How to Win in Dota 2 Every Time

Discussion in 'Comedy' started by Shadowlurker, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Shadowlurker

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    Just don't do this too often, it is a very illegal strategy and using it too often will get you caught and banned from Dota 2.



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  2. Yendor

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    This means DARER is cheating !


    Call the cops !
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  3. Sven2k

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    lol xD
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    i'd love to see spiderman team :wub:
  8. damN_Grave

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    Epic Lol
  9. lxsg

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    Sorry to bump this up, but how do you ensure the order of the player names? Does it always appear in the match in the same order as per the party you've created?
  10. Ari~

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    custom game.
  11. LightningZLaser

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    Is this illegal as well? :rofl:

  12. Sven2k

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    You forgot to edit the levels and hero icons, this ain't legit D:
  13. Domenico

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    This is freaking brilliant.
  14. lxsg

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    Ah thanks!
  15. Shadowlurker

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    You have a very high risk of getting banned with a ten panel Longcat. Also, due to the fact that it was photoshopped. Regardless, well done.
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  17. ForsakenAcolyte

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    Darkterror? Kraken?
  18. Yendor

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    Get your Elder Gods straight!
  19. SugaSutA

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    Think this would be possible in matchmaking(or eventually possible)?
  20. Shadowlurker

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    It is possible in Matchmaking.

    > Get four friends
    > Play a Matchmaking game
    > Keep all five photos of the picture you want to make.
    > Change and rearrange Display Picture until it works.
    > ???
    > CTHULHU.