How to transfer Dota 2 From one pc to another?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by egbrylle07, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. egbrylle07

    egbrylle07 Member

    I want to transfer Dota 2 in my other pc without downloading it again .. can anyone help me with this? :no:
  2. karadoc

    karadoc Well-Known Member

    copy Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta
  3. egbrylle07

    egbrylle07 Member

    ok thanks ! i find it now
  4. R.U.Sty

    R.U.Sty Well-Known Member

    Perhaps C:\Program Files
    if you ask again, click on the computer looking icon on your desktop, then progress from there.
  5. PuneetRJ

    PuneetRJ Well-Known Member

    copy paste whole steam folder
  6. WoodWyzard

    WoodWyzard Well-Known Member

    You can copy it on a flash or transfer it via lan but in any case downloading it again would be yeah.
  7. Glacius91

    Glacius91 Banned

    This didn't work for me, I tried to move it to another computer after downloading it and there was no info ANYWHERE in how to do it.

    I had to:

    1.- Copy and paste whole Steam folder
    2.- Delete everything except Steamapps folder and Steam.exe
    3.- Open Steam and let it update, it only updates the Steam client, when it's done you will have Dota 2 able in your Library.
  8. egbrylle07

    egbrylle07 Member

    Thanks for your help guys ! :)
  9. frozt23

    frozt23 Member

    this truly work :D thumbs up
  10. neochills99

    neochills99 Well-Known Member

    1. click backup option under steam from the pc that has dota 2

    2. select location as the flash drive where you will save dota 2

    3. put flash drive into the pc that doesnt have dota 2

    4. click restore option this time
  11. Tenshinhan DN

    Tenshinhan DN Well-Known Member

    Hate to bump this, but it's kind of a timeless issue/thread so who cares.

    I'm also having this issue. I've tried all the methods described above and nothing works.

    Can confirm that this does not work.

    Any other ideas?
  12. bhshawon

    bhshawon Well-Known Member

    I'm doing this like forever. Works for every game not only dota 2. Backup and restore is more legit and safe way than just copy-paste steam folder.
  13. TheBlackS

    TheBlackS Well-Known Member

    Install steam on new computer, copy paste whole steam folder to new one, overwriting everything

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  14. Tenshinhan DN

    Tenshinhan DN Well-Known Member

    I tried this just a few hours ago. It ignores the backup when I tell it to restore, and continues downloading. My download speed generally goes less than 90KB/s so downloading normally could take upwards of 2 days. Moreover I don't want it on my C: drive, I need it on my external 3TB HDD, and the restore option doesn't seem to allow you to specify.
  15. abdo123

    abdo123 Banned

    Copy the DotA 2 Folder + the appmanifest_570 in the Steam Apps :)
  16. Tenshinhan DN

    Tenshinhan DN Well-Known Member

    Alright it worked now. I was trying to restore the backup from a flash drive, it obviously didn't like that for some reason. I copied it to a HDD and it restored properly this time. Odd.

    Anyway, DotA 2 installed properly now, but perhaps the oddest thing is that it doesn't seem to have taken up any more HDD space. Checked both my primary and secondary HDD's.
  17. agent1138

    agent1138 Banned

    Yea back it up through steam.
  18. bhshawon

    bhshawon Well-Known Member

    I think the restore worked properly the 1st time attempt, you just needed to restart steam, thats why it didn't took any more space the 2nd time. There's no problem with restoring from pen drive. And you can restore backup in external HDD, you just need to create a steam library folder 1st from settings->downloads.
  19. kikoano

    kikoano Well-Known Member

    just make backup and unpack the game(you need steam installed).