I did not win any game today

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by RampageMaster, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. RampageMaster

    RampageMaster Banned

    Seems like yesterday everyone fucked with their anus and relieved their stress.

    wow fuck not even a single game i won today what is this fuck

    fuck valentin who cares about that shit i just want to play dota
  2. Tyru

    Tyru Well-Known Member

    Valentine's day = low lives extra stressed over some girl at their high school = game is filled with people who are extra angry, and even less focused = match making is even worse shit than usual

    Also Tuskarr, being played for the first time by many people
  3. Skyforger4.0

    Skyforger4.0 Banned

    I didn't win a single game today either.

    Truth to be told it's 10:11am, I'm in the office and I don't even play Dota 2.

    But I feel your pain, man, I feel it.
  4. Yosharian

    Yosharian Well-Known Member

    I haven't won a game in days lol
  5. Tyru

    Tyru Well-Known Member

    Don't worry, that just means you'll got several days without losing, once the streak is over

    Hooray Valve!
  6. iSnooz

    iSnooz Well-Known Member

    Meanwhile the other 50% people are being happy with their winning streak
  7. Cymen

    Cymen Moderator

    This forums is for discussion, not personal game-logs.
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