How to play Morphling?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Raisen223, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. Raisen223

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    I love the playstyle of this hero, but I just don't know how to play him. People keep saying that Morphling is one of the most powerful hard carries in the game and he can own when played right, and I honestly tried to master him, but always contributed very little to the team. So, I wanna understand how to play this hero. Any tips?

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    Please? Anyone?
  2. Lama051

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    Get manta stack all stats, morph all into agi while having 2k hp. You can split push as well by going to one lane while having replicate on different one.

    Max Wave first, morph seconds, adaptive last.

    Remember your panic button for morph STR when you get ganked. Try having mana for Wave + tp. In case of danger wave into trees and tp/replicate out.
  3. Raisen223

    Raisen223 Banned

    Thank you.
  4. Lucre2808

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    Playing Morph is all about stacking your Agi as much as possible.
    There are many choices for his tier 1 item, Linken, E.Blade, Manta etc... It's up to your playstyle, is it aggressive or defensive. If it's aggressive, having some time to farm and rush a E.Blade is a very good idea, it's just like a Spectre rushes her Radiance. Manta is good too but I don't usually pick it up unless I've already got the E.Blade. If you play defensively, Linken is a good choice for you. When you realize the mid game's pressure is too much for you, Linken is a good option, the mana regen will help you morph for a very long time, especially when you get ganked, the bonus stats are pretty decent. Sometimes, BKB is a very good option if you see there are too much burst damage and disables coming too you, especially hex, its long cast range will barely give you time to waveform away, so you'd better watch out if there is a Lion or Rhasta.
    The next tier 2 and 3 or 4 are up to you, you can buy any items you want, Manta (if you haven't got it yet), Skadi, Butterfly etc...
    After getting tier 1 item, your life is much better and easier. The fact is whether you play aggressively or defensively, you can still have some influence after you got some items, even just a perseverance or an ultimate orb. That's that power of Morphling, by stacking his agi, he hits really hard in early and mid game compared to many other carries, and Waveform is a very powerful nuke as well as good escape mechanism. I don't mention about Adaptive Strike in early and earl-mid game since not many people choose to skill it, most choose to max Waveform, take some stats and then max Morph. And another reason is it won't be so effective if you don't have too much agi. But if you got an early E.Blade, you can kill a target within 2 seconds, especially fragile heroes such as Rylai, Rhasta... Just get in, E.Blade, waveform and Adaptive Strike, that's a lot of burst damage coming out.
  5. 300thecat

    300thecat Well-Known Member

    Skadi is a very solid item on Morph. I don't find Manta too good, but a naked Yasha certainly helps.

    If you get bored of AGI builds, try going all-STR instead.
  6. Royal_Naga

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    Rod of Atos is great on him, it gives mana that he needs to switch between STR and AGI and a lot of HP, is mostly a item to buff your Morph ability and after that you can for a big item like Butter, Heart or Satanic
  7. TiMe-SquiD

    TiMe-SquiD Well-Known Member

    and try stack 3 wraithband if you have bad laning phase.
  8. Sp12

    Sp12 Well-Known Member

    Atos isn't bad but SKadi is basically what you're looking for from Atos anyway.

    I feel like Linken's is really required after the nerfs. Endgame something like Linkens, Mant,a Eblade, Bfly, Satanic or (Skadi, BKB, Sheep, Abyssal, Orchid) BoTs.

    Early game all your DPS comes from waveform. Mana is a serious issue. Morph is one of those all-stat heroes like Dusa.
  9. DucK-

    DucK- Well-Known Member

    Aquila Stick Treads Bottle -> EB -> Manta/Butterfly/DPS etc

    This is the usual build I go for. You farm mainly, while carrying a TP to assist via counter gank. Or through your Replicate.
  10. SugaSutA

    SugaSutA Well-Known Member

    Manta allows you to split push faster than a team with tiny + wisp.

    Atos is bad. No arguments.

    Skadi is luxury. Since its deathball you'd rather focus on damage to start with, and unlike many other carries morphling actually carries with skadi, so its a great luxury to end off with.

