Is reddit ruining everything?

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by GanymedeElegy, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. Rickaby

    Rickaby Well-Known Member

    Can't browse 4chan as long as /pol/ exists. I'd feel dirty at the thought of it.
  2. MWaser

    MWaser Well-Known Member

    But you don't mind all the wannabe /pol/ boards that exist on reddit?
  3. Rickaby

    Rickaby Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but they're wannabees. It's not the real thing.
  4. ZealotCatfish

    ZealotCatfish Well-Known Member

    Rebel Girl getting 1000s of likes on the music sub-Reddit.

    I'll let that sink in.
  5. Mr. BoB

    Mr. BoB Well-Known Member

    >tfw I was in that thread

    This image will stay with me all my life.

    Whats missing from that image is the Jap trying to make a comeback and failing miserably, he tries then fucking goes apeshit and starts throwing swears left and right.
    >say that to my face fucking Korean not online i kill you
    Fucking gold.

    Edit: oh wait there it is.
  6. BattledOne

    BattledOne Well-Known Member

    I don't even know who she is and why she has to do with music or if the /music subreddit isn't an abbreviation for gay porn somehow.
    Idk why it bothers you so much either way tho. Does this somehow reflect on how one should percieve every user on reddit? Should judge every PD user by a thread composed of shitty grammar, failed arguments and anime nerds with half naked prostitutes they fanboy over?
  7. slipkwar

    slipkwar Well-Known Member

    What is reddit?
  8. DrFrank_

    DrFrank_ Well-Known Member

    It's a website where you can post memes and get upvotes from other memers. So basically a more modern PD.
  9. slipkwar

    slipkwar Well-Known Member

    But...dank memes?
  10. DarkMessiah7

    DarkMessiah7 Well-Known Member

    Imo reddit is bad because its not built around giving people a place to discuss things. Instead its built to make them want to get "famous" by collecting upvotes. So its ending up being used for shilling of any kind , be it memes or games or youtube channels.
  11. LyraH

    LyraH Well-Known Member


    Reddit is too big, companies buy upvotes and pay shills, everyone wants to be on the front page and can get there with minimum effort threads that panders to everyone. There is no place to discuss because of the stupid upvote system that will hide your comment if it triggers then.

    4chan is retarded but it's less frequented than reddit, however /b/ and /pol/ makes that place fucking ridiculous, also the creepy outdated formart.

    The only good subreddits are the small ones, but once it grows too much it's impossible to come back.
  12. Siraraz.

    Siraraz. Well-Known Member

    Pokemon Go ruined everything.
  13. Madasahat

    Madasahat Well-Known Member

    Reddit is ruining franchises that do not have their own community or forums because meme infested upvote system will be their "voice of community". All the more reason DotA needs a serious forums of its own, hence the upcoming PDR.
  14. Clarity_Potion

    Clarity_Potion Well-Known Member

    >Serious forum
  15. Madasahat

    Madasahat Well-Known Member

    Warcraft DotA development was influenced by this site quite a bit. Every single patch had some implementations from suggestions in this forums as well as discussions made over the forums itself. Its as "serious" as something can be on internet.
  16. Clarity_Potion

    Clarity_Potion Well-Known Member

    It was icefrog's official forum
    Now it's a forgotten wasteland, and it's going to remain one since reddit has completely destroyed internet forums
  17. Blamagenkind

    Blamagenkind Well-Known Member

    This website was created when "pendragon, the god of betrayal & abandonment" took down dota-allstars to make money(LoL). This is still the official dota forum, reddit is basically just the new General Discussion(Dota Chat.) The game is more than 10 years old, reddit is the new generation, albeit a terrible one. No strategy forum, advanced mechanics, just memes.
  18. Captain Planet

    Captain Planet Moderator

    Reddit is a cancer. Effectively the new 4chan.
  19. mrfokker

    mrfokker Well-Known Member

    Playdota is cancer too. It's the abandonware kind of cancer.
  20. Necalli

    Necalli Well-Known Member

    except that the damaged cells are very minor here. 20 active members only ?