How to disassemble items in dota2?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by R.U.Sty, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. R.U.Sty

    R.U.Sty Well-Known Member

    tried right clicking in stash, didn't work.
  2. itwasnotme

    itwasnotme Member

    Might be a bug. Check with other people first.
  3. torralwy

    torralwy Active Member

    When you are near fountain, if you right click an item in your inventory you should have a disasemble option
  4. Goliag

    Goliag Member

    wow now it's working, but i havent done anything and i didnt worf for several month
  5. Koutsiog

    Koutsiog Banned

    get the item on your hero,right click,chose disassemble
    Works with basilus for sure,haven't tried with other items
  6. c0ldpr0xy

    c0ldpr0xy Active Member

    Doesn't work with Tranquil Boots.
  7. Dread-Muffin

    Dread-Muffin Well-Known Member

    Now why might that be...?
  8. gradius

    gradius Member

    Tranquil Boots couldn't be disassembled until 6.74 release. Dota 2 will get these stats thursday (03/15/2012) =)
  9. Domenico

    Domenico Moderator

    Not to be said that they weren't disassembleable by the time that was posted, be it DotA1 or DotA2.
  10. FGBgaming

    FGBgaming Well-Known Member

    Item that can be dissembled have an option when you right click on them

    I might be wrong but you can do that where ever you are, not only when you are near shop
  11. R.U.Sty

    R.U.Sty Well-Known Member

    Are my threads going to be necro'd once a week or something?
    Do people still think I'm giving out more keys?
  12. Morvan

    Morvan Well-Known Member

    Is this true or not?
  13. Sidji

    Sidji Well-Known Member

    Yep, you can disassemble anywhere.
    Items drop around you when you do so (don't do it when you're not in a safe place >_>)