Is Humanity's current standards wrong?

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by abdo1234, Jan 16, 2015.

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    Form hypothesis. Make predictions that would logically follow from the hypothesis. Perform experiments to test the predictions. Repeat as necessary.

    This shit isn't esoteric. It's like you refused to read the links people gave you.
  2. abdo1234

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    Guys let me get this straight, i didn't say that the Scientific method is false / doesn't exist .etc

    i just said that it's a vague and inappropriate term to use in a Conversation when Asked about your method
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    Reading comprehension means one's ability to understand what he/she has read, not one's ability to see everything people have said. THM mentioned it, and I gave you the link because it sounds like you've never heard of it.

    Why not?

    You mean it's tautological? How so?
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    Bro, you don't get it do you.


    It's not a vague term, it described the process of coming up with scientific answers.
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    Okay That's more easily understood. i guess i was treating each step as method it self

    Cause we're obviously looking for more intense details about the process.
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    There is nothing intense about the scientific method nor your understanding of the word tautological. We linked it to you for a reason, but it seems we have to paste it in front of your eyes in picture form for it to make any sense :cat:

    These kinds of things are common knowledge, a simple google search will tell you all you need.
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    Lol, the scientific method is an actual, singular method to conduct an experiment, crafted by people in the past through years of experimentation. It's a term, the name of a specific procedure. How you interpreted that was as an ambiguous type of method based upon some ambiguous type of science.

    Well, if you actually clicked the link provided by the other people and read it you wouldn't have had any issues from the start.
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    Really interesting stuff.

    My personal belief is that the universe has always existed and will always exist. Science and research tells us that we are currently living in a pond, and so we believe that the pond is the whole of existence, but really it's just a pond and outside of that pond is a swamp and outside that swamp is a forest and outside that forest... etc.

    I don't think we will ever discover the limits of the universe, even if we are capable of forever sustaining ourselves, simply because one can never actually find the edge of infinity. I don't view this as a bad thing at all. Endless variation and mystery are our friends ^_^

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    ^What Lithary said. :thumbup: