Is an online friend a real friend?

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by sand-fish, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. z10

    z10 Well-Known Member

    Which kind of friend. Friend to have some fun with or best-friend-be-there-for-each-other?
    First yes, second most probably no.
  2. KingMurdoc

    KingMurdoc Well-Known Member

    I know some of my online friends better than I know people that I hang out with on a regular basis.
  3. Qu4nTumPcX

    Qu4nTumPcX Well-Known Member

    inb4 AM...
  4. Bulbasaurr

    Bulbasaurr Banned

    That guy's nipples are hard.
  5. LiL.RaBBiT

    LiL.RaBBiT Well-Known Member

    could be, rarely the case though
  6. ButterOnStick

    ButterOnStick Well-Known Member

    Define a "real" friend.
  7. damN_Grave

    damN_Grave Well-Known Member


    It depends on your definition of a "real friend".

    I consider a few online friends as real friends.
  8. Glac1al

    Glac1al Well-Known Member

    If you can be more honest with online people than with people or friends personally, they're probably as real as it can get for a friend.
  9. Blarrg

    Blarrg Well-Known Member


    If that online friend happened to visit your area for a weekend would you be completely willing to hang out with him once?

    If yes, then they are a real friend.

    Most of the people on my friends list on Steam or BNet I probably wouldn't hang out with, but there are like 4-5 people that I've played dota with since the beginning of IceFrog dota, and I would definitely hang out with them if given the chance.
  10. ChristyDaniels

    ChristyDaniels Well-Known Member

    depends on how one defines it. to me an online friend is someone i cannot really call a real friend

    Dis is what i'm tryna' point out with a friend irl but still hearing nothin':facepalm:
  11. damN_Grave

    damN_Grave Well-Known Member

    This is an excellent point. But added to that, a lot of online friends give advice way better than the shitsnakes I hang out with.
  12. Glac1al

    Glac1al Well-Known Member

    That was my point. I personally am one of those people that try to help out as much as I can and don't ask for help in return, people sometimes even get mad about it. Real mates most of the time have no responsibility and act immature, which doesn't seem to me like a good way of friendship. Of course being playful and slightly immature at times is fine, but being that all day is not something I welcome from most of the guys.
  13. KingMurdoc

    KingMurdoc Well-Known Member

    i would hang out with most of the people in PWYW for a weekend if I actually knew them IRL. Including Delta, since I think we might actually get along irl since irrational hate is harder to pull off.
  14. Captain Planet

    Captain Planet Moderator

    Such a thing is in the eye of the beholder.
  15. hankaung121

    hankaung121 Well-Known Member

    No not a real friend.
  16. Satele_Shan

    Satele_Shan Banned

    Depends on what you understand from reality.
  17. 5chneemensch

    5chneemensch Well-Known Member

    It's called being behind an internet persona. It is easier to talk about something on the internet than it is in reality.
  18. Koutsiog~

    Koutsiog~ Well-Known Member

    Scamming friends is half the fun of having friends
    That would be horrible, in multiple ways
  19. otomo

    otomo Well-Known Member

    Hard to say, can't call an online friend for help and that's a big issue I'd say. If you're in trouble who can you call, a real life friend or ass_licker_2001?
  20. Glac1al

    Glac1al Well-Known Member

    Internet is not some alternate reality to differentiate it from reality, you can meet with those people any time too.

    I do agree that it might be easier to tell your stories to someone on the internet than a priest, but do you talk about it to some random guy that would most likely respond like "wtf is wrong with you and why are you telling me this"? I guess not.