How to Counter Invoker

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  1. Mooga1337

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    How do you counter Invoker? Once I receive a legitimate response that the majority finds agreeable I'll edit it into the OP.

    I'm not looking for a hero counter so much as a strategy counter, because as of lately I've been enjoying -cm. And if there's anything to know about -cm, it's that Invoker counters such as Anti-Mage and Lucifer are almost guaranteed to get banned immediately. I heard that Silencer can counter Invoker, but I have to disagree with that to at least a certain degree. Simply because Invoker can go an Exort DPS build and still rape with auto attack despite being silenced.

    The thing about Invoker is that unlike other heroes, he can go invisible, chain disable (in an AoE if he chooses to), and deal massive damage (once again, in an AoE if he chooses to) while maintaining strong base attributes the whole time. I understand that he requires a lot of skill and knowledge to use to his fullest extent (not to mention an above average amount of farm in terms of gold and EXP), but he seems overpowered when that certain someone gets to play as him.

    In other words, I'm tired of having to permaban Invoker in the event that someone on the enemy team might know how to play him.

    EDIT: So it seems that the most agreeable counters to Invoker are:

    LANING - Batrider or SD (Shadow Demon) during laning. Batrider can constantly harass him if supplied with enough mana to keep him away from the farm. SD can also constantly harass Invoker while receiving minimal harassment back for the most part, should Invoker go in for the kill disable him and run, or if you did a good job harassing this might be an oppurtunity for a kill. Both these heroes are well capable of cutting off (or at the very least minimalizing) Invoker's farm early game, therefore stabilizing his momentum mid game.

    GANKING - You need a strong silence such as Puck or NA (Nerubian Assassin) paired with a good disabler such as SS (Shadow Shaman) or Lion. You will need to use smokes for if Invoker has any idea that you are coming to gank him it won't be easy to keep him still. An extremely viable option if given the oppurtunity to pick would also be Night Stalker due to the fact that he has both a built in slow (and ministun!) and silence, also during the night his speed and mobility is unmatched, making him the ultimate ganker for Invoker. Another option is Bloodseeker, for similar reasons as Night Stalker, but not quite as reliable as a decent Night Stalker.

    TEAMFIGHTING - Pugna and Silencer seem to be the most agreeable for countering teamfights with an enemy Invoker. Pugna's Nether Ward is a strong counter to Invoker because not only will his mana disappear like nothing, but his health will go along with it. Forcing him to resort to only a spell or two and auto attacks, or he will receive a strong penalty. Silencer, while weak at keeping him from auto attacking and carrying can easily disable him from chain disabling and mass raping an entire team.

    CARRYING - Drow Ranger and OD (Obsidian Destroyer) fit the job for outcarrying Invoker. Drow Ranger has a strong silence which already gives her a strong advantage against Invoker while her firepower is nearly unmatched, forcing Invoker to either outrun her or to simply auto attack her back, which will only work for him early and possibly parts of mid game depending on his momentum. OD is paired with a strong disable which cripples Invoker's mana pool while boosting OD in every aspect, an orb effect that potentially allows him to out damage Invoker with auto attacks, and an ultimate which could easily burn most of Invoker's mana pool if not kill him given the momentum.

    OVERALL - Batrider or SD to outlane him, Puck/NA and SS/Lion to gank him (Night Stalker and Bloodseeker are also very powerful anti Invoker gankers), Pugna or Silencer to nullify his team advantages during teamfights, and Drow Ranger or OD to out carry Invoker.

    Thank you everybody for taking the time to read this and if you chose to, took the time to supply me with feedback. Feel free to continue posting your opinions, prior knowledge that fits the topic that you don't already see, or anything that you would disagree with that I edited into the OP as factual information.
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  2. RoflCat

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    Kill him early when he's still using mainly 2 elements, and as such any 3rd-element spells of his would suffer in term of power, would be an option.

    The invis has a massive 60s CD and cost a whopping 200 mana and slow him down at early level, so just pack a dust if you're ganking him when he has that ready.

    Despite his single target attack power with Exort build, he's won't be doing as much damage as a auto-attacking powerhouse like Drow, and a silence on him would certainly ruin his chance of disabling her, and her Frost Arrow (assuming you go that route) is stronger than a maxed bonus from his Wex so he can't just walk away easily either.

    So I'd say Drow as a counter to him, but only mid-game onward, you'll need something else to deal with him early.
  3. One.More.Game.

    One.More.Game. Well-Known Member

    I say Pugna
  4. iLotus018

    iLotus018 Well-Known Member

    Pugna, Puck, and Obsidian in a way with his ulti burning away most his mana...
  5. Mooga1337

    Mooga1337 Well-Known Member

    Okay, so you say Drow can counter him as a carry. But that still doesn't give much of an option for early game. Unless we get a lot of stuns, perhaps a Lion for a Mana Drain, and pack a dust. And if his team simply calls MIA's? Then your team's gankers run around like morons waiting for Invoker to show himself.

    Please give reasons why Pugna would be a solid counter rather than just stating the hero itself. Personally I find Pugna too squishy and too weak when disabled to be viable against Invoker.

    Again, please state why. You only did this with OD, and I don't see an OD being able to out carry an Invoker. Puck I suppose would be a good initiator against him, maybe for the early ganks which someone above stated is necessary to defeat an Invoker.
  6. LiquidNitrogen

    LiquidNitrogen Well-Known Member

    Slark, because he eats invoker.

    Drow also can. Both can beat him up at all stages of the game.

    Or you can just play the hero, and sustain a 100% win ratio if hes really so hard to beat as you say.
  7. Endlich

    Endlich Well-Known Member

    Pugna obviously because Invokers spells are really expensive mana-wise and Netherward punishes him hard for casting them.

    Also, I like Silencer as a Counter, as he prevents him from mass-casting in teamfights.
  8. doomsheep

    doomsheep Well-Known Member

    gank him and you'll be fine.
  9. Mooga1337

    Mooga1337 Well-Known Member

    I might try the Slark thing, and yeah somebody already stated Drow, but that would only work for mid game and up. Assuming that the Invoker wasn't able to farm most his early game.

    And we do pick him when we can (and so far have never lost with an Invoker on our team o.o), but a lot of the time we're second pick or they might pick Lucy or AM before we can get Invoker. And as I said earlier, Lucy and AM do rape Invoker, but they're almost always unavailable.

    But Pugna isn't going to be able to start off with at least a level 3 Nether Ward, which means he either has to sacrifice his nuke or disable skill points, or somehow level up faster than Invoker. Who is by the way most of the time solo mid. I'm going to try Pugna the next time an Invoker pops up on the enemy team though.

    As I said earlier, Silencer can prevent the mass chain disables, but that's only part of the problem. Seeing as how Invoker's base stats are awesome as well as his spells.

    Although obvious trolling...

    You can't necessarily always do that, seeing as how any decent enemy team will call MIA's on your team's gankers, not to mention that Invoker can go invisible. And I have yet to meet an Invoker who doesn't get at least one level of Quas for Ghost Walk.
  10. Pondrac

    Pondrac Well-Known Member

    I don't say this sentence too often, but now is a coorect situation
    "Go watch some pro replays"
    How do they solve their problem with Invoker?
    Umm, they ban him?

    But it seems you knew that allready :<
  11. LiquidNitrogen

    LiquidNitrogen Well-Known Member

    Pugna isn't actually that great of a solo against Invoker. It can go both ways all game.

    Silencer is actually really strong against invoker. I suppose you also think that ensnare and silence and manaburn aren't good ways of dealing with Magina because 'he has really good dps as well'.

    You need a hero who beats invoker at all stages. Slark and Drow both do this (Drow can match invoker in laning ability, the lane is heavily due to player skill).

    And ganks in general just fuck invoker up. Momentum. Its like trying to counter Omniknight. There are very few direct counters, you just need to outplay and the hero becomes almost useless. On the other hand when the team with that hero is doing really well it seems like the imbaest piece of shit ever implemented.
  12. iLotus018

    iLotus018 Well-Known Member

    Pugna: Nether ward for his spells, he tries with dps build, dec. him, there. Just try not to get hit with a tornado+emp combo; you should be fine.

