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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by ServerManager, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. ServerManager

    ServerManager Member

    Hi there, I want to promote about little DotA private server in Indonesia.

    DotA 1 with version 1.24b, and as for the features that we provide as a Only and One first server DotA in Indonesia using this system, and this feature is :
    • DotA Ladder System - With PSR and KDR system
    • Auto-banned Leaver System
    • Free registration Account in website with system developer facebook (1 facebook at least have 100 friends or more = 1 account)
    • Free 10 BotHost (Supported GProxy++)
    • Experience system (if you win/lose in DotA games, you can earned random experience in accordance with the stats K/D/A/CK/CD of your DotA Games)
    • BanList System

    I would appreciate if you visit this server, if you want to join you can edit your files DotA and search the name program "BNGatewayEditor", and add this is server in your list PvPGN.

    IP: bn.igame.web.id
    Zone: 7
    Name: iGame PvPGN
    Fanspage Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bnet.igame
    Forum: you can click button "Forum" in Portal
    Portal & Registration: http://www.igame.web.id/

    Thankyou for the visit my first thread :)
    God Bless all

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    here, there are screenshoot example DotAStatus and Ladder profile system

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  2. ServerManager

    ServerManager Member

    up this thread :)

    why no one person read my post :(
  3. ghostface619

    ghostface619 Well-Known Member

    im sorry but most people are playing dota2 right now
  4. ServerManager

    ServerManager Member

    i too :)
    but sometimes i bored with dota 2, and i go to dota 1 :p
  5. jemickblog

    jemickblog New Member

    that's nice server, with level system :)

  6. Rohirrim

    Rohirrim Well-Known Member

    Out of curiosity, why are you still using versions 1.24b? You can patch the game even if you own a pirated version.
  7. ServerManager

    ServerManager Member

    u already registered? :D
  8. ServerManager

    ServerManager Member

    because in Indonesia measly using version higher from 1.24b :(
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