Ice Crown

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    Story:The Helmet Of The Lich King For Anyone Who Uses It Will Have The Power Of Frost In There Souls But The Change For It Is Your Good Soul

    Eye Of Skadi
    Mask Of Madness
    Wraith Band
    Sacred Relic

    Turns Nearby Enemies Into Ice That Deals 100Dmg Per Seconds Last For 5 Seconds And Gives Allies And Character 50% Atk Speed

    Gives Frost Dmg Slows 55%Movement Speed
    Gives 10 To Allstats
    Gives 10hp And Mana Per Seconds
    10% Movement Speed
  2. Inreet

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    Are you kidding???? Item for 14k - NO THANKS.
  3. okrane

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    stop bumping this trash troll.
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  4. Drakthul

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    Wtf. Never bought this. Sure
  5. juleocesar

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    Who is the crazy guy who put Eye of Skadi as recipe? Yes, of course you, and you must know what I think about your suggestion.
  6. DirtyEpic

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    The problem with your suggestion is that Heroes in the current metagame never reach that amount of items/gold. T-down.

  7. Wrooks

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    why what the... is it even possible to farm this? You should add a Hand of Midas so this is farmable....
  8. DrQwertySilence

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    Reads Eye Of Skadi... didn't read anymore.

  9. Kymatica

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    Way too expensive, even chinamen couldnt farm this
  10. SHIFT_

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    Better idea.
    It have a passive ability - Ultimate of da-King.
    Chain frost every 10 seconds with 80% chance.
  11. Drikam

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    This actually makes the items weaker, lol.
  12. sh3ld0n

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    This item need skadi (25bonus stats, is it?) but its bonus stats only 10?
    I dont see the logic here, the component give more bonus stats than the final item
    Also its too damn expensive
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  13. Buq

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