    Soul Ring -> Threads -> Pese -> Manta/Mael-> Butterfly/Heart->Satanic/Skadi -> etc.
    If you really need even more damage get daedalus, if you need evasion pierce get MKB, and so on. I find the above said build to be a very well mix of damage, survivability and continued farming. If you play it properly and have a somewhat decent team, a well bought 20-23 minute manta then followed by the said luxuries you'll definitely be carrying that game. Even if you turtle it out, as long as you aren't a complete large item behind your enemy carry, you'd still have a pretty good chance.

    P.S Not naix though, no chance against naix unless you're really really fat.
  11. Mimesis

    Mimesis Well-Known Member

    Max waveform and morph early.
    If being ganked, morph to strength while you escape for uber survivability.
    As for itembuilds:
    boots -> bottle -> phase -> EB
    treads -> linkens -> EB
    are both good builds for mid or easy lane respectively.
    Aquila is a good stopgap item early on and skadi/satanic/butterfly are all good luxuries.

    EB is amazing on morphling and should generally be aimed for as an item. Blast/Adaptive Strike/Waveform is a combo that does insane damage and generally allows you take down supports in less than a second.
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  12. SugaSutA

    SugaSutA Well-Known Member

    yet its a completely useless carry item, and butterfly lets you take most support down in seconds too.
  13. Lama051

    Lama051 Moderator

    Actually if you go for Manta on Morph then it is actually very good since illusions get +40 damage which is by far the best. If you do not get Manta then it is not as good.
  14. WorstInFinLand

    WorstInFinLand Well-Known Member

    Splitpush with a replicate on another lane/fountain/jungle and always carry a tp.
    Early items like soulring, trangs, treads, aquila and perse are good, you basically want mp and hp regen with some agi/str.
    Midgame stuff like yasha, manta, eblade and linken's.
    Lategame items.
    Skadi, satanic, butterfly, manta, travels and eblade
  15. Wuzu

    Wuzu Banned

    Since u can morph ur stats its all about side effects of items: Dodge from Butter, Illusions from manta, EB active, Linkens block...

    The usual RoH for lane, Power treads and then either EB or manta works. I dont personally like linkens first unless you play against certain line ups.
    Skadi and/or Satanic as luxury are good too. I get Domi in mid-game to compete with other carries better.
  16. WorstInFinLand

    WorstInFinLand Well-Known Member

    No, they give different amounts of stats and you can have more max agi with bfly than with heart and more max str viceversa.
  17. Mimesis

    Mimesis Well-Known Member

    EB costs less, provides more agility than butterfly, gives bonus str and int too, has an active that scales with morphling's agility.

    A useless carry item it is not. There's a reason it gradually became core on morph in the same way that battlefury gradually became core on anti-mage.

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    You can't morph the bonus stats that items give lol
  18. Raisen223

    Raisen223 Banned

    On the "carry hierarchy", where does Morphling stand in terms of power? Can he stand up to some of the top carries of today like Luna and Naix?
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  19. Donaghy

    Donaghy Well-Known Member

    Morph is pretty great, his early game got hit hard but he's still a favorite hero of mine. I like to go Tranq, Aquila and Yasha for my first items, after that it's really up to you. I usually level adaptive only once early and then get stats, as he doesn't have the mana pool to support casting all of his spells.

    With replicate, I like to replicate a ranged support and just have my illusion follow the ally around while I farm. Allows you to instantly get into the fight if it breaks out. I find that a good morph is really defined by his use of the ultimate. It's incredibly dynamic and offers a lot of chances for unique and fun play.

    I think he's pretty strong, but doesn't exactly fit the meta. He doesn't have "key" items that really allow him to come online suddenly, but gets extremely strong the more items he gets.
  20. Raisen223

    Raisen223 Banned

    So, I build Linkens, Skadi, BoT, eblade and SnY all in one hero? I know that this is possible in organised games, but how am I supposed to get that kind of money in pubs?