Invoker vs void

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by dismydevil, May 28, 2010.

  1. dismydevil

    dismydevil Well-Known Member

    Hi guys been 1v1 with invoker against my friend who's void. I cant seem to beat him is there any possible way??? Like maybe rushing scepter or something
  2. Nox.knight

    Nox.knight Well-Known Member

    Fighting void on 1v1 is suicide.

    And also this should be in the Game Strategy Section.
  3. lozarian

    lozarian Well-Known Member

    .. Are you playing full starting gold? Because you should win that np. Go exort/quas build, and spirit/snap his ass to death. Orchid for more awesome. You should outlane him so hard he'll cry.
  4. doomsheep

    doomsheep Well-Known Member

    dont let him get last hits. like, any of them.
  5. darewin

    darewin Well-Known Member

    make his laning hell. a ghost scepter will also help
  6. casczxc

    casczxc Well-Known Member

    its not if you use troll
  7. RIP-Midas-

    RIP-Midas- Well-Known Member

    OK, No 1 you could go for this: Start with full gold, buy Mjolnir, Linken (or change Mjolnir to MKB, up to you) then get Alacrity and something else as your main spells (ghost walk could be recommended)

    No. 2: Nuke him to death in the early stages, out level him, do what doomsheep said, and make him miserably useless (just finish the game quickly)


    No. 4: As soon as you start the game, go to his computer then push the small button under shutdown, which is Sinisterly called the "Reset" button. :D

    EDIT: And no, Troll cannot win against Void, once he is under Chronosphere he'll sit there helplessly watching his ZOMGWTFBASHPLUSDAMAGE?-ful death, Try Broodmother
  8. Draba

    Draba Well-Known Member

    You are utterly and thoroughly fkd. You can't really outlane him, as he will just fall back to the jungle. Even if he farms only 2/3 of your gold and is a few levels below you, chrono and lock will eat you alive before you could pull any fancy tricks.

    Just try to push down his base as fast as you can, pray he never reaches lvl 10 :)
  9. doomsheep

    doomsheep Well-Known Member

    skilling blind sort of helps.
  10. VinceX

    VinceX Banned

    Bane Elemental :wub:
  11. The Other Guy

    The Other Guy Well-Known Member

    Might I ask why?
  12. Aetheryn

    Aetheryn Well-Known Member

    lol bane elemental is GG against anyone. Enfeeble destroys their ability to deal damage, brain sap will nuke and heal, nightmare for running away, and fiends grip to death.
  13. clan_iraq

    clan_iraq Banned

    Void has tentacles.
    Invoker is flamboyant
    Now you do the math.
  14. DoomSlayers

    DoomSlayers Well-Known Member

    Don't let him farm
    Push/harass early with spirit
    Always have your finger on D-blast when he becomes dangerous
    Get Ghost Scepter
    Try to keep his mana low with EMP later on

    That should do it.
  15. The Other Guy

    The Other Guy Well-Known Member

    Oh god I can see the fanfics already.

  16. Emo Princess

    Emo Princess Well-Known Member

    i think void if he lives through early game ur dead >.< but pwn him early hard and take a tower in the first 15 mins u should win unless he stun locks u (emp him alot so he cant jump to you or chrono)
  17. Frost

    Frost Well-Known Member

    If he jungles = free tower. Push his towers and win.
  18. Shamanics

    Shamanics Banned

    Void has no chance against Invoker. Seriously Ghost Walk and he has to buy dust/sentries/gem. To beat Void get 1 lvl of wex for Ghost Walk, and go with Quas/Exort build.
    With quas and exort you will get forge spirits 2 of them and cold snap, which will eventually make him semi-perma-stunned letting you cast spells, the defaening blast will give you some time as if he was "stunned".
    There is no way void can actually defeat Invoker, even with full gold. Also dont go orchid, go guinzo, the 3.5 second disable is better than silence against Void, even with dmg amplification. You will have lots and lots of disables against him, even Eul can help you. Just dont go noob build of Alacrity invoker with carry items, play him as a mage not as DPS and you will do fine, of course use alacrity but not as main spell, just as some extra damage.
  19. FMArthur

    FMArthur Well-Known Member

    Get Dagger and as soon as he jumps in, you have about enough time to mash your keypad button to get out so he misses his Chronosphere. FV is nothing if he doesn't land his ult and you should easily destroy him with Cold Snap and Forge Spirits. He wins flat-out if you let him land it. Since it's 1v1 Forge Spirits, Cold Snap and sometimes a third spell (like Ghost Walk) will be all you ever need, so don't bother with Scepter. Get Assault Cuirass to maximize your (and your spirits') killing power, defense and pushing ability all at once.
  20. NinoDoko

    NinoDoko Well-Known Member

    what if void plays more aggressively? Get str treads, a few bracers and/or regen items before going MoM. Then, he can last hit well, and if you get close enough, he can just target you. If you can't turn his early game into trash, you quite possible can't win.