How to choose what items to get? [dota2]

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by insanity99, Nov 27, 2011.

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    Hey guys. I am very new to dota. I still normally feed unless I'm Sniper or Shadow Shaman, who I'm best with so far.

    I was wondering what kind of items I want? and How to determine while in game what to buy.

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    It's good that you're trying to learn, even though you have a 2010 pd account.. o_O

    The items you get are pretty much determined by what hero you are playing. A general rule I follow is, if you are a support (most likely int) hero, get strength treads. The same goes if you are a low hp hero. Along a similar vein, get bracers if you realize you are getting ganked too much.

    But whether or not you feed is not only based on what items you have. You have to make sure you look at the map every now and then to know whether or not you're going to get ganked.

    Also, positioning in battles; if you're a hero like Sniper who just dps's from long range, make sure you're in the back, and don't initiate. If you're a nuker like lion, let your tanks take the damage and come in every now and then when your spells cool down.
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    Heh, this was my brothers account some time ago, but he moved away ages ago :D

    Thanks for the advice. Yeah I am always forgetting to look at the map, which leads to many shock and awe ganks lol.

    I like to attack with sniper from the trees, am I made visible while attacking? or does my strategy work?
  4. Super-sheep

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    You and a small area near you gets revealed when attacking outside of the opponents line of sight. This doesnt apply to the spells however.
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    I take it that you know roughly most of the items in the game. I don't know how DotA 2 item interface is like. Basically the items are already grouped.

    Ancient Weaponry
    Contains mainly damage item. Look to get these if you are DPS hero.

    Enchanted Artifact
    Mainly tems with Orb effects (except Sange and Yasha). Mainly choose 1 from here. Yasha almost never fails with an Agi DPS hero. Items here are mainly gotten on DPS heroes.

    Arcane Sanctum
    Generally contains items for caster. If you are playing Casters, items here are usually useful.

    Contains items that boost your Armour or HP. If you need more HP, get items from here.

    Supportive Vestment
    Support items.

    Rest of the 'shops' are mainly miscellaneous stuff. The 5 I listed are generally rather pricey. In a realistic game, you are not going to be able to get them easily without having small items first. I'll give you a general rule of thumb.

    1. Starting items
    You start with 603 gold. Buy several small items that increases your stats. Items like Circlet Gauntlet Slippers Mantle Ironwood Branch are pretty useful. Also ensure you have Regen items like Healing Salve or Tangos. If you are melee, Stout shield is pretty useful. Having access to a courier is quite important. I usually buy my own courier in pubs.

    2. Early game items
    Soon you will need to farm Boots. Also, having Bracers (Str) Wraiths (Agi) or Null (Int) is pretty useful. Other useful items are Basilus (gives Mana regen and some Armour) and Poor Man Shield (usually for Agi melee heroes). Getting a Ring of Health is pretty helpful too (can upgrade it later). Cloak if you are against alot of casters. Magic Wand is useful on pretty much every hero. Bottle is sort of necessary if you are Solo Mid.

    3. Boots.
    In general, if your hero is a Caster, choose Arcane Boots. If it is DPS hero, choose Power Treads or Phase Boots (probably Treads since you are new). Very late game, most would sell for Boots of Travel. If you are Tinker, always get Boots of Travel.

    4. Mid game
    Basically you need some survival items in the form of cheap HP. Urn/Jango/Vanguard is very helpful. Hood is good if opponent contain many casters. Vladimir is decent if you are melee hero.

    5. Orb
    Usually this applies to DPS heroes only. Generally you can only have 1 Orb per hero. They sort of overwrite each other, so you can't have multiple. HotD is the most popular because it gives Life Steal + Armour. Other Orbs is up to preferences or heroes. Note that if the hero has Orb skills in his skill set (Anti Mage, Viper etc), you generally would not want to buy any Orb items.

    6. Late game
    You want to stop buying small cheap items, and going for the big ones. If you are DPS hero, generally you get damage items and a choice of Orb. On Agility DPS heroes, aim to get Manta Butterfly etc at some point.

