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Discussion in 'Programming' started by L-60, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. L-60

    L-60 Well-Known Member

    Basically, I want to create a game but I dunno how.
    Questions I want to ask:
    1-Which language is best for a 14 year old kid?
    2-Is there any program that can help me create a game?
    3-Is there a good tutorial site that can help?

    P.S. I have no experience with codes except BBcode
  2. WaremDarkslayer

    WaremDarkslayer Active Member

    To create a game outside of warcraft III , you will need to know a programming language such as Visual C sharp(C#) very well, and patience.
    To give you an example of C# look below:

    using System;
    namespace MySpace1
        public class Myclass
            public static void main(string []args)
                Console.Write("Hello World");
    If you are a little intimidated by the above example(and for your info it is simplistic , the most basic there is) then you could try creating a map for warcraft III using the Warcraft III World Editor (located in Warcraft's folder)
    and by getting help from websites such as this one: Hiveworkshop
    If you are serious about this, then with a little patience(and some effort) you can learn how to create your map from its Tutorials page.There are guys there that will be glad to help you.

    I hope I haven't scared you off :cool1: . You can do this!

    P.S.: BBcodes are secretly turned in HTML codes(the source code language for websites) by turning the "["'s and "]"'s to "<" 's and ">" 's.So no you cannot create a game using these.
    P.S.2: The easiest ("programming") language for game production is JASS (or vJASS) which is used by warcraftIII maps (such as DotA).
  3. MauranKilom

    MauranKilom Well-Known Member

    I heavily beg to differ. The GUI interface for WC3 (and the rest of the map editor) are surely awesome, but JASS is just... bad. I mean, its defenitely not the easiest language for game designing.

    Other than that, i do agree with you that making a (nice) game is much more difficult than one would expect.
  4. WaremDarkslayer

    WaremDarkslayer Active Member

    Well GUI is JASS just masked and JASS may have problems like easily leaking memory and such but compared to real-time languages like Visual C# etc. it is easier to learn.Games that run on your web-browser are made in easier languages than JASS, but if you are serious about creating a game that runs on your computer, and not on your browser, it is easier to use Blizzard's tools than learning a completely new language.
  5. L-60

    L-60 Well-Known Member

    I will try JASS.
  6. Lembidi

    Lembidi Banned

    What the Game??
  7. Twilice

    Twilice Well-Known Member

    Go with c++ or java or similar if you really want to try and make a game.
    Or go with the GUI editor of Wc3 or Starcraft 2.
  8. XaTrIxX

    XaTrIxX Moderator

    You should start off learning a programming language. If you've done so - and this will take months/years - you can create a game.

    An option you have is using one of the several "game makers", but you will be limited to them then.
  9. SmellyJelly

    SmellyJelly Well-Known Member

    I'd suggest learning pascal through tutorials. Create ussual snake as your first game - its not that hard as long as your willing to learn.
  10. L-60

    L-60 Well-Known Member

    I'm interested about that "game makers" where to download it?
  11. MauranKilom

    MauranKilom Well-Known Member

  12. CrazedSeal

    CrazedSeal Member

    I facepalmed so hard when I saw your comparison of GUI and JASS.

    Blizzard made GUI very inefficient with useless calls and GUI uses what are called
    BJ's (not Blowjobs, prolly Blizzard Jass or Blizzards Junk).

    However, a good scripted Jass code is a lot more efficient for the reason that most people use what are called Natives, which are faster and well are Native.
  13. Cheaterhater

    Cheaterhater Well-Known Member

    This will happen quite a lot times if you continue failing to get the point.
    Can you take your finger and point at one person in this thread who didn't already know that? Oh right, that's only the OP. But he is excused anyway, because he already said he is completely new to programming. Apart from that, no one doubted that GUI is inefficient, and I doubt OP wanted to hear that, because right now, even though it's correct, it doesn't help him in any way. Interestingly enough, the fact GUI uses inefficient methods doesn't affect the learning curve in any way. If I didn't already know you missed the point of MauranKilom's post, I would like to tell you that GUI would not be easier to learn if it used JASS natives instead of BJs.
    Always nice of you that you try to teach us something. The problem is that the only person in this thread who did not already know this is the OP, and this helps him not a bit. Someone new to programming should understand the concepts and should not be bothered with performance, since that's just an optimization which doesn't affect the logic of the program (again ignoring the fact that you missed the point entirely).

    So please, if you don't understand what somebody is talking about, don't post.

    Now back to topic: In case you don't want to make maps for WC3 but want to start "real" programming, I would recommend Visual Studio 2010 Express. Visual Studio contains several programming languages in which you can code your applications. I would recommend Visual Basic 2010 Express, because it's (arguably) the easiest programming language featured in Visual Studio. Also, Visual Studio contains a lot of features which help you debug your programs and is very well documented. Of course .net applications aren't nearly as performant as C++ applications, but as I said above, you shouldn't bother with that as a beginner. It is important to understand the concepts first.
  14. rubara

    rubara New Member

    java is the S*IT!! I`m currenlty using java/still learning it. And writting irc league bots :) Its not so hard but u need to have a lot of free time and patient!
  15. UltraSonic50

    UltraSonic50 Well-Known Member

    If you plan on developing a game, C++ is the best in its performance but it depends on what kind of game you will develop. Almost all programming languages can make games. It's just that the performance and optimization of the program that restricts other languages in developing a game efficiently and effectively.
  16. Lycan

    Lycan Administrator

    From the amount of time required to learn and the amount of options you have. Most options = hardest to learn on top, easiest acces at the bottom.

    Serious games are mostly done in C++ and C#. if you want to start the engine from scrap.
    When you want to build a game within an existing engine which would mean you'd only have to insert the rules and models. I'd say go for Unity
    If you dislike unity, CryTek would prove a solid solution. Another idea is to make us of OGER for the graphics. And for game physics i've yet to find a solid one that beats Nvidia.
    Webbrowser games -> Php + MySQL
    Runescape, Linerider, Angry Birds like games -> I'd go for java inc with Flash
    If you want to learn the theory behind how to build a game. Gamemaker would also be an option.
    Work withing another game their editor, for instance warcraft"S engine. I've seen Rollercoaster mods for it, and i've even seen some effort into trying a portal variant. Though i do beleive portal works a lot better in an actual 3D world instead of a tricked 2D.

    Best language for a 14 year old kid would be the native tongue. Around the age of late 15 early 16 when puberty starts to kick in youngster start to get drawn into a more international language. Most likely English but Spanish and Russian might prove themselves as well. I'm not that sure about the difference in Asian dialects/versus languages. As in i don't know how much Vietnamese looks like Chinese for instance. If it's like German&Dutch it's doable in the bigger of the two this case would be German. Spanish&Italian would be favored to be in Spanish.

    A good tutorial site, well experience learns good pieces of code's are scattered around theweb. However basic guidelines as in where to start and where to go from there. Like lets say start with movement, follow up with collision etc. add multiplayer option, and multiple language support as one of the first things when you start. However it doesn't need to be working perfectly but it saves you a HUGE amount of time in the long run. My advice start small and easy, gamewise and codewise.
  17. E02K

    E02K Well-Known Member

    /\cool, so you played the rollercoaster wc3 map too?
  18. Lycan

    Lycan Administrator

    i've played most maps of wc3 ;P
  19. E02K

    E02K Well-Known Member

    you know that creepy map that starts with a cutscene that is a puzzlemap? you with the group enter a Castle in search for Oil and Guide to where to go
    piramid escape?
  20. Lurk3r

    Lurk3r Member

    Java platform is pretty cool for making games. You can use libraries such as PlayN to save yourself a whole bunch of the work.