How you look :-?

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by Jigglypuff!, May 27, 2010.

  1. Jigglypuff!

    Jigglypuff! Well-Known Member

    How you look? :-?

    Hey everyone,
    I thought we should put some pictures of us, to know the person beyond the screen that speaks with us:D. .. what do you think?

    PS: I will put a picture with me if the idea is accepted :D
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  2. Emo Princess

    Emo Princess Well-Known Member

    I'm in the avatar thingy o.o with my L/Emo hair :)
  3. Maya

    Maya Well-Known Member

    You even stole the OP message from the other thread :> Copycat!

  4. Jigglypuff!

    Jigglypuff! Well-Known Member

    Props for posting a close up of your face with that size. Takes a lot of nerve really. :D
  5. Maya

    Maya Well-Known Member

    I took me about an hour to shot the photo :)
  6. AduhAwas

    AduhAwas Well-Known Member

    Don't we already have a topic like this...

    Edit: Not anymore it seems.
  7. Kevin A.C

    Kevin A.C Banned

    Argentina Jersey one: Just took it for this thread

    Drinks I usually have in my fridge, bud lights and some vodka.

    and the last one is like a week ago I was standing on my car trying to fix a pipe in the basement and I got up and smashed my head on the pipe.
  8. Jigglypuff!

    Jigglypuff! Well-Known Member

    You have a bigass mirror in your room o-O
  9. Kevin A.C

    Kevin A.C Banned

    It's about a metre long horizontally and vertically.

    This isn't my room either it's the computer room, there is a bed closet and stuff.

    Another comp over on the side with a tv but they're never used.
  10. Razorya

    Razorya Well-Known Member

    Hoi :3

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  11. Kevin A.C

    Kevin A.C Banned

  12. Jigglypuff!

    Jigglypuff! Well-Known Member

    I love mötley crüe.
  13. Shorttail

    Shorttail Well-Known Member


  14. Razorya

    Razorya Well-Known Member

    I'm wearing that shirt now

    also I got it from my mom for some random reason so I'm not even responsible for it

    I like the print loads though

    Taileh you so lovely <3
    now smile ^^
  15. Jigglypuff!

    Jigglypuff! Well-Known Member

    Want me to take a pic of the shirt I have with my own name on it?

    Also guess what I'm wearing right now.

    No I'm not naked.
  16. Crysiz

    Crysiz Forum Manager

  17. Razorya

    Razorya Well-Known Member

    Yeah I never saw it 8D

    Wat for you call me spamur, I am just following the rules and ignoring that I already posted pics in the last topic and stuff.

    Also, I never expected your hair to look like that when longer 8D *hugs crysiz* you so original!
  18. dixing

    dixing Banned

    more then a year after the army is finished, and still got no updated photo... should I repost the army pics?
  19. Jigglypuff!

    Jigglypuff! Well-Known Member

    Post the pic of you and the snow duck. :D
  20. trax-jo-

    trax-jo- Banned

    i said everyone can put any pic he want i mean if u want u can do that even noone accept the idea but i accept it and dont be shy cuz i am sure everyone will Itqublk as you are keep going man u r the best