Invisibility Guide

Discussion in 'Advanced Mechanics Guides' started by antiweltteilchen, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. MauranKilom

    MauranKilom Well-Known Member

    Needs an update for the hex duration.
  2. BanGwaR_95

    BanGwaR_95 Active Member

    Nice guide, its really beneficial :D
  3. EebstertheGreat

    EebstertheGreat Forum Manager

    Can you confirm that units with permanent invisibility and active abilities requiring mana will not be revealed by cloud silences (Smoke Screen)?
  4. P1louxxx

    P1louxxx Well-Known Member

    from my experience, yes
  5. h3xp10d3

    h3xp10d3 Well-Known Member

    what do you mean "active abilities requiring mana" ? iirc cloud silence does not reveal perma-invis units
  6. EebstertheGreat

    EebstertheGreat Forum Manager

    Um. Exactly that. Active abilities . . . which require mana. Pulse Nova for instance. I'm not sure how else I could even phrase it.

    Well certainly not if they aren't actively spending mana, but I'm curious about that particular situation. Silence evidently does reveal these units, even if the Apiv has just one level.
  7. SonicX7

    SonicX7 Well-Known Member

    what about the new item "shadow amulet"