How to counter Anti-Mage?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by harakirinosaru, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. harakirinosaru

    harakirinosaru Well-Known Member

    Besides winning the game instantly - most pub teams are too disorganized to realize that when you say 'WE NEED TO WIN THIS GAME NOW' you aren't being a tryhard.

    Obviously he will die if you chain-stun him, but is there any way a single hero can kill him? I would think he couldn't be comboed to death because of Spell Shield.
  2. damN_Grave

    damN_Grave Well-Known Member

    Gank him and don't let him farm in peace. Pugna fucks him. A little.
  3. Shamanics

    Shamanics Banned

    Drow ranger most likely is the best counter since she isnt mana dependent, she hasnt got high mana pool, she has high DPS, good armor, silence to prevent blink. Also Drow can even get a GS to nullify Magina attacks for some seconds on late game if Magina gets a basher.
  4. DeathMusician

    DeathMusician Well-Known Member


    Hence, pick a late-gamer and out-farm the opposing AM.
  5. Seriously. Just pick something like void/pa/syllabear/OD/drow/sf/anyhardcarry/anydecentsemicarry/anystrongganker/sven/ wooops I'll stop there.
  6. ASPRY

    ASPRY Well-Known Member

    Prevent am from getting his vanguard
  7. FightFate

    FightFate Banned

    Gank, disable, stun. Clusterfuck. Those all work.

    Top of my head, Bane Elemental's Grip would work wonders.
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  8. Adun

    Adun Well-Known Member

    Pawn him with spells early game, since he doesn't have Spell Shield yet.
  9. CaLLizeR

    CaLLizeR Well-Known Member

    Some pros level Spell Shield first and skip Mana Break nowadays
  10. Night1301

    Night1301 Well-Known Member

    Disable, nuff said
  11. Elle'

    Elle' Banned

    OD will eat him as Harb will always be full on mana even with am attacking.
    True Carries pwn him(mort is probably the best)
    Permabashers rape him so hard its not even funny.
    Bristleback is extremely fun against him.
    Get Bane/Doom/Rex and gg him.
  12. Pyrodrayk

    Pyrodrayk Well-Known Member

    Drow and outcarry by the 25 min mark, or Tiny and gank his shit HP early on.
  13. harakirinosaru

    harakirinosaru Well-Known Member

    How would Bristleback be effective? He wants things to hit him, and the point is not to have AM hit you.
  14. ASPRY

    ASPRY Well-Known Member

    The cool thing is if am gets his vanguard before 10minute mark, you will have a hard time dealing with him.
  15. Clear

    Clear Well-Known Member

    techies :D
  16. Elle'

    Elle' Banned

    Well if AM is already focusing you then your teammates can whack the shit out of him. Also after bristleback and reductions even if you get hit by a 0-Mana Void you will be damaged only around 100-300(much much less with hood). Point is you can tank his attacks quite well enough for your mates to back you up without dying.
  17. jovica

    jovica Well-Known Member

    If he is just a good player you cant counter him but get owned until you skill up enough to be able to out farm him and outplay him.

    theres no such thing as countering a hero but how to counter a player(most of the time).

    Really do you think some guy has been playing this game for 4 years and got no results.

    be as ignorant as you want but AM isnt as easy as people make him out to be, some times youll owm him and sometimes his just a good player that you cant own him...
  18. feral_nature

    feral_nature Well-Known Member

    u can counter good antimage player only late game(considering magina is picked for his main role - to counter lots of casters in the opposing team) - when he gets his butterfly then you need a strong carry that is a good MKB user - pa, void, spectre...

    people telling you should gank him and kill him with nukes are talking crap - how can u gank a hero with natural build in magic resistance and blink? and ofc i will level 1 break 1 blink and 4 spell shield... infact this hero is a ganker himself but its just he got no disables... but hes got a blink, nice steroid and passive and a low cd ultimate.
  19. Shadow Fury

    Shadow Fury Banned

    Ursa owns him 1v1.
  20. jesusatan

    jesusatan Well-Known Member