Invoker hotkeys?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Cronsky, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Cronsky

    Cronsky Active Member

    Is there any way to rebind a certain spell combination to a single key? So like you can remind the three orb combination to one hotkey and when you press it you get that combination? I have only managed to learn half of his spells of by heart and it's slow progress :/
  2. Kunkkwerk

    Kunkkwerk Well-Known Member

    Mice/keyboard/peripheral device Macros.
    I kinda like having to manually change orbs around. Somewhat turns me on.
  3. JX_Blue

    JX_Blue Well-Known Member

    Yes there is, but it's frowned upon because it's pretty much Invoker on easy mode.
  4. Siraraz

    Siraraz Banned

    I find it would be harder to use a single hotkey to invoke something. I suggest you gradually learn them all. Practice on
  5. Professori

    Professori Well-Known Member

    There are some programs for it, I tried them myself, but I found it useless. You need to learn a different pattern for those hotkeys even if you get them to work without bugging, something I found difficult, but it's not really that much faster either. The difficulty of Invoker isn't in the input, it's remembering what spells you have in the first place. When you get more comfortable with it, inputting the orb combinations is so fast that there is no point in using programs. Just practice for a couple of games, you should come to the same conclusion. Invoker isn't a difficult hero to play and doesn't need macros.
  6. Lama051

    Lama051 Moderator

    It is possible BUT most people (me including) consider this cheating.
  7. KuroNeko

    KuroNeko Moderator

    You really don't need to resort to using macros

    Here's what you do

    Enter a single player game // custom lobby with cheats (or test mode, if you are in wc3) set to [on]

    Turn on -wtf mode

    Type in -lvlup 25 and level up everything

    Start casting things. Try for speed and muscle memory, different combinations like tornado meteor blast. Try ghost walking. Act like that ranged creep across the map is a low hp enemy hero and sunstrike it.

    I quite literally learned the spell combos in an afternoon. The tough part is actually applying the actual spells in-game, even if it initially seems like the opposite.
  8. CaptainCloudy

    CaptainCloudy Well-Known Member

    Macros actually dont help very much.

    You would then need to remember placement of like 8 different buttons,try around 4-5 games with Invoker you will realise orb-switching not only is simpler overall but gives you a nice warm feeling when you get an agha and invoke every two seconds.

    I dont see why people must macro,memorizing a few skills isnt that hard.The ability to quickly switch and use the right skill is the key.
  9. Super-sheep

    Super-sheep Banned

    Should be somewhat helpful for memorizing spells.

    Still, being able to invoke every spell very quickly isn't the everything.
  10. Tamatador

    Tamatador Well-Known Member

    Pianists can play complex songs with lots of notes and finger positions thanks to muscle memory. Yet, they only acquire such memory because they practice a lot with the sheet music (or Synthesia for newbie piano players like me :D) until being able to play perfectly without it.

    What I'm trying to say is that memorizing Invoker's hotkeys is all about practicing. Go play random pubs, use -invokelist every game and try casting things until you get that muscle memory. You'll mess up, you'll forget to use some skills (I played many games when trying to learn Invoker where I went QE build and completely forgot Ice Wall lol), but eventually you'll be able to effectively cast what you need for any situation without stopping and thinking what keys you need to press to land that meteor, for example.

    I also advocate practicing with real people (even low level pubs, srlsy) instead of going single player, as you need to learn which situations demands an specific spell and you won't find all of them by trying to cast stuff on creeps.

    This also can help you:

    Remember which spells use only one orb:
    QQQ - Cold Snap
    EEE - Sunstrike
    WWW - EMP

    Then, remember the only spell that uses everything:
    QWE - Defeaning Blast

    Now you've memorized 4/10 spells without even practicing. Go figure the rest by empiricism.

    P.S.: About the macro stuff, I also find them cheating, like, using turbo controllers in certain console games.
  11. serefkana

    serefkana Well-Known Member

    Why would you even need macros for this? I'd find it harder to remember what you keybound the macro to, than the actual Essence combination...

    It's not that hard or slow to click buttons that don't have ANY cd whatsoever. Try that flash game to practice. If you can get all 10 in 20 seconds, you're good, as 2seconds is the lowest cd possible on Invoke with level 4 + Aghanim's.