It's good for news though
  12. EdwardNortrom

    EdwardNortrom Well-Known Member


    This for me was a lifesaver, as it's basically the only place on the internet to watch NBA live

    And I'm pretty sure this translates to a bunch of other useful stuff that other ppl use, so it's safe to say reddit is the place for useful links. Can't speak for actual discussion cuz I've never used it for that but w/e
  13. BattledOne

    BattledOne Well-Known Member

    hey, make a better place for communities to congregate and alleviate this issue. Go back to facebook.
  14. commendable

    commendable Well-Known Member

    reddit and facebook are two different things wtf
  15. BattledOne

    BattledOne Well-Known Member

    I think you are insane.
  16. HydraLord

    HydraLord Well-Known Member

    Most big social media sites are terrible. 4chan, tumblr, reddit whatever. I just like reddit more for its layout and the fact that developers and celebrities post on there.
  17. LostENT

    LostENT Well-Known Member

    I cannot take Reddit seriously during the olympics...
  18. DarkMessiah7

    DarkMessiah7 Well-Known Member

    Appart from censorship the bad thing about it is the way it works.

    Making a thread or discussion or whatever there automatically moves it to the "new" section of it's subreddit.
    While by default what you see is the most upvoted posts. That means people are more likely to never notice your thread or if you're lucky you will get 1-2 replies from the only people who wander in the "new" section.

    There are also "popular" redditors that can get their shit upvoted like crazy , so your average person's experience with the site is browsing what other people """think""" are the best posts in every category. Its just a 9gag for adults to please their ego and read censored news.
    And dont you forget that if you follow every rule there and be nice but butthurt anyone popular drone there you will get witchhunted.

    And now before you tell me about following celebrities , devs etc if you are into that , allow me to remind you that this kind of people already has facebook , twitter and instagram accounts you can cyberstalk all day long. So why do we need this shithole (Another shithole) again ?
  19. GanymedeElegy

    GanymedeElegy Banned

    i hate !!
  20. Greaves

    Greaves Well-Known Member

    Reddit is generally an extremely cheesy shitshow of memes, and i'm cringing everytime i visit. Unfortunately a lot of devs see the place as their main community besides their own forum, if they have one.