How to level up quickly?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Phosis, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Phosis

    Phosis Well-Known Member

    Hi people

    Well i am a new dota player (started 3 weeks ago) and my main problem is that i can't level up as quickly as my other friends. At the start its good but arriving at level 10, i seem to be stucked. So i cannot finish my item build since i get kill 2 or 3 times losing my gold.

    What would you advise me?

    What the base of leveling up?

    Do i need to focus on last kill and denying only? or is there another way?

    Thank you
  2. Wivot

    Wivot Administrator

    Gank, gank and more gank. Best thing you can do around level 10 is gank or jungle in my opinion.
  3. Hira

    Hira Well-Known Member

    to level up quickly:-

    - kill every single creep.
    - kill every meat tanks (they gave more exp).
    - kill heroes... towers..

    basically anything that appears red on ur map + neutral creeps (i think the appear as gold dots on the map iirc)

    if u still hv problems farming, jz hang around a teammate, let him do all the killing, and u get to share the splitted amount of exp from his kills.
  4. king_james

    king_james Well-Known Member

    That's a misleading suggestion. Ganking will not level you up any faster, it will actually delay your leveling.

    Ganking gives you the upper edge of pushing towers and so, but its the consequence of being level-gapped, especially when you leave your lane allowing your enemy to farm as hell.

    I suggest to refrain from ganking every... 5 minutes or so? Try ganking when you already have the potential to kill. Ganking with a RoR, boots and wraith is not plausible, possibility is that you will die yourself. Try ganking when you've reached one or more of your core items. Level 12 is the ideal level to gank. Farm farm farm. Gank gank gank is the newb's way of playing, farming is a lot better.

    The only time to gank in between farming is when the enemy is nearby, (you are in the jungle, then the enemy appears in the lane down nearby) (or if the player is really skilled and needs 2 men to bring him down).
  5. Phosis

    Phosis Well-Known Member

    Hmmm thats good ideas...i'll try that.

    Am a noob...whats gank? :D
  6. Wivot

    Wivot Administrator

    I find that ganking can be very nice with certain heroes, should have specified. Farming is good, yes. But it really depends on the hero your playing which you wanna do.

    Here read this:

    Also I can teach you some tips on US East if you like.

    Gank = Bringing several heroes to gang up on a target to kill them. "Gank lina," is a request for you to come help kill her.
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  7. The Observer

    The Observer Banned

    buy exp tomes on the secret shop.
  8. king_james

    king_james Well-Known Member

    ^obvious troll is obvious.

    Gang bang, other words, surprise handicap attack.
  9. jamon

    jamon Well-Known Member

    Go kill their solo.
  10. Wivot

    Wivot Administrator

    You also probably wanna check out this area of our forum: Guides - DotA Allstars Official Website

    ^ That really doesn't do anything jamon except to keep their solo low leveled or get you killed. It only helps you level if your a jungler and ganking everyone.
  11. PunKZ

    PunKZ Well-Known Member

    It depends alot on which type of games you are playing. If it's a game where everyone goes around ganking including yourself with your team, then a high level isn't normal, however, if it's a game of hard pushing you level up way faster. The most normal thing that you miss exp on as a beginner is that if let's say you get badly damaged and return to your base, then you will take the time to run back? I don't hope so, always use tp's to return to the lane and practise shopping faster so that you don't miss out on alot of exp that your friends and opponents gain on you while you're not on the lane. And also you should buy some kind of healing before going to a lane.

    Oh and
    Gank = Surprise attack on the enemy
    Example: You come out of the forest and stuns a hero and the guys on that lane helps you and then you scored a kill for your team.
  12. leomon235

    leomon235 Well-Known Member

    Killing heroes is the best way to level up quickly. Try to tell your teammates to 'gank' your opponent's heroes. you get massive exp as long as you're around the opponent when he dies
  13. Wivot

    Wivot Administrator

    Also using getting a courier is a good idea so that if you do get heavily damaged or you need items you just use your courier to get them for you and bring them to you in lane while you stay in lane and get exp from creeps/hero kills.
  14. king_james

    king_james Well-Known Member

    Somebody has to stop these spammers. zzz..

    Another suggestions, when you feel like or when you don't see any other heroes at other lanes, and your somewhere pushing max, go back. This is simply a hint that tells you that they are all aligning and organizing a gank on you. This may be on of your problems that you don't get your item build from deaths. I've had similar experiences, but that was quite a long time ago. 2-3 years ago, when i was just new to DotA.

    Last hitting is what i see as a bitch move, especially when your laning with 1 ally, and he keeps doing so. Its irritating, but once you learn how to do so, by pressing H, then manually attacking, triggering the last hit.

    Denying is also good. But it requires as much skill as last-hitting. Denying is ideal for heroes like Nevermore, & Sniper. Nevermore needs the souls to give him more damage, Sniper has long range and fast projectile.
  15. PerCo

    PerCo Well-Known Member

    Hey man, maybe you are having the same problem as me when I first started. I mean the laning phase is very easy to grasp. There comes a time however where no one stays in their lane anymore. Thats where I was lost and I stayed in my lane and got ganked pretty bad. The easiest way around this is to follow your allies. Dont steal their neutral creeps or they will flame you. After you have followed them for a while, they will signal on the minimap and you follow them there. There will usually be an enemy hero. Congrats, you have just participated in your first gank. :)

    You might get flamed at the start for not being rich or not having items but it is the best way to learn the game since you will still get experience from whatever your allies are doing.

    There were no guides/sites/wivot that I knew of at the time, so listen to these guys, its much easier than learning the hard way.
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  16. XASD777

    XASD777 Well-Known Member

    tip : do not listen to wivott too much.
  17. kanzakill

    kanzakill Well-Known Member

    Has anyone mentioned "not feeding"? :mellow:

    The most important rule
  18. The Observer

    The Observer Banned

    for beginners i suggest using invoker.
  19. dtnmang

    dtnmang Well-Known Member

    Farm, farm and farm.
  20. fruta

    fruta Well-Known Member

    don't die, gank, join team fights, farm