Huskar item build

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by fuctic12, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. fuctic12

    fuctic12 Active Member

    what is the best item build for him?
  2. eric_anena

    eric_anena Well-Known Member

    In starting order or overall?

    Huskar basically needs two things, a device for surprise attacks: lothars or dagger, and, Armlet.

    Armlet abuse is pretty much essential. You use your ultimate to drop HP points triggering your IAS and Damage bonuses then you immediately activate Armlet to offset your loss of HP and further buff IAS and Damage outputs.

    Late game items includes Strenght or stats-improving items such as HoT.

    That's him in a nutshell. Lothar recommended for pubs.
  3. DemonSpade

    DemonSpade Well-Known Member

    Read Guides pls

    Defiance, treads, etc for tank/str.
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  4. Night1301

    Night1301 Well-Known Member

    You can look for them at game strategy forum

    Basically, it's treads, hood of deviance, and vanguard

    Then you can get any item you desire
  5. Piejonk

    Piejonk Well-Known Member

    For me its Treads, Hood, Dagger, Scepter in that order, and then Heart as lxuxury
  6. AzureD

    AzureD Well-Known Member

    Sometimes BKB is advisable. Especially in team fights where you no longer gank. You do not want to lose your own hp but rather slow enemies down and tank.

    Otherwise you might just eat a hailstorm of nukes or stuns and not do anything while being dpsed to death.

    I also recommend a dagger. Armlet sometimes.
  7. コクーン

    コクーン Banned

    Heart, Heart, HotD, Vanguard, Vuangard, Boots
  8. Are.You.Ready-

    Are.You.Ready- Well-Known Member

    Armlet, hood, bkb, boots, hot, satanic
    order of these depends on the situation
    you may need a dagger
  9. CaptainPlatypus

    CaptainPlatypus Well-Known Member

    I tend to go for treads, HotD, armlet, dagger, satanic in that order. Lifesteal is incredible for keeping your health up (don't forget to still use spears early in fights though!), armlet is an awesome DPS source with amazing synergy, dagger is the best way to catch and kill your opponents, and satanic boosts strength for IV and gives you burst regen when necessary. If you're having trouble with spells, try substituting BKB for Satanic.

    HELLRAISER Well-Known Member

    maybe lothar/blademail/heart/butterfly/linken/cuirass/mkb(turned off/on) situational
  11. sd19

    sd19 Well-Known Member

    I get:

    1. PT/Phase/BoT
    2. Dagger/Lothar
    3. Armlet
    4. Aghanims
    5. BKB
    6. Satanic/TP
  12. g0dzbane

    g0dzbane Banned

    At the starting, I go for:
    1. Branch
    2. Branch
    3. Branch
    4. Branch
    5. Branch
    6. Branch
  13. JBWKZgl33z

    JBWKZgl33z New Member

    My item build
    Early Game:
    3*2 tango = 6 tango
    power treads
    vanguard (must be rushed)

    Mid Game:
    power treads
    heart of tarrasque
    Aghanim's Scapter [(for fast cooldown and great damage of his last skill (LIFEBREAK)]

    Late Game:
    Boots of travel
    Heart of tarrasque (x2)
    Assault Cuirass
    Aghanim's Scepter

    FOR ME ITS THE GREATEST ITEM BUILD FOR HIM (note: double heart for long life)

    I tested it with -test!!!
  14. aestropher

    aestropher Well-Known Member

    Why so many people get Vanguard on him... The ranged block isn't good, It provides no strength, meaning it won't help Inner Vitality, and it doesn't increase your DPS by a bit. If more HP is needed get more str instead.

    Treads, Helm of Iron Will --> Armlet, Dagger/Lothars, BKB, Satanic. Sounds good IMO.
  15. LeeDy

    LeeDy Well-Known Member

    Treads,Armlet,HoT,Agha then more HoT.
  16. GJYLVR22

    GJYLVR22 Well-Known Member

  17. bountyface

    bountyface Well-Known Member

    the best item is -repick
  18. Bloody Mary

    Bloody Mary Active Member

    Add in Dagger. Agha isn't really worth it imo. Dagon for the lulz.
  19. SolarClipz

    SolarClipz Well-Known Member

  20. icu^^

    icu^^ Well-Known Member

    Power Treads
    HotD/BKB/Dagger (in any order)

    + Anything you could farm later. (no need in Aghanim, cause you'll deal more damage with rightclick than with ulti improvement)

    Pubbish FAIL. Don't ever farm those items, EVER.

    Pubbers think they will deal less self-damage with Burning Spears, if they have Hood.

    Huskar has very small HP amount. If you play against lots of disables or nukes, Hood is just a joke. BKB or Mordigan is must have. Else you will just feed and no need to pick Huskar then...