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Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by bha2597, May 21, 2012.

  1. bha2597

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  2. xyLoneZ

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    a good invoker doesnt mean you need to cast your spell as fast as possible, but using the right spell and the right timing/placement against the right heroes and situation
  3. bha2597

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    Yes I can do that but Im usually slow in changing skill, so its 11-13 fine ?
  4. tdke341

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    11-13 what??? Spells/30 sec? Spell+cast? Time needed for 10 spells? Anyway, this test doesn't show shit imo, the spell placement counts rly and that u atk/position and not just stand typing. I invoked 30 in 30 sec so what? Lowest cd is 2.
  5. Mazoku

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    You are probably slow because you need to think in order to do this:

    Landing 3 spells in a shit position is inferior to landing one spell in a good position. That is the reason why invoker it is so hard to master, bacause memorising QWE convinations is probably half day of practice.
  6. MathsDebator

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    31 invokes in 30 sec. Any good?
  7. MathsDebator

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    29 invokes in 30 sec. Any good? (first try btw)
  8. xyLoneZ

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    people seems to think that this invoker app makes you GODLIKE IMBA OMFG IM BETTER THAN DENDI when you can invoke more than 30 in 30 sec.
    invoke have 2 sec cd at lv 4 + agha. you should read the #2 post.
  9. Dreamish

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    I got 8 seconds.

    For the Time Trial I got 36.

    However, 8 seconds is completely redundant outside of -WTF mode.

    You should probably focus more on using the spell in combat rather than just knowing their combination. It's easy enough to learn how to make an Invoke, but not how to use an Invoke effectively.
  10. XASD777

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    you just spam sunstrike in -wtf anyway...
  11. SavageRS

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    I like dat app. Gj

    14 seconds my best. Always get 16


  12. ][nFecToR147

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    Is there any sound ???.
    Btw i love this app :p
  13. AdjustedUnivers

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    this is good for new players to invoker, because it teaches them what the skills are. if you dont know how to use the skills, how is it possible to use them in battle?
  14. JX_Blue

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    Yeah but just because you know how to spam shit out doesn't make you a good Invoker player. Far from it. This app only covers the absolute basics of playing Invoker, which is knowing how to invoke the spell you want. in a timely fashion
  15. Xstorm999

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    For the first challenge, i can do it in 8-9 sec max. For time I can do avg 34-36 in 30 sec but best is 41. In challenge mode, my best is 11.
  16. Gooya

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    "Muscle memory has been used synonymously with motor learning, which is a form of procedural memory that involves consolidating a specific motor task into memory through repetition."

    It is OBVIOUS that a well placed spell is better than a not-so-well placed one. However, some good opportunities requires quick reactions, and your body has to follow the same pace as your brain.

    The app helps you to turn the Invocation of spell automatic (or accelerate this process). Ie, when the opportunity appears, you won't need to THINK about the spell being invoked. Your head will be free to think the other aspects of the game.
  17. mxt

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    9 sec
  18. farrazmaster

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    its the first time i saw invoker training app
  19. iinvoke

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    useless app
  20. KuroNeko

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    Sigh, the challenge doesn't have legacy hotkeys (zxcvbdfgty).

    However, this is a pretty nifty app otherwise, for which I applaud the creator. This app and -wtf mode are probably the best ways to get the finger speed portion down, so that you can better deal with and focus on the actual in-game, situation-by-situation invoking.

    This is in effect the same as practicing csing or jungling in a single player lobby.