    If you are a Caster, get caster items like Sheepstick, Force Staff, Cyclone or Scepter (only if hero can benefit from Scepter upgrade).

    For both DPS and Casters, you might require additional survivalbility via increase in HP or Armour. Assault is pretty common for DPS, whereas Shivas is for Caster. Black King Bar if you need magic immunity. Heart is also pretty useful on any hero.

    This is just a rough idea. If you have a specific hero, I can give you a general build.

    PS. How did you get the key? Been trying to get one ;\
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    Thanks for the great replies, one other issue is, when fighting on the top lane(as the good guys) I am generally fighting very close to the enemy tower. I try not to auto attack ever, but still seem close to the tower. Any advice on getting my back toward my tower?
  7. -OuTBoUnD-

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    If you really don't know what to get just stick with the recommended items, they're not that bad and usually highlight core items really well. As for the situation section, it's all about experience. Once you can pick which situation items to get, I assume you should be able to alter the recommended build as well.
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    blink always wins
  9. BooBoox3

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    DotA Heroes

    Many of the guides for dota1 (except for the outdated ones) should still apply for dota2. Just pick a hero, click the guides tab in the description. It should help you a lot especially since you're still learning.

    Your situation is usually what people try to avoid. It's usually easier to avoid it in your safe lane because you can pull your creeps to a nearby neutral camp. (bot lane fore radiant top lane for dire)

    You can deny to speed up the death of your lane creeps too.
  10. Subotai

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    i will give you my build since shaman is one of my favourite hero.
    By the way you shouldnt play sniper to begin with... i don't think it is a good hero to learn first... you should try sk/abbadon : great spells, overall tankyness

    So for rhasta.
    Starting : i get 1tango 1 salve stick ironwood and 1 mantle (could take gauntlet)
    then get boot wand and 1 null/bracer optionally.
    Once you know how to use it, rush dagger. if not, get a point booster. then you can either complete aghanims, euls, guinsoo or refresher but since you shouldnt be farming aghanims should be enough.
    get euls if your team is very low on disable. get ghost scepter once opposite carry is farmed up. refresher of very late game. guinsoo if you have the money it is still awesome.

    for the skills : lvl 1 shackle, max it then shock, vodoo at lvl 8/9/10 like you want.
  11. insanity99

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    Thanks for all the advice guys.
  12. kingade

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    read many guides so u get an idea what other (hopfully better) player do.
    but in the end only ur experience can tell u what items fit best for your playstyle.
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    Lol, just reading i got it ...
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    Click on the '?' in the shop, and buy from the suggestions.
  16. Lucre2808

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    It depends on your role and your purpose in the game.
    I don't usually read guides because it will be just like copycats. Being creative will be good in this game. The best items will be the one that fits perfectly with the situation you're in.
  17. arvip

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    got it.. LOL
  18. Lucre2808

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    When the creativeness is used in the right place at the right time, it's gonna be a surprise.
    Just think about it. When you see an enemy who has a weird item build, you may think: "Oh that noob is shit to my team!". But sometimes, everything is not what it seems. A good creativeness will be a big surprise to the enemies.
    For example: I played Tiny in a game, like 5 months ago. The opponent team has Spectre and he farmed pretty well. He got Van, Phase, Radiance at 30 minutes mark, it was good with a pub player. And I decide to purchase a Mjollnir. It seemed that my enemies didn't know that Radiance had its counter and it was Mjollnir. When they saw Mjollnir in my inventory, they called me noob and said that I was supposed to purchase an AC. But I ruined their combats many times.
    I know that example is about amateur players but the point is don't copy everything you read on guides or hear someone says. They have their right points but it doesn't mean they're right all the time. Make your own paths, it's a good way to practice your skill too.
  19. ghaith

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    The most important thing is that u learn each and every single hero spell and all the available items so that u know in advance what can an enemy hero do to you(spells) and that u find the right counter(item).
    It all comes with times...
  20. insanity99

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    I just had an amazing match with a hero called viper, by the end I had 22 kills and 8 deaths. I got godlike and all sorts. Is he balanced? I felt like a killing machine with him.