    Puck: Can initiate well, Waning Rift to silence him from casting spells, Phase shift to make him waste some spells, and dream coil is a always a nice addition to the team.

    Obsidian: With a rushed bkb or a guinsoo (shouldn't be that hard), he can pretty much rape anything, since most Invokers try to rush Aghanims anyway and not BKB. And he can also make a team fight 4v5..astral the damn Invoker. His ulti just cripples everything, the max enemy heroes can cast is 1-2 spells.
  13. God_ii

    God_ii Well-Known Member

    it is very hard to counter a good invoker. it's hard to gank him because that mofo sets up icewall, emps, tornadoes, goes invisible, or disarms the gankers. the best way is probably to get someone with good mobility and silence/sheep/very long stun. depending on his build, people with truesight such as slardar will do heavy damage to his low armor. in teambattles, people need to spread out so they dont all get hit by emp, tornado, deafening, and meteor.
  14. Pwntlolz

    Pwntlolz Well-Known Member

    banning is your friend
    but if you really have to, silencer
    why? He can't cast all of his spells as long or any as long as Silencer doesn't get picked off
  15. AfroLegends

    AfroLegends Well-Known Member

    Are we talking in lane or in general?

    Batrider, for the most part, stomps on Invoker in lane (as he does with most heroes). You might find yourself struggling a bit with exort vokers who invoke any combination of ice wall / cold snap / forge spirits, but quas wex doesn't do so hot against Bat. Quas wex is the most popular build in captain's mode. In teamfights, Bat can blink onto voker and lasso him for a quick kill/disable.

    Shadow demon is a no brainer here. He's the king of winning lanes. Invoker can go even with him in lane with quas wex, but SD sets up ganks so easily that he's always a threat.
    In teamfights, disrupt the enemy carry or Invoker, soul catcher Invoker, and let it rip.

    OD and AA both do great against Invoker in lane. OD shrugs off Invoker's EMP as if it was nothing.

    Pugna does *awesome* against Invoker in team fights. Stay back, lay down your ward, and focus on Invoker with all your spells. Invoker melts. In lane, he might struggle a bit, and will probably lose or go even with him. Still a fantastic hero to pick against Invoker.
  16. Eternally

    Eternally Well-Known Member

    Invoker has one main problem, he is fragile. Even with his new stat gains, he still doesn't have many strong defensive spells. His big advantage is massive AoE damage he can drop.

    So the first way to beat him is get some heavy disables (Lion, Rhasta, Doom) or people who can initiate on him (clock, ES, Enigma) and then disable him. If you can create a fight before he can get off a good tornado, you will have a major advantage.

    Second way to beat him is to eliminate his AoE damage. This comes from 3 things
    1) Pipe, undeniably massive against invoker
    2) Force Staff, save yourself and allies that get caught in Tornado+EMP
    3) Spreading out

    So basically make sure you have a strong initiator and pipe, and you can beat an invoker. Or you can always go Pugna with IMBA nether ward.
  17. Royal_Naga

    Royal_Naga Well-Known Member

    OD outcarry invoker and also have strong laning
    Lich is a pretty strong pick and is in the same level of laning power
    Rubick is like a natural counter to invoker I guess
    Batrider if he can stack more than 3 napalm at lvl 3, then Invoker his dead.
  18. Redeemed A.I.

    Redeemed A.I. Well-Known Member

    In case he maxes exort,that's easy ,he is paper even an sf can win him.
    In case he goes quas/wex,you need summoner heroes like enigma (if you can risk it),syllabear etc.He can't really hurt your summons with tornado/emp.

    Late game just fill your team with bkb's.In case he is a decent Invoker,he will use alacrity on his carry-ies and destroy your team this way.I've won countless lost games by giving alacrity to riki,slark and snipers and in case he gets dragonknight to alacrity and level 11+ he will be splashing your entire team to smitheries.

    Hope I helped.
  19. Star_Saber

    Star_Saber Banned

    Gank him before level 7 and youll be fine
  20. SugaSutA

    SugaSutA Well-Known Member