[Interactive] The Big Game Hunters

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    The name Nautilus reminds me of the submarine in the film League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

    I vote A. They need to hurry.
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    That would beat the point in making this interactive. I'm giving readers choices that would make implications for the rest of the story. :) Ofc, if there is an option that I have overseen that seems to fit the story more, I'll add it to the choices.

    Hmm, no love for B? I'll be writing again tomorrow by this rate.
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    It's like you want us to choose B :ninja:
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    Not really, but I can almost imagine the carnage fun that I would write when you guys choose B.
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    Surely, option A)

    Fun to see them arguing about their food supply, haha.
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    let them have the hunger game XD
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    Next part is up! Sorry for the delay, I got sidetracked by the Hospital.

    [nqb]Davion spoke first after he saw the affirmation from Traxex’s face.
    ”Alleria, I also think that we should straight to the Forest. Though the dangers might increase, our chances of an early reinforcement for Nautila would also increase.”

    Traxex followed suit. “I concur. We could always get food in the Forest and we need to make all possible haste.”

    Purist looked triumphantly at Alleria. “So what now Windrunner? Have you changed your mind yet?”

    “No, but for the sake of the mission I would still go with you. May the winds help us if your choice is wrong.”

    With that, the group set down the path from the grove and onward to the Forest. It was long but uneventful journey. At last they found their path splitting toward two different directions. One path was toward a darkening mist that felt cold even by just looking at it while the other was a normal path where we can see the edge of a field.

    “No hope that the Forest of Creed is that way?” Davion pointed at the path toward the edge of the field. Alleria looked at that path forlornly and then glowered at the mist on the other path.

    “No other choice, let’s go people.” Omniknight hefted his hammer and shone a bright light through his hand. He took point and was the first to walk inside the mist. Davion followed suit and took out his sword. Both Alleria and Traxex also took out their bows and fitted them with arrows.

    Venturing forth inside the forest was a thick and unwholesome experience. Everyone can’t seem to shake the feeling that someone or something was watching them. Dark shadows were cast by the trees and light seldom seemed to strike the ground. Already we were seeing signs of destruction, bent trees, old blood and the carnage of a dead body from an unidentifiable source.

    “Let’s get away from here and set up a camp. I want to see how long our supplies could last.” Alleria took lead while the rest followed.

    The sun was already setting in the distance when the group stopped in a clearing inside the forest. They built our tents and lighted a fire with Davion’s breath. The light caught and made ever moving shadows that bent and flowed in its own rhythmic dance. Within the campfire, each of the heroes presented what they bought with them in this expedition.

    Traxex took out a variety of traps and elven concotions from her pack. She also had enough arrows for a small army that she had enchanted with frost magic.

    Davion was the one with the most food supplies. He had a whole bag dedicated of them, from dried meat to bread to herbs and spices. He also had several unlit torches in his bag which he propped up around the camp and lit up.

    Omniknight had also taken a liberal amount of food from the camp as well as medical supplies that he usually uses.

    Alleria also had traps and devices for in her pack but she also had the map that roughly outlines the Forest of Creed. She counted out and estimated their supplies.

    “By the looks of this, we could probably last with the food for around two or three days. According to this map, if we strike east and continue directly, we should have no problems clearing this forest in four days time.”

    Traxex answered her “Not enough for our supplies, but with you and I hunting, I think we can still cope up for another day or so.” Alleria nodded in agreement.

    “Then that’s the plan, strike east as fast as we can, kill anything in our way and join the battlefield of Nautila in 4 days time.” Omniknight smiled at how seemingly easy this was.

    “That’s assuming that we encounter no difficulties. Furion said that the influence of the Scourge is very strong here. We might have to fight a few of them before we can get out of here.” Davion looked at the map and noticed that the way east had two distinct routes. “We could go for either the forest path here or this river here. Either way we head out east and still be able to get out of this forest.”


    A. Forest Path

    B. River Path
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    Good job.

    A. Forest Path.
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    A forest Path seems like a good place for an ambush, and you might get lost in the woods. A river path is much easier to follow and has one less direction for an ambush. Hunting is also a lot easier along a river.

    I'm choosing B. River path
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    River path.

    Less chances of getting ambushed there as well as a supply of fishes for lunch.
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    forest path. Elves is better at forest.
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    3 to 2 for the river path. Giving it 6 hours or so until I write.
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    Shit. Sadly, due to some unforeseen circumstances in my life. I have next to no time in writing anything right now. There is a low probability that I would still continue this but I would still try. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Hope I can still revive this. :(