i want to play DotA 2

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by LoL-LoL, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. LoL-LoL

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    Why i failed to found anything helps me to play DotA 2 ??????? i cant even download it ?
  2. chick3nfist

    chick3nfist Well-Known Member

    Because you're a lol player. Dota 2 can't be on the same computer as lol. Try deleting lol then going to steam.
  3. mikrodizels

    mikrodizels Well-Known Member

    You need a betakey
  4. Tain

    Tain Well-Known Member

    Dota 2 is not public yet. You need Early Access Pass in form of invite, betakey or sign up on Valve beta site.
  5. iDebo

    iDebo Well-Known Member

    This is the problem. There are some compatibily issues with Steam running.
  6. DMR_Chane

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  7. Skyforger3.0

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  8. DeliciousCaek

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    go to C:\Windows and delete the folder called System32
  9. DCStar

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  10. Unfawkable

    Unfawkable Well-Known Member

    You can always pay 40 bucks for it in the steam store, unless you feel like giving that money, wait for it to go public.
  11. wqd

    wqd Well-Known Member

    steam really is going all out trying to make money off a game thats still far from being released
  12. CaptainJack

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  14. Hobbax

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    Do not LoL at LoL-LoL you have no shame?.
  15. Wurmple

    Wurmple Well-Known Member

    They're all trolling, do what this guy said.
  16. TobyTimecock

    TobyTimecock Well-Known Member

    Guess who is playing Dota 2 at this very second while you are unable to. DA DA DOTA TIME
  17. a.friendly.tree

    a.friendly.tree Well-Known Member

    Come on guys, leaf this guy alone, he just wants to play DOTA. (I recommend Treant Protector or Nature's Prophet, by the way.)
    ^^Do this^^

    These guys are trolling, but if you come into a DOTA forum with LoL in your name, you should know you're barking up the wrong tree.
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