how to get mammoth n bird mount ?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by kakaboo, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. kakaboo

    kakaboo Well-Known Member

    how to get mammoth n bird mount ? have completed the predictions and fantasy challenge but nothing

    more hats plz
  2. AustinPowers

    AustinPowers Well-Known Member

    Well you'll find the lures in your inventory if you've completed it.
    You'll need an upgraded smeevil, which means you'll need a treat which means you'll need to play Compendium matchmaking.
    Good luck :)
  3. Ropa23

    Ropa23 Member

    So im unable to complete the preedictions because I bought a compendium too late, does that mean I wont be able to unlock the bird courier?

    Other than maybe trading for the item? :(
  4. MonsterTrike

    MonsterTrike Well-Known Member

    You can still make your fantasy team to unlock the mammoth.

    I did, and he's awesome. Now if I could just figure out how to unlock the animations; mammoth pet breaks the courier. :/
  5. Ropa23

    Ropa23 Member

    NVM about my post, seems I just recieved it, even though my qualifiers predictions were all closed.
  6. bonusa

    bonusa Well-Known Member

    I did whole book, have mammoth but no bird.

    Edit: Patched, I got it now.
  7. grazwaz

    grazwaz New Member

    You get 1 treat from compendium match, 2 treats for stamping 1 and 5 teams of player cards. You get thing to get crab from stamping 8 teams, mammoth from International Fantasy Challenge and bird item from Main Event Predictions.
  8. drspark

    drspark New Member

    I did all my predictions before they closed, but didn't get a bird mount.
    How to get it fixed?
  9. ghettosmurf

    ghettosmurf Well-Known Member

    You won't get the bird mount right away, you'll just get the Bird Lure item in your inventory, which you can then use to unlock the Smeevil style (but you must have already unlocked the Yellow Smeevil with a Smeevil Treat from Compendium Matchmaking first).