Invoker vs Sniper mid

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Schmeiser, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Schmeiser

    Schmeiser Well-Known Member

    So i'm a fairly new invoker player(20 games or something around that number) but i got the hang of it, i dominated my mid lane almost all the time, got a good grip on invoking spells on lvl 17+. But yesterday i did a dota 2 game vs this really sick sniper, because of his attack animation and last hitting skills i couldn't get shit for creeps so instead of going the usual quas/wex i went for exort so i could get some last hits. Because of his super ultra range and none of my teammates helping me gank him i got shit on so hard and sniper got farmed. Everytime i tried to go for some harass he's so far back behind his creeps cause of his range and i just felt so useless. So should i be winning this lane or not?
  2. 300thecat

    300thecat Well-Known Member

    Well, Sniper has an unfair advantage in mid as the ramps block vision of him. Happens a lot of public games and unless you get help, you're bound to get screwed.

    Not your fault, take it easy.

    Or you could go Exort and out-lasthit him.
  3. Lama051

    Lama051 Moderator

    Well, snipers are usually confident when they stay far behind their creeps that nothing can hurt them, prove them wrong and burn them with sunstrikes.
  4. Secchan

    Secchan Competitive Staff

    You could harras him early on with Meteor, tornado etc.
    Hes actually a pretty squishy hero , and maxd out Exort early game is no joke
  5. Azazzel

    Azazzel Well-Known Member

    u said that he stayed back, so its ur time to get the uphill advantage, that way he cant get any creeps, and voker can kill him easy, u need more practice dude!!!!!!!!!

    sniper should be dead by lvl4 Max.
  6. plzonlygame

    plzonlygame Well-Known Member

    well quas invoker has cold snap spam and enough regen to deal with his harrass
  7. Schmeiser

    Schmeiser Well-Known Member

    Obviously i do get 1-2 lvl of quas so i can stay in lane, but i didn't really had success with cold snap, because of his range i only got 1 hit in it sometimes 2 if i get lucky. As i said i had no problems laning invoker against other heroes but that sniper really got to me, and it was my first time playin exort invo in the start so i guess i failed a bit there should've sunstriked him more often
  8. Frost

    Frost Well-Known Member

    2 Normal hits combined with Cold snap can easily take out 1/3 of a Sniper's hp. Not to mention your regen is superior to his. You might lose out a bit with last-hitting vs sniper, but at mid-game you're a beast going ganking killing shit while the sniper.. farms. If you outplay him mid-game, you don't really have to worry about the early game last hits that you lost to him.
  9. edgaras1993

    edgaras1993 Well-Known Member

    just walk into his side of the ramp and stand there,he cant win a 1x1 autoattack match in early levels and your cold snap will scare him away while you farm
  10. UltimateDestiny

    UltimateDestiny Well-Known Member


    He is laning with sniper solo mid.
  11. Schmeiser

    Schmeiser Well-Known Member

    Thank you gonna check purges video
  12. Y-O-D-A

    Y-O-D-A Well-Known Member

    Honestly solo'ing an invoker as sniper is pretty easy, if you only take into account a 1v1, all you need to do vs a good invoker is have some form of regen, and stay back and last hit (can refill consumables using chicken). You should never actually die 1v1 with sniper, if you do your doing it wrong. Snipers real weakness comes from the fact that he has no escape mechanism and he's super squishy, so harass him when you can, and get your team to come gank him. Since he has no escape mechanism and low/mid hp from your harrasing, it makes for an easy gank. He also takes way to long to be relevant, and he's very item dependent, so if you gank sniper down lots early game, he'll be shit for the rest of the game pretty much.
  13. FischiO_o

    FischiO_o Well-Known Member

    ^ What happens when you get him early with Tornado + Cold Snap ?
    I usually go for 3 quas then max wex :p You never need to go back and heal in a 1 vs 1 Situation :p
  14. jesusatan

    jesusatan Well-Known Member

    Call for gangs. Cold Snap + any stun = dead sniper
  15. Y-O-D-A

    Y-O-D-A Well-Known Member

    If you stay far back and just focus on last hitting and creep equilibrium, you should be absolutely fine, as soon as invoker tries to move close to you, all you need to do is either run back or auto attack harass him, or both. Tornadoes from long range are relatively easy to dodge and even if he hits a few, it wont kill you. Also you do need to go back and heal in a 1v1 situation, if you run out of money for consumables, or your chicken dies etc :p. The thing is sniper vs invoker is a very comfortable lane for sniper once he reaches 5/7, sniper should never die and have a good cs. Don't get me wrong sniper vs invoker is a great lane for invoker as well, but sniper should be able to eak out the better farm, that is if you don't consider ganks, which is silly. Once you take into account ganks and everything else, invoker has a massive advantage, for many obvious reasons. But my main point is still that sniper should never die vs an invoker 1v1, and neither should the invoker.
  16. beetin

    beetin Well-Known Member

    You should still be last hitting with higher base damage if you went exort.

    Focus on your timing a little more, chances are you started your animation when the creep entered last hit range rather than 0.5 seconds (ish) before.

    Also making a first item phase is a good way to start really out DPSing him.
    He is a tough laner in mid.
  17. FischiO_o

    FischiO_o Well-Known Member

    Hmm ... your right with the Tornados :p
    So what would be the best way to deal with him ( We got retarded Pubber in our team that don't want to gank him )

    Should we just farm up ?
    How can we harass him or
    should we gank the side-lanes ?

    Idk , i mean you need atleast a littlebit to be effective in the mid game as Invoker ( ofcourse you can farm well in the Lane [ even when you forced to go exort ] )
  18. xBeelzebub

    xBeelzebub Well-Known Member

    He's out last hitting you? Cool, Invoker isn't a carry hero who needs lots of farm.

    I highly recommend against ever going exort, it's just REALLY bad.
    Quas Wex, Cold Snap. Even if you only get a few hits in, it's a TON of damage.
    Once you're level 7 just go and emp + tornado gank everything on the map.

    Being out last-hit mid is NOT the biggest deal, while some pub players might think it is. If you're a hero like NS or Invoker you can make up the lost mid with a few kills.
  19. Y-O-D-A

    Y-O-D-A Well-Known Member

    Well the post below the one I just quoted, pretty much answers everything. I myself don't play invoker much so what tactics to do I can't really say. Just call for ganks till they come, and make sure not to hoard your mana, keep sniper on his toes, harass as much as possible. Like the other poster said, being outfarmed mid isn't the end of the world for invoker. While it's bad to let a carry farm, sniper takes a VERY long time to get to the point where he can farm extremely fast (like lets say compared to AM who once he gets his first item, farms like a beast).
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  20. iinvoke

    iinvoke Banned

    smh :facepalm:

    LOL @ going exort is really bad

    oh god so much fail in that post I dont' even know where to start, I bet your ass if this guy learned how to micro early spirits and went with an EQ build he would've murdered the sniper in lane, just don't suggest anything you don't know shit about please