Is an online friend a real friend?

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by sand-fish, Feb 9, 2014.

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    I think they can be a friend... just because you haven't met doesn't mean anything
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    Well, when you are the only retard trying to really talk, no.
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    u dont like me ;(
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    90% of PD posters are cat phishing anyways
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    I can be your freud.
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    Nice. I had a real nice and long post then closed the window by mistake.

    Online friends can share the main elements of regular friendships. You joke around and have fun while participating in an activity you enjoy. And you can talk about life with them. The only difference is you don't meet.

    I guess I might be lucky because I had three people who I would call actual friends. One guy wanted to start a team and we were hooked up by mutual friends, we talked on whatsapp about gaming and then music and views on life for like two weeks before we ever played together. Later on we would talk for like an hour or two after playing. I just loved playing with him because we had the same way of acting in game.

    One got to the level were she said "I really need someone to talk to because me and my fiancee broke up" and that type of stuff happened a lot, talking about life problems and getting support from each other.

    I got one friend when he joked "I have no friends" and I jokes back "I will be your friend". That was six years ago and we still keep in contact. We barely even play together anymore but when we are both playing something we will often go on teamspeak and just talk about life stuff. How is the wife and kids, how is work, o you got a new car awesome. Six years is longer than I have kept contact with most people and like I said it isn't even about games anymore, we still talk about it of course but it is not the main thing at all.

    How are those three not friends? Just because you didn't meet or don't spend time in person? That is silly.

    Friendship is about forming a bond, sharing good times and bad and having someone to talk to.
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    Is a real life "friend" a real friend?
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    No because you can't be friends with someone of a different race.
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    You can't be friends with anyone. Just use them as long as you can and then pretend they don't exist.

    I saw the sister of my highschool friend's ex yesterday with wich we used to hangout every day (more like we were forced to hang out) , she gave me that stare like she was going to talk but waited for me. I froze there for a second and thought of waving and then keep walking but then i realised , do i give a fuck ? Obviously not , so i kept walking pretending i saw nothing.
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    Posting a link to a facebook meme page. Unbelievable.
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    I can do worse :^)
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    Weird, the friends I have IRL are precisely so we can refute psuedo-scientific bullshit (among other kinds of bullshit).
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    when i was at boot camp, i got more letters from my dota friends than real life friends. i was very touched and moved.
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    You guys can't be alone as that... C'mon.
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    IRL friends: brought together by circumstance and proximity
    Online friends: brought together by mutual interests and chemistry


    Altho sometimes u get lucky irl and sometimes the online frand is phishin4phundz

    kk /thread plx
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    C'mon I didn't want to die.
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    pm for paypal
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