How to complety counter the hero: Rikimaru

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    How to complety counter the hero Chapter 1: Rikimaru the Stealth Assasin.




    Strength: 17 + 2
    Agility: 34 + 2.9
    Intelligence: 14 +1.3

    Attack Range: 125(melee)
    Attack Animation 0.3/0.3
    Damage: 48-52
    Armor: 5.7
    Movespeed: 300

    • Comments:
    Here we have a hero with very low Hp but high attack damage early what almost ensures a good farming against a lane that don’t have the ways to counter him.

    Items that Early Rikimaru will buy:

    :qblade: :pms: :wraithband: :basilius: :salve: :tango:

    Quelling Blade: Ensures a good farm for Rikimaru make him easier to last hit and he can use “Tree Chop” in some sticky situations to hide in the trees in bot and top lane.

    Poor Man’s Shield: It helps Rikimaru to farm in lanes with range enemys.

    Wraith Band: Is the early stats item that Rikimaru players buy to increase the damage from Backstab

    Ring of Basilius: This means that the Rikimaru will make a Vladimir at mid game and/or he wants to spam Blink Strike. Also a good player will buy Ring of Basilius if his lane mate his a “spell spammer”.

    Tango and Healing Salve: Sadly there is not much counter against regeneration since when Rikimaru uses Salve he will hide near to tower, but some “damage over time” skills can kill the Stealth Assasin before he uses Salve.

    Heroes that counter Early Rikimaru:

    :medaxe: :medbb: :medpit:

    Axe: Battle Hunger and Counter Helix can make the farming phase almost impossible for Rikimaru and also Battle Call can help to counter Backstab and achieve a early kill.

    Bristleback: This hero can spam Quill Spray to force the Rikimaru to stand back and for last hitting, his “signature” skill Bristleback his the most obvious counter against BackStab

    Pit Lord: His AoE skills can deal a lot of damage to rikimaru and since he needs to get closer to last hit Firestorm will make his work very hard.

    Comments: These are the best options, of course that any range hero can harass him, but a good Rikimaru player will mate with a hero that can babysit him or that can help him to ensure last hiting

    Rikimaru Skills:

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    You can see the full information about Rikimaru’s skills: Stealth Assassin - DotA Hero Details
    Smoke Screen: This skill can fuck enemy caster like no tomorrow and is the butter and bread skill with backstab. Enemy heroes inside the cloud will try to run away while Rikimaru slice them to dead… and If any hero is strong enough to run from the cloud alive Rikimaru will catch him with his Blink Strike.
    • Does not silence castable items.
    Blink Strike and Backstab Combo: Every time that Rikimaru cast Blink strike in addition the teleport put Rikimaru facing the back of the target, triggering Backstab in the attack even the most expert players eat 2-3 hits from Rikimaru after react (Since Rikimaru have a high attack speed) Also he can use this skill to escape from a gank, casting Blink Strike on a creep
    Permanent Invisibility: When Rikimaru reach the level 6 he will start to gank enemys, his true that is easier to counter his ultimate but made Rikimaru visible is the 50% of the work to kill him and the fact that a hero makes the enemy team spend extra gold just to counter his alarming.
    • Rikimaru will not auto attack enemies.
    • If Rikimaru is silenced this ability will be disabled.

    Items that Counter Smoke Screen:

    :ghostscepter: :forcestaff: :mkb: :phaseboots: :manta: :shivas: :ethereal: :bkb:

    Ghost Scepter: You get the time that you need to run away from the cloud without getting hurt from Backstab.
    Forcestaff: Push yourself out of the cloud when Rikimaru cast it on you.
    Monkey King Bar: If you can’t outrun Rikimaru and if your are playing a carry hero the True Strike skill will help you to kill Rikimaru inside the cloud were he is strong.
    Phase Boots: This is not so helpful like the others item, but if you are in the middle of a wave of creeps the effect of phase boots will help you to don’t get stuck in the middle of creeps.
    Manta Style: Can help, if you have good micro you can split 2 illusions out of the Smoke Screen while the original stay inside, Rikimaru will pick one of the illusions if you are lucky.
    Shiva’s Guard: The slow aura and the Artic Blast can freeze Rikimaru down while you run from the Smoke Screen
    Etheral Blade: With the Etheral Blast Rikimaru will be slowed and the best part HE CAN´T TOUCH YOU”
    Black King Bar: After you Rikimaru land his Smoke Screen active your Black King Bar to counter both silence and miss chance, after this you can kill Rikimaru without problems

