is down !!!

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Shin__, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. Shin__

    Shin__ Well-Known Member

    It is down for 3 hours now, do you think they are preparing the real one ?

    Imagine it's because the open-beta is near :D
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  2. stiti14

    stiti14 Well-Known Member

    im praying;)
  3. Hemoxyte

    Hemoxyte Well-Known Member

    who knows...
  4. BooBoox3

    BooBoox3 Well-Known Member

    How can you even expect open beta when half of the hero pool isn't even in yet and there's still a number of prevalent bugs in the system?
  5. Shin__

    Shin__ Well-Known Member

    Open-beta =/= Release of the game.
  6. ringbearer

    ringbearer Well-Known Member

    The blog is down to a database error more like an website update rather than open beta. Where do you people come up with this?
  7. DeliciousCaek

    DeliciousCaek Well-Known Member

  8. Gray_Fox

    Gray_Fox Well-Known Member

    Because you need to crash a server to make more beta keys. Amazing technology.
  9. B3yondL

    B3yondL Banned

    This can only mean that open beta is coming any hour now, prepare your anus.
  10. Trena

    Trena Well-Known Member

    i don't think so.. they haven't tested their servers yet, to make a open beta, lots of bugs, and the game is not improved YET, to be able to go in open beta.
  11. MR-President

    MR-President Well-Known Member

    One could only hope.
  12. Shin__

    Shin__ Well-Known Member

    That's your opinion, cause mine is that we only need tutorials now.
  13. Cyclop91

    Cyclop91 Well-Known Member

    omg. im scared
  14. betahoki

    betahoki New Member

    this is gonna be the 2nd hero release hopes so :D
  15. Sup3RN0Va

    Sup3RN0Va Well-Known Member

    haha this.

    these open beta threads are kinda boring tbh
  16. BooBoox3

    BooBoox3 Well-Known Member

    And of course I know that.

    Open Beta is mostly done to test out server stability and such. Going open beta when the game is not yet very stable is just asking for trouble.
  17. Rizenix

    Rizenix Well-Known Member

    Fail. Three-Quarter of the Hero Pool is already available if not Two-Third.
  18. sacathato

    sacathato Well-Known Member

    Bah! No wonder why my life was askew!
  19. Shin__

    Shin__ Well-Known Member

    I don't care about the open-beta, I already have a key:

    Steam Community :: ID :: Shin

    But I thinks it's really strange, it has never be down for so long (5 hours now ...).

    Valve are still in the office, so it should be back atm.
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  20. superman_red

    superman_red Member

    this shit is making me crazy :shock:

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