How to play WTF mode :))

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by assassin64, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. assassin64

    assassin64 Well-Known Member

    Dear all members!

    uh-oh-heh, how can I play WTF mode in Dota? Well, I see someone uses it, but I didn't know how to do?

  2. Dimsdale.

    Dimsdale. Well-Known Member

    Host a game then type -wtf when the game starts and have fun :)
  3. Zagrief

    Zagrief Well-Known Member

    host then type -wtf after any game mode
    use any skill and it resets your mana to full also it removes skill CD
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  4. Zagrief

    Zagrief Well-Known Member

    go zeus, clock, invo :lol:

    EDIT: what happened to the post above me?
    i swore another person posted >.>
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  5. burningherbs

    burningherbs Well-Known Member

    Potm is hilarious as well. Arrows flying everywhere.
  6. s.ops_Freak

    s.ops_Freak Well-Known Member

    Tip: Get Hand of Midas in -wtf mode and you can't be stopped from farming the Neutrals safely/quickly and easily.
  7. iKrivetko

    iKrivetko Well-Known Member

    Helm of the Dominator. Dominate every creep/neutral in sight. Push.
  8. Dimsdale.

    Dimsdale. Well-Known Member

    Also u should try tinker :D spam heating lasers ftw :ninja:
  9. Nikmar-official

    Nikmar-official Well-Known Member

    Funniest hero to play in -WTF mode is Storm Spirit, without a doubt! :facepalm:
    Ball Lightning all over the map...
  10. s.ops_Freak

    s.ops_Freak Well-Known Member

    ^ Until Silencer reaches Lvl 6 and ruins your fun =(...
  11. Dimsdale.

    Dimsdale. Well-Known Member

    ^But u know theres spammable BKB :D
  12. -Shahzal

    -Shahzal Well-Known Member

    Also globals are banned cuz then its just annoying , example zeus clockwerk silencer..
  13. killergeist7

    killergeist7 Well-Known Member

    Dagon + Crow
    Blademail (Spam it and he will get like 2000% dmg of his dmg)
    Guinsoo for permdisable.
  14. Shadow Fury

    Shadow Fury Banned

    BKB pwns all :cool1:
  15. assassin64

    assassin64 Well-Known Member

    Thank you all. Nerubian Assassin with Impale makes enemies always be in air :D
  16. phantom_ronan

    phantom_ronan Well-Known Member

    use puck to get an infinite line of illusion orbs. or razor or use a shivas to get spam aura of doom!
  17. s.ops_Freak

    s.ops_Freak Well-Known Member

    ^ Razor makes me lag out =*(
  18. Night1301

    Night1301 Well-Known Member

    No, a rush blade mail or hand of midas is better
  19. assassin64

    assassin64 Well-Known Member

    Ethreal blade - multi shoots:D
  20. Foede

    Foede Forum Manager

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