    Skills that counter Smoke Screen:

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    Untouchable: The first strike from Rikimaru will deal full damage however he will be slowed down after hit the Enchantress… BUT if your health is very low you will be death meat if you don’t get out of the cloud the quick enough to use the Nature’s Attendants.
    Degen Aura: Omniknight have a good strength/ strength gain, which means that he can tank some hits while he runs out of the smoke screen. When he his safe, is free to cast Purification.
    Backtrack: Is chance based, it can save you from the dead many times or fail like no tomorrow. If you manage to get out from Smoke screen with Void use Timewalk to run from Rikimaru or kill him (If you have Gem/dust)

    Items that counter Blink Strike and Backstab combo:

    :lothars: :blademail: :manta: :ghostscepter:

    Lothar´s Edge: When Rikimaru hit you turn on Lothar´s Edge fast that will work better than a Blink since he will have no idea were you gonna hide (Since most “Blink” skills leave a trail of were his caster going to arrive: A example his Magina; when he blinks his body is facing in the direction of the Blink)
    Have in mind that Rikimaru can counter you with Gem or dust for example.
    Blade mail: Nothing better that return his own damage back to Rikimaru and since he has very low health he can’t spend many hits against you. But If the Rikimaru have a lifesteal source and your hero have low armor/health maybe he will take the risk.
    Manta Style: Again playing the game of whack a mole with Rikimaru can have 2 ends: The one were Rikimaru ends fighting illusions while you run to safe or the ending were Rikimaru kill you in a painful way.
    • Ghost Scepter: If you are playing a caster with very low health like for example Silencer a Ghost staff can help you to buy some time while run from Rikimaru.

    Skills that counter the Blink Strike and Backstab combo:

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    Since there is a lot of skills that can counter a physical attack combo you must understand that there are 3 types of skills that can help you in that situations:

    1 – Damage control: Damage Block, damage return, evasion, massive armor and direct damage reduction.
    2 –Fast escape mechanisms: That means that static melding skills or restricted melding skill aren’t the best choice (Like Nature guise or Anaya’s Melding). Good invisibility skills against Rikimaru are Wind walk skills and massive movement speed (like Lycan´s ultimate or Spirit Breaker charge)
    3- Disables and semi-disables: Hex and its derivates, massive slow, position lock (X Marks the Spot and Glimpse)

    Dispersion: This skill will reduce the incoming damage and send part from it back to the enemy
    Sukuchi: A fast escape move from Rikimaru or a way to put yourself in a better position to start your counter attack. Remeber that if there are enemy creeps in the way that you are running the Rikimaru can notice you escape way (the damage from Sukichi will leave a trail) keep that in mind
    Stone Gaze: 5 seconds of Massive slow is more that enough to run from the surprise butt sex that Rikimaru always try to do.

    Items that counter Permanent Invisibility

    :dust: :sentry: :gem: :necro3:

    Dust of Appearance: This item work when the enemy Rikimaru tries to run away after a team fight since you can’t spam Dust and expect to reveal him if you are lucky, you need to know that there is a Rikimaru wandering around. Pay attention to the creeps waves, maybe he will sacrifice Stealthy to stop a huge wave of creeps.
    Sentry Ward: Place them in a place that you think that there is going to start a team fight, many players made the mistakes of randomly placing the wards and then get raped by Rikimaru. Stay in the sight range of the Sentry (950)
    Gem of True sight: Think carefully who of your team members can wield the gem, a very squishy hero with not escape mechanism or disables can have the gem. The best choice can be the maim Tank, he can endure a physical assault If need it.
    Necronomicon: The summons can whack Rikimaru and in most of the cases he will ignored the summons a go for your hero, most of heroes that buy this item are support, that means that you always can find a way to disable.

