IceFrog considering LoD mode in DotA 2

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by gd1, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. gd1

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    Forgot to post this a while back. This is from my PM.

    So, that makes me happy that at least there's a chance for some all passive goodness.

    EDIT: Attached proof.
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  2. Adun

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    Good thing IF's working hard to try and cater to as much of the community as possible. It's only an optional mode, but I guess it'll make some people happy.
  3. TwoHourMotel

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  4. Sven2k

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    this is great news :happy:
  5. Gheizen64

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    Funniest mode by far, i'll be glad if it is in.
  6. Kris

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    Nice ^.^

    I'm pretty good with photo-shop too.
  7. Mumbo-Jumbo

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  8. zxdragon12

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    Why do I still feel skeptical about this? o_O
  9. Redeemed A.I.

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    Nothing impossible with custom buttons and your-own-personal-engine.

  10. Cyampagn

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    The only LoD i know about is level of detail...idk what is being talked about here.
  11. Mumbo-Jumbo

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    He is clearly referring to Lord of Destruction, the famous add-on of Diablo2.

    Actually LoD = omg-DotA, if you know what that is.
    if not, just read OP for description.
  12. Bardenne

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    You should actually read the first post and figure it out, its not hard.
  13. ksenics

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    hes clearly talking about lord of dragon. he wants to incorporate yugioh into dota
  14. Cyampagn

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    Oh I see. Ty

    I did. Not OMG nor LoD meant anything Dota related to me. So yes it was actually confusing.
  15. patrishosho

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    From dota 2 Q&A

    Icefrog will create different variation of the game...

    Edit: also I kinda want a deathmatch scenario were everything were neutral creeps and heroes spawn at random point and lvl up and gain gold faster..
    and such types of scenario like SF wars.. or even KAEL WARS :D
  16. TwoHourMotel

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    oohh mmyyy...
    Refer to my avatar.
  17. SanKakU

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    it's legends of dota.
  18. DarthBotto

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    Keep private messages private. You're going to piss him off.
  19. patrishosho

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  20. Mazil

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    I wonder if they will have slide ninja slide...

    Oh wait...