    Skills that counter Permanent invisibility:

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Amplify Damage and Track: These are the most obvious counters again him and both Sladar and Gondar can stand against Rikimaru since Sladar is the strong enough to fight him inside Smoke Screen and Gondar is also a “Stealth” hero.
    Thundergod’s Wrath and lighting Bolt: The true sight in both skills only last for 3 seconds but keep in mind that Zeus is a heavy nuker and Rikimaru have low health. If Zeus can evade the Smoke screen he will kill Rikimaru for sure… yet is a very high bet. The best way of use it his to revel Rikimaru with Ultimate and then waith for 2 seconds to use the bolt on him.
    In most cases Rikimaru will no have the health pool to tank the damage from Zeus and also there are many items that a Zeus player can get to increase his nuke potential (For ezample, Dagon or Shivas Guard)
    Strywyr´s Thirst: Very situational, but still can help to kill a Rikimaru that is trying to run away or a jungling one… Remember is not just about reveal him, know the place were he is going can help to prepare a fast gank on him.
    • Silence: there is a lot of skills with the effect of silence, the only think that you need to know is that a Silenced Rikimaru is not Stealthy anymore.

    Comments: These counter needs to Rikimaru to show up to be effecive pay attention to creeps waves when he is farming, if he is not pushing a lane don't wander in the woods.

    Orbs that Rikimaru can buy

    :diffu: :stygi: :sny: :hod: :mjoll:

    Rikimaru have low health but a high attack, he can attack from the shadows and surround you in a smoke screen to stop casters. What is his favorite dish? Casters! The most dangerous heroes from your team and the easier preys form him.

    Diffusal Blade: IMO is the most powerful Orb on him to whack casters also the purge effect can prolong the time that the caster will be under the effect of smoke screen also his probably that he go for the Diffusal + Vladimir combo.
    Desolator: Is extremely powerful on him, you can’t take the armor reduction lightly, the damage from backstab is physical, which means that “corruption” effectively increases the damage from Backstab. Nathrezim Buckler can cover the armor loss and is a cheap item, which means that you can sell it later If you going to buy something more useful or you can buy Mekansm.
    Sange and Yasha: Some players like to buy it on Rikimaru, increases his survivality with more health points, add more movement speed and and add “Greater maim” which help Rikimaru to chase his enemy without spend a lot of mana in Blink Strike.
    Helm of Dominator: If you see this item on Rikimaru you can be sure that this is a attempt of Satanic, but be careful during the time that Rikimaru takes to farm Messer Schmidt’s Reaver and Satanic’s recipe he will dominate some creeps to ensure his ganks.

    For example:

    Unit Statistics - DotA Mechanics
    - Dark Troll Warlod: His ensnare will help Rikimaru to finish the enemy without chase him longer.
    Unit Statistics - DotA Mechanics
    - Satyr Trickster: This unit has low health and also his movement speed is not that great but it have the skill “Purge” whith 5 seconds duration, which means that the enemy can’t run anymore and all positive buff will be cleaned. Also you can “trick” your enemy with make him think for a second that the Satyr is the real Rikimaru.
    Unit Statistics - DotA Mechanics
    - Centaur Khan: The reason of why Rikimaru will dominate this creep is 1) For the War Stomp and 2) For the Endurace Aura. This is (IMO) the best creep that Rikimaru can dominate.

    Comments:The best way to avoid this is watch for Rikimaru, check if he his in lane and if not, scout the woods (Don’t do it alone if you can’t kill Rikimaru by yourself) and place wards near to creep camps.
    • Mask of Madness: If you see this item on him, he probably will buy a Basher.
    He will use “Berserk” inside the smoke screen to avoid nukes (Since +30% extra damage means a lot) during these 12 seconds he can easily tear you apart.
    The best way to avoid this is call a friend hero that has strong nukes like Lina then you will become the bait and lure Rikimaru to attack you, then your ally will cast his nukes during the “Berserk” and end Rikimaru.
    Other way is buy Dagon at least at level 2 or 3. Since the Smoke Screen don’t disable items you can cast “Energy burst” to deal 488 to 585 damage (with magic resistance reduction) this will not kill Rikimaru, but since Mask of Madness is rushed on him, which means early – mid game, “Energy burst” will wipe 70% of his health easily, and a Rikimaru can take the risk of fight under these conditions. A cheaper way, If you are a caster like for example Lion, Rhasta, Lina, Pugna, Gyro, etc. You will buy Ghost staff and later Etheral Blade, the magic damage that Rikimaru will take under the effect of Etheral Blade and Mask of Madness is huge.

    Maelstrom and Mjollnir: The problem of Rikimaru is that besides his Smoke screen he lack of AoE presence, this item will help Rikimaru to focus on one target and at the same time damage others victims, Static charge is a versatile skills that can turn the tide of a battle. In most cases if you see Rikimaru farming Mjollnir he probably want a basher with that to pseudo “perma stun” you

    Best Counter against Rikimaru:


    : Since he can stand a fist fight inside smoke screen, he can disable Rikimaru’s ultimate and lock him with his stuns. His Sladar is equipped with a item that boost his attack speed (Something that is common to see) Rikimaru can stand a chance against him. Items like Mjollnir and Assault Cuirass are Sladar best friends.
    Sladar have a good health pool, a good starting armor and his attack animation is 0.36/ 0.64 in compared with most carrys his attack animation is pretty good.

    Thanks for reading I hope this guide help the community.
    If I has Grammar mistakes please let me know to correct them, aslo any idea to improve this guide is welcome.
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    It is a great post, but kind of useless.....he is incredibly situational, and gets raped very hard by any carry + Gem.
  3. Royal_Naga

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    Yeah I know, is the chapter 1, I want to make more of this kind of guides.
    I try to make a east start
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    gank him and u'll be fine
  5. ZoSo-

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    Nice. It would be great to have a guide about in game thinking(mainly about adapting to the situation).

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    etheral blade + gem solves it all...
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    Grammar Nazi to the rescue!

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    ghost staff is the best
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    SA is getting a lot of love around here recently.
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    gem doesn't counter rikimaru whoever thinks that obviously can't play it.

    How to counter rikimaru = hope he has shit team otherwise u lose
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    Wow cute guide nya, though maybe you will want to tab it in sections like the most "Modern" guides nya, it's pretty long and doesn't necessarily need to be read in order.

    Mew likes how it s so complete with even the items Riki will get :p. Also, I don't think Axe i that good at shutting down his early game... There's probably some better melee destroyers.
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    Oh very easy. If sa solo's, kotl him. If he dual lanes, gang rape him with stunners/nukers til he is so underlvl he cant do shit anymore.
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    i lol'd at the pic, but your guide isn't that great sry :\
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    You forgot that BKB removes the Smoke Screen effect (both silence and miss) and the fact that silences disable Permanent Invisibility.
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    Riki counters himself by being picked.

    Horrible hero.

    Anybody with Lothars > Riki
    (Lothars gives damage and speed, Riki doesn't cause he dies)

    Why the riki talk everywhere?
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    Thanks for the advice about BKB i miss that and about silence

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    emasculate him ? o:

    ghost, gem, dust, early ganks. don't let him farm i guess.
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    Even farmed, he gets outcarried by most carries
  20. incisorr

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    in a straight up 1v1 maybe, in a team fight no way.

    Farmed rikimaru is beyond awesome, i've lost to it many times and ive won with it many times.

    whats up with all the "we look down on rikimaru" people? Im not sure how long is it gonna take for people to realize that seeing rikimaru doesn't do anything in a pro game , in pubs maybe but who cares about pubs? In pubs all heroes own.

    Like i said, rikimaru has double damage early game and even more late game because of backstab, he has super imba blink (his blinks can reach up around 350 dmg in a serious game quite easily, even more late game and even more with -armor) with 5 sec cd , good for chaos / escaping / killing targets in team fights

    And guess what? smoke screen ,its fucking awesome, smoke screen owns the shit out of so many heroes, its even better combined with disabler/blocker/darkseer-enigma-magnus-er.

    Farmed riki is scary, much scarier than many other farmed heroes.. even the